Which is better, electric toothbrush sound wave or mechanical?


First of all, I would like to make a serious statement: I am not a testing agency, nor a dentist. I am just a medical dog, and most importantly, I am a consumer of electric toothbrushes for five years. (Used brands include Philips, Oreb, usmile, Mijia, Dr. Bay, etc.)

I've used both acoustic and mechanical electric toothbrushes, and I've been trying to figure out which one is good (most importantly, I don't want to make a mistake) before I get started. It's not easy to use, but only if you really use it. I tried both.

Many of the answers to this question are tens of thousands of words, and some of them end up in advertisements. Actually, I think as consumers, we only need to know how to choose a suitable toothbrush, not to look at the research papers. (Although there are some individual answers, I also praise them, after all, very attentive.)

Generally speaking, most people agree that: Compared with acoustic electric toothbrushes, mechanical (also known as rotary) electric toothbrushes have stronger cleaning power, but greater wear and tear.

A big wear, so buy a sonic electric toothbrush?

Don't be so anxious. Actually, electric toothbrushes are so hot in the market that they can't be concluded to be killed in one stroke.

Take a chestnut for example: The first time I used less than two hundred acoustic electric toothbrushes would also brush bleeding, instead of mechanical electric toothbrushes, but the cleanliness was not as good as before.

Therefore, there is no absolute good or bad between acoustic and mechanical electric toothbrushes. Instead of focusing on conclusions, it is better to learn how to choose a good toothbrush.

As an old driver, I can tell you for sure: Electric toothbrush is just brushing teeth, not so deep, mainly depends on brushing clean, do not hurt the teeth on the line, other functions depend on their own needs and budgetary choices.

What about the cleaning power of electric toothbrush?

As long as the correct method of brushing teeth is mastered, both acoustic and mechanical brushing can be cleaned. After all, electric toothbrushes are equipped with small motors!

Here is a schematic diagram of how they work.~

Besides the surface of the teeth, the clearance of the teeth and the gum crevicle are also the cleaning forces we are talking about. At this time, it depends on the cutting of the brush hair. It's the same whether it's acoustic or mechanical.

I demonstrated it with a denture model and a toothbrush I used before. See my performance__

Cut the brush head and teeth alignment and fit, the gap can also be brushed.

Poor cutting brushes, whether acoustic or mechanical, are generally clean.

A toothbrush that is not well tailored can not even brush false teeth, let alone actually brush teeth! Because people's teeth are not as neat as dentures. There are more dead corners.

So what kind of tailoring is good? Please see__

In this case, why don't all toothbrushes in the market use "3D tailoring" because of the high cost of technology! So some brand toothbrushes send 8 brush heads at a time. Don't think it's cheaper to pick them up. If the brush is not clean, it's better to use a manual toothbrush.

02 What kind of toothbrush takes good care of?

Let's see if the mechanical rotary electric toothbrush wears more than the acoustic electric toothbrush.

Previous pudding tests showed that mechanical electric toothbrushes wore heavily.

But is that true?

We brush teeth, not soft pudding. Wear is not big, mainly depends on the strength of brushing teeth, acoustic electric toothbrush force is not appropriate will damage the teeth.

Therefore, high-end electric toothbrushes will have Pressure sensing function When brushing your teeth too hard, it will weaken the vibration and protect your gums.

If you are using it for the first time and don't know how to control it, a pressure-sensitive toothbrush is recommended!

Entrance toothbrush, care or not to see the brush silk.

Brushing on the market is basically divided into "ordinary brushing" & amp; "DuPont brushing". DuPont brushing has good elasticity, wear resistance and high cost. It must be the first choice.

Although DuPont brushes the same silk, the quality of different brands is uneven. In addition to recognizing the material quality, it also depends on the grinding process.

Rounding treatment means rounding the sharp end of the brush wire. Even if the brush is enlarged a hundred times, the end of the brush is very smooth, which can avoid scratching the gums and the teeth.

Round brushes are sharp and bifurcated. It hurts to look at them_

See here, you should not entanglement between acoustic and mechanical, right? As consumers, the most important thing is to choose the most suitable one.

How to choose? Let me sum up for you.

How about mechanical or acoustic?

There is no absolute good or bad, mainly the difference between experience. Rotating vibration is very "hey". Brushing teeth is more vigorous (there is a sense of clean and refreshing jio). Boys will like it better. Girls probably don't like it because of the loud voice.

You guys watch the video and feel it for yourselves~

Sound Contrast Between Sound Wave and Rotating Electric Toothbrush https://www.witsky.net/video/1074995680942219264

How to choose a suitable electric toothbrush after setting the type?

As I said before, in fact, a toothbrush is already there. How to choose it is also very simple, mainly looking at three points: Brush cutting (cleanliness), brush material & amp; rounding (care), pressure sensing (considering novice control is not good).

In order to facilitate your purchase, I have listed a reference table based on experience and various consultation, customer service and picking comments. I hope it will be helpful.

Brush cut and rounding are the most basic, so the electric toothbrushes mentioned below are both good in these two aspects (I just list some mainstream brands, basically every price segment, other brands that do the same well are welcome to add), and then consider pressure sensing, mode, endurance, price and other factors.~

Finally, some suggestions are put forward:

Have budget to buy directly the most expensive: Oleb P9000, Philips 9 Series

Pursuing cost-effectiveness for self-use: Usmile Y1

In pursuit of facial value, gift-giving high-compulsive:

Girls recommend Philips 9 Series Powder Drill and usmile for girls'heartburst watches

Men recommend straight men's style of Oleb P9000/P8000

Gingival sensitivity, filling teeth, neonatal: According to the table above, the budget is pressure sensitive and equipped with a care or sensitive brush.

If you like super soft brush: Panasonic is recommended (but the family is really a bit weak in terms of endurance)

Frequent travel options are good (without additional chargers): Usmile Y1/U1

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