How to evaluate the new version of July 2019, "For my daughter, I may even be able to kill the devil"?

For the sake of my daughter, I may even be able to kill the Devil King.

How to be a good man?

1. Make money to buy skirts.

2. Take her to buy it and let her wear it.

3. Praise her for wearing this skirt.

In July, Dill, the hero of the new adventurer "For Daughter, I Maybe Even the Devil King Can Kill" is such a good man. In fact, he is a good father.

Dill took Latina shopping

In July, the new novel "For Daughter, I Maybe even the Devil King can kill" was adapted from the light fiction of the same name. Some people who have read the light fiction basically know that the plot has developed. If you are interested, please search for the light fiction of the same name by yourself. There is not much disclosure of the plot here. Let's talk about the first episode. At present, the first episode has been broadcasted.

What attracts me about this new film is that the subject matter, which may attract everyone at that time, is also the same factor, which arouses everyone's father complex and deceives them into having daughters. To be honest, the Latina in the animation is very cute. Of course, there are many suspicious people who say it's a Lori-controlled animation. No matter what the facts are, Xiao Luoli is Xiao Luoli. Answer has summed up the animation in the healing department. Those who hate fighting and killing can pay attention to this animation.

Below are the details of the first episode:

Deere's first encounter in the forest with the devil's orphan Latina
For the first time, Dill picked up Latina

For the first time, Dill picked up Latina. This scene is so fatherly.~

Dill bathes Latina Dill takes Latina to dinner Dil coaxed Latina to sleep 拉提娜半夜要上厕所
Latina after dressing up
Deere's inner struggle to become a father

Sure enough, it's a parenting film!!!

Are you ready to have a daughter?

As for the outcome that others have revealed, you can't see it. We are still a group of innocent teenagers, yes.

P.S. Video originates from the Internet, and is invaded and deleted.

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