Did Junior Three know she was sick?

Don't understand why someone is so ugly?

On May 26, 2019, I found out that my father had cheated on me, with a four-year-old girl who was five years older than me.

I went to college at my door, so I often went home on weekends. As usual, after dinner, I collapsed on the sofa and played with my cell phone. My father was watching the news. My mother was washing dishes. Looks like an ordinary family of three, right? I think so without looking at my dad's mobile phone. When I brushed space and saw 520 pictures of gifts and transfers sent by my good friend Xiu Enai, I suddenly wanted to know how much my father sent to my mother (when he bought a necklace for my mother but wanted to see if there was a transfer or something). (At that time, I naively wanted to make fun of their old husband and wife now.) Dad's six-digit mobile phone password is my birthday plus the time when he bought the first car. At that time, I asked why not add my mother's birthday. My dad answered that it was inconvenient to add four digits to my mother's birthday. Now it's really ironic to think of it. I put my mobile phone on the tea table. I usually use his mobile phone to shop in Taobao, and naturally pick it up to read Weixin. No problem at first sight. My mother and I set the top of the dialog box. I clicked on the chat record and didn't see the money transfer. Fine, I thought 520 had no 38 Women's Day. Because my father wasn't at home on March 8, I clearly remember that my father also made a special circle of friends to wish my mother a happy holiday. (It's disgusting) But after the news of March 8 was so long, I went to turn over the transfer record. I saw a transfer record of 5200 on May 20. There was no comment, only a tweet name. I don't know what happened at that time. I was a little shocked but reacted quickly. Directly click on the Wechat Private Chat Interface. Very good. The chat record is clean. The last word in the Transfer Interface with a name is Lin. I turned off the ringtone on the left side of his cell phone (the left ringtone on the iPhone) and the volume power button on the right side passed the screenshot airdrop to my cell phone, then went to all the albums and deleted it recently. I didn't change my face. I joked with my father that I had a shopping cart and went to see a car after my summer vacation. After returning to the room, I was so angry that I first reported the woman (who was directly identified as a junior three at that time). Then I turned over her circle of friends and found the logo of Hh University. I tracked her graduation photo directly, Grade 2014. After that, she went straight to the trumpet and hung her up on the wall of their school with the only information. What she thought at that time was that Xiaosan should never think about it. I spent the whole night in hating Xiaosan and insanity. The next day my dad sent me away. I left a cell phone in his car that I didn't use. I located it to see where he had been. Because I videoed with my parents in the dormitory every day, I knew that my father didn't come home, and I would see where the car was located without going home. I found a neighborhood where my dad's car was two or three times a week. Wednesday afternoon, I missed class, went to the neighborhood, knocked on the door opposite Xiaosan, confirmed the identity of a female college student who came out early and returned late, and knew that it was Xiaosan who lived. The first time I went, I brought three bottles of ink, all spilled on the carpet and doorknob at the door. For the second time, the garbage from the opposite door was scattered in Xiaosan Gate and a recording pen was left.

I don't know why, my dad is wrong, but I just feel that Xiaosan is more disgusting, even if I hate derailment, I still can't hate my dad. I hate this kind of mentality, very entangled, I do not know whether to tell my mother. There are many details I haven't figured out. I don't know if it's right or wrong. In my heart, I hope my father is just playing, but at the same time I feel unfair to my mother, her marriage is muddy.

Junior three has no sense of shame and is disgusting.


After reading your comments, I think a lot. It really affected me in many ways. I was not as happy as before. I used to go home every week. I always feel happy to go home and have dinner with my parents on weekends. It has become our family's routine. But now I'm afraid to go home. I'm afraid to face my father and my mother. I dare not look into their eyes every day when I videotape with them, for fear that the name of the woman would blurt out by accident. From childhood to adulthood, I have always felt surrounded by happiness, the love of my parents, the companionship of my teachers and friends, and the slightly better academic performance. Now it seems that they are all illusions. My family's pictures of the background of Weixin Group are so dazzling that they are reluctant to change and uncomfortable. Every time I see them, it feels like drowning. I am bound by something and I can't break away from it.

Xiaosan 95, is next door to Wuhu, Anhui Province, the family members are not clear, is looking for a job. Look at the photos, short, not very beautiful, maybe I wear colored glasses, really want to vomit. I really don't understand why my dad is looking for such a junior, he is clearly not that kind of person, accompanied by my father for eighteen years is actually a bastard looking for junior three! My father is so good, my mother is so good, my family is so good. I don't want to let myself become paranoid, nor want to immerse myself in the past, rational difficulties, I really hope it is a dream.


Basically, I have read all of your comments. In the selected comments, I have selected a few comments which I think are three views and their wrong ones. I really appreciate being serious and sincere in my point of view, thinking about ways for me and constantly reassuring some of my friends who encouraged me. This is the first time that I have answered such an unpleasant topic in my mind. It is also the first time in eighteen years that I have encountered such family changes. My mood is very heavy. But I can feel the concern between your words when I see some sincere words from brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. It really touches me. I will deal with it sensibly and try to minimize the loss to my family.

Some people in the comment area have raised a lot of questions. I'll give you a rough answer.

1. The third child knows that my father has a wife, a daughter and a family, and has not divorced. In one detail, the background of my dad's circle of friends is a picture of his fortieth birthday. My mom and I are on both sides of my dad's circle. Even if the circle of my father and friends is closed to the third child, the third child can not see my father and women's Day blessings to my mother in the circle of friends, but click in the background picture is sure to see.

2. Junior 3 is not my father's illegitimate daughter. My father was 76 years old, junior high school 95 years old, 19 years old. My 19-year-old dad was reading at home like me, and my grandparents were staring. Besides, my father and my mother are college classmates, and they got married after graduation, which is one of the reasons why I always think they are very loving and unwilling to believe that my father betrayed his family.

3. I'm a freshman of 200 years. I didn't repeat my grade. I still have several months to celebrate my 19th birthday. The third year was in 1995. I don't know if she has passed the grade. At present, I don't have much information. I only found her general family address (rural area). I don't discriminate against rural areas. My A-gong residence registration is also rural. I just want to say that she's probably for my dad's money, which is not so tricky to deal with than in other cases.

4. My mother is gentle, intellectualized and well-behaved. But unfortunately, she loves my father very much and has no reservations about him. All the decisions are for family consideration. That's one of the things I've been struggling with before. Should I tell my mother? I don't want to break up my family, divorce my parents and worry about my grandparents, so if my father can fully agree to my conditions and requirements, I won't tell my mother.

5. There are many people criticizing derailers in the comments. I also show my disgusting attitude. I have also seen some comments abusing my father. Although I can't say such words in my own heart, I know very well that the act of betraying the family is moral corruption and not worthy of respect in life. I still can't hate my father completely till now. My attitude towards him is more intertwined with love and hate. Because I am a daughter, and I am not a bystander, I can't disperse my father's love for me for eighteen years with his betrayal of the family, and then only full of hatred for him, I guess I will never be able to do it. So I hope that some people can understand my feelings, do not deliberately comment on some words that hurt me, I really have no experience and emotions to respond too much, can simply fold and delete the report.

6. On economic issues, I don't have much way to control my dad's assets. I still have about half a month to get my driver's license. I should get a car by then, and my birthday is coming soon. I will tell my father a little more than before. I hate the mentality of taking a little more than I can, and I don't feel like myself anymore.

7. Residential buildings are inspected and monitored by some means to see my father's car and his vehicle recorder. It is not easy to disclose the details of inspection and monitoring and specific door number. (All recordings and videos are backed up)

I wish I were stronger and tomorrow would be better.

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