How to evaluate Xiao Zhan's expression management?


Xiao Zhan's current facial expression management ability is what Longdani said at the beginning.

Not blindly exaggerated, may not be very perfect now, but from the beginning to the present, there has been continuous improvement and progress, and visible results.

Beginning with His Royal Highness the Wolf rushing his eyebrows (the earliest costume drama)

To the emperor's gentle and overbearing coexistence of the king (small-cost online drama male three of the retrograde)

Wei Wuqian, who completely expressed and transformed his journey to Chen Qingling Center

(The liveliness of early school days)

(Young heroism)

Later melanization (there are many more specific, from the eyes and expression can be seen that Wei Wuenvy his feelings and complete deduction)

Unwilling to go along with a road to black solitary courage

In addition to the play, look at the expression management in magazines!

It can be salt and sweet, A and desire, plasticity is very strong.

Recent magazines

Several Variety Artists

Stage warfare (2018 concerts show the way to station b, whether dancing, singing or facial expression management can be said to be the focus of the group.

There's not much to say about Paradise Pure Land.

The chaotic superstar scene is also recommended.

Facial expression management is only a part of it. His acting skills and comprehensive abilities are also improving and developing step by step. A person can always keep excellent only if he has the ability of learning and progress. It is proud that Xiao Zhan has done it.

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