Do you know any cool but practical knowledge?


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Chaotic Daily Papers ~1

1. Eat with choking hands up (which is rarely used, in other words --)

2. The markings left on the table are wiped off with the essence of wind oil. The ballpoint pen is scratched on the leather shoes or the bag, and the essence of wind oil is also used. It is unparalleled clean.

3 hiccups 10 seconds on wrist

If you squat too long and your feet are numb, take a small piece of paper and stick it on your nose with saliva. It will soon become numb (don't ask me the principle! If knowledge is poor, it will be good for practicality.

Before bathing, wipe the mirror with shampoo, then rinse it with water, so that there is not too much fog in the mirror until after bathing.

Kitchen knowledges~

6. Scrape ginger peel with mineral water cover. Don't be too clean. (I would say my roommate scraped ginger peel with a knife last time, but now he still has a bandage on his hand.)

Want to eat delicious fried rice? It's best to have overnight meals. Then sprinkle the egg liquid on the rice. In this way, the eggs and fried rice are separated from each other.

When the leftovers are steamed again, sprinkle some salt in the meal. The taste is the same as the first time.

9 When frying bean sprouts, drop a few drops of vinegar first, so that the fried bean sprouts taste better.

Oil splashes when cooking. Sprinkle some salt in the oil before cooking, so it won't splash.

Shake the eggs before knocking them out so that no egg white will be left on the eggshell.

Chaotic Daily Chapter 2

12 neutral pen break water soak in hot water for a while

13 Burn, sprinkle sugar on the wound, better than scald medicine, and leave no scar.

14 The personal information on the courier sheet is afraid of being leaked, so you don't have to tear it hard. You wipe it off by dipping a paper towel with water.

15 hands with a layer of hand cream 520 will not be afraid to touch

16 After eating hot pot or barbecue, the clothes smell. Put the clothes in the plastic bag, open a small mouth, and blow them with a hairdryer for a while.

17 to the hotel gym bathroom, with nails against the mirror, if there is no distance between the nails and the image, it is a one-sided mirror. If there's a distance, it's a double-sided mirror, and you're exposed to other people's eyes.

18 put a soap in the wardrobe, and the clothes will be fragrant and fragrant, effective than perfume.

19 Blanch the knife in hot water before cutting the cake so that it won't get butter.

When you can't pull out the toilet, just slap your head or head in the center with your hands.

Female Skills~

21 Rub your nose with olive oil, massage your nose with clean hands, and you'll see blackheads coming out in a moment.

22 Wash your face with rice washing water. It can really whiten your face.

23 After tanning, add vinegar with honey. It's better to stick a little and apply it on your face. After 20 minutes, wash it clean and stick to it for one month to ensure its effectiveness.

The second or third day of aunt's 24 years, eating carrots raw, can make fat accumulate in the chest, referred to as breast enhancement

25 Rubbing your stomach with your left hand and right hand, clockwise and counter-clockwise after eating every day. This will help digestion, and your stomach will be more flat (my mother taught me, effective).

Every night before going to bed, lie in bed with legs 90 degrees perpendicular to the wall. It helps to shape the legs and make them straighter and better looking.

Here's my favorite.

When you hide your private money, put a piece of paper in it and write a surprise to your dear XX (the other half).

Are you smart?!

But I'm single. I don't hide my private money. But I'll put some money in my wardrobe so that I can take my clothes out and wear them later, "Wow, there are fifty dollars in my clothes. I'm so happy." (Very false, right, no way, single young woman)

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