What items will make people feel late to meet because of the improvement of their quality of life and happiness?

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1. Absolutely oven!! No. 1. The Chinese obviously can't use oven anymore. They know that microwave oven is a kind of thing that can only warm food. The oven is absolutely omnipotent, much better than the frying pan, and smokeless! Roast steak, roast mutton, roast bananas, roast pineapple, roast cakes. Western cuisine, coupled with the Chinese natural food thinking, is enough to let me eliminate countless Michelin chefs wow! Especially grilled salmon, buy Frozen Salmon directly thrown in, 200 degrees Celsius roast for 20 minutes, take out salad and fresh lemon can instantly experience North American food ~~~. Salmon in the hotel is too expensive. Make it by yourself. One serving of roast salmon is the price of a McDonald's hamburger.

Add and share a banana sandwich I often make: a banana, topped with a little olive oil and honey, thrown into the oven to bake for a few minutes. By the way, throw in two more slices of toast bread, put blueberry jam on the back of the bag, and spread the baked banana slices on the bread with a Western knife, and you'll succeed. Sweet and delicious, according to the taste, you can add some bacon, sashimi, tomato slices and other messy things.

The picture above is my roasted Three-flavored fish, salted yellow mustard and lemon, all done only need 15 yuan.

2. The iPad. No explanation

3. Panasonic only sells two hundred yuan vacuum cleaner and sucks it once a week, which is quite useful. Many people recommend robotic vacuum cleaners, which can only suck the floor, and the dirt in the corner is completely useless. Moreover, the floor at home does not suck hard, so there is no need to buy a robot.

4. Panasonic only sells the air purifier for 600 yuan. Vacuum once a week with a filter, a layer of soil...

5. HIFI Headphones and Noise Reduction Headphones: (Correction, BOSE OE is earphone, non-active noise reduction)

I use AKG K701 + Tsinghua Wugang's small amp + CD sound source for HIFI headphones. For more than 2,000 yuan, you can hear voices that you never heard in previous songs, as if the singer was standing beside you. All the CD discs that I wanted to throw away were used, and the MP3 sound quality was weak and explosive.

I use BOSE OE for noise reduction headphones, which are easy to carry, good bass effect, complete noise isolation, and can also listen to songs quietly in the street. When crossing the street, I feel sad and hurry, but I can't hear the traffic.

6. Glass scraping. For a few dollars, you can clean the glass mirror at home.

7. IKEA orange squeezer, 10 yuan, can drink absolutely fresh orange juice, and do not need to open the juicer so difficult to clean things.

8, bread machine. Their own technology is general, with it baked bread is not very delicious, mainly used for noodles, and then steamed steamed bread. Hey hey, a dollar in the supermarket, I calculate, steamed steamed bread by myself, a dime is not enough. Necessary goods for people living in the north.

9. Network set-top box or a video line linking computers to TV. Video cable can turn TV into the second screen of a computer. You can drag and drop whatever you want to watch. Set-top boxes are also very useful. Watching TV on the sofa is much more comfortable than sitting in front of the computer.

10, a duplicating, scanning, fax and printing machine. It's necessary to stay at home, which saves a lot of trouble.

11. Ole B electric toothbrush, playing clean. If you smoke, you can dip in some Lion King's Tooth Powder, which can make your teeth white and shiny just once.

12. Laundry detergent. Sure enough, it's better than laundry detergent.

13. IKEA wardrobe nylon hanging grid and pants hook. Save a lot of space.

14. Bedding without printed goods. Comfortable to the extreme.

15, screen cleaner. Wipe all kinds of screens, add glasses, go to the cinema to watch 3D movies with them, so as to save the blurred view. After a year of polishing the iPad, it's completely new.

16. Wood SPA bathtub. Take a bath in a crisp way. Electric water heater shower soon ran out of water, and water pressure problems, either hot or cold, temperature is difficult to adjust. It doesn't matter if you use a bathtub. Besides, you can also boil half a pot of mugwort leaf water and drop it in, then shower it with petals, red wine, milk, bath salt, etc. WOW, the best enjoyment


Next is the supplement:

17. Art collection ornaments sold by Ullens. Hundreds of millions of Zhang Xiaogang's and Yue Minjun's paintings can't be bought, but the artistic posters produced by Ullens in 798 only cost more than a dozen yuan each. When they were bought back, they spent tens of yuan to frame and hang them up. Narrow dwelling immediately became the home of international artists with super high taste. I visited many friends'houses and found that the walls of their homes were empty. Even the pictures of traveling were wooden. The most I could take was a wedding photo. It was a real waste of earth.

Tucao: many people decorate their houses with expensive materials and spend money without saying anything, but they can not show their taste at all. It's better to simply brush a white wall, then buy some flowers and plants, and decorate some works of art.

I believe your sofa furniture is very beautiful, but there is a lack of such decorations, buy some hanging up as soon as possible. For example, the picture of Yue Minjun (the one with a big mouth) only costs a dozen yuan, and when the annual discount comes, it seems that it only costs five yuan. On the right, Marilyn Monroe's is Andy Warhol's, and even collection-grade prints are not expensive.

18. Small electric fireplace. Four or five hundred yuan. The fires above are purely decorative, and the hot air below. The actual fever effect is general, but the psychological effect is very good. Let the home immediately become a cabin in the jungle, surrounded by a warm fire, with a wool felt, drinking hot tea... Look out of the window at the snow... Happiness breaks the table. If you go to the next level, you can install a more advanced gas fireplace at home.

...........................Continuously updated

19, foreign-made snacks, such as the Philippines dried mango fruit, Denmark's cookies, Germany, Japan's instant miso soup with a variety of banana milk popsicles, South Korea imported milk juice drinks, all kinds of countries.

Imported food quality assurance (I have no confidence in domestic food have completely), and calculate the math, imported food more expensive than domestic where did not go to, and some even cheaper!!!!!!!!!

Particularly recommended american-made Coca Cola.The taste, it is when I was a child, at the age of six or seven drink taste!!!!!!

Thailand's native to the all right to drink red bull than domestic, have been to Thailand knows, ya glass bottles of red bull is equivalent to a bottle of more, and Bangkok airport supermarket price!!!!!!!!!!

20, has a book with the author's autograph.Anyway also buy books, has a signature always feel to some senior author.Today go to xidan book building, turned over to feng's new book, "36 big", suddenly saw a signature, would may be printed, then flipped through several other book, find handwriting written is not the same, is he to the book building signed face to face some piled in to sell.So the decisive bought from you.Sign up to now, I have collected a lot of books, one day eat hotpot buffet downstairs, met SangGeGe, immediately ran back upstairs, dig out "childhood" find her signature..., she is surprised to death, think I carry.

21, galanz electric pressure cooker, can unload the lid () : my home is no gas residential complex apartment, with induction cooker stew soup is not cost-effective, electric pressure cooker is artifact.Must buy the lid can break down, or cleaning up will die.My home cooking is the apricot bao mushroom, a pile of chicken wings with two root, two potatoes, plus the mess of seasoning, throw, stew for half an hour with respect to OK.

22, lemon: as a northerner, I found only four or five years ago the magic fruit.Before always thought is similar to the orange directly to eat fruit, wish this thing how so acid...Seasoning, turned out to be universal wow.Lemon artifact is, it can make any vegetables of all kinds of food is very advanced, can remove vegetable oil smell!!!!!!!!!!Can bubble water.Fresh lemon shred, and then frozen into ice, a lemon can run a few litres of water, much more cost-effective than to buy at sixes and sevens drink.Can do honey lemon tea, honey lemon tea, lemon cola, lemon coffee...WOWOWO

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23. Stickers and Magnets: Friends asked what accompaniment gifts they would take to travel? Answer, just bring a refrigerator sticker. The refrigerator is white and small. It's covered with all kinds of stickers and magnets. My FRIDGE STICKER is just decoration, as long as there are stickers on it, there is nothing particular about it. In addition to decoration, I heard that there are functional refrigerator stickers such as clocks, timers, thermometers, note stickers and so on. Stickers can also be attached to the suitcase. My favorite Rimowa suitcase is still reluctant to buy. After buying it, it will be filled up. Hey. The following stickers are: The old Hong Kong star photo is a sticker from New Horizon magazine, Take it easy is a fluorescent sticker from Nissan Tida car, and the plush bat is also a refrigerator magnet, which has received numerous praises. It seems that there are some stickers from Mr. Fashion magazine, some of which are pasted on the tin book and the rest on the refrigerator. Wow, you can't miss the logo stickers from the apple. You can't miss them under the bat's wings.

24, old things: the design of old things are classic. The phone and desk lamp in the picture below are new. Taobao bought them for about one hundred yuan. It took a long time to buy them back. The effect is excellent, and the home immediately dazzles a lot. When a friend comes to visit, he must touch and play. By the way, Tucao will call the old phone. This phone will be ringing. It will give you a big jump if it rings. This phone I see sculpture time sell, sell hundreds of it, or Taobao dependable.

25, IKEA's Table Legs: IKEA's most amazing place is that it sells table legs alone, which means that you can put anything on your legs to make a table... Some desk legs can also be raised to become bar legs. If you are an engineer who often draws, you can also make the desk high and low. My desktop is a huge and incomparable book. It's DIY furniture. Next to the celadon bottle, there's an Oxford dictionary for decoration in the Republic of China. The following picture is the first month after moving into a new house three years ago. Now there are so many things that they are totally different from each other. I am too lazy to tidy up and prepare to move next week.

26. Feng Shui Shen Zhu and Five Emperors Qian:

Finally, the move was over. I hardly thought that my room, which was only 30 square meters long, was full of two trucks. Then, I moved to a huge apartment in the most luxurious villa area in the suburbs (villas still can't afford to live). In other words, I haven't lived in a big house since I graduated from university. All of them share a small house or something. My own house is also a big room. This time we rented a big house to live in. It's quite inappropriate to live alone.

It's a villa area. It's called beautiful. There's a 100,000 square meters artificial lake with black swans. It's like Chaoyang Park. Occasionally during the day, people are filming wedding dresses on TV dramas, but at night, it's absolutely gloomy. The villas here are mostly empty, and the rich people do not live after they buy them. They are all rough. There are not many apartment buildings in the community, and there are few residents. During the day, they can not meet anyone. They are quite quiet. They can not hear any voices of automobiles, only the morning twitter.

Because I felt that I could not suppress such a large house because of my lack of air field, I thought of Feng Shui as a metaphysical way to increase my sense of security. So I got some information and went to the shop near Yonghe Palace to buy a couple of Tongqilin, two strings of five emperors'money. Put it in front of the floor windows of the bedroom and living room to block the air collection.

Wandering around the neighborhood, I saw a variety of bronze-cast gods and beasts in front of the landing windows of some villas, some doors with spiritual symbols and bells hanging. It can be seen from this that I am not alone in superstition. Hey, Feng Shui still has some fastidious and reasonable points.

What is the actual effect? When the beasts were laid down, I could feel that the atmosphere inside the room changed at once (absolutely not psychologically), with a solemn and peaceful calmnity hanging over the room. I tried to compare the removal and placement of the beast, and the effect was immediate. I've always liked collections. I used to think that the workmanship of the beasts sold on the street was not exquisite (I can't afford the exquisite baby level), but I never expected that they would actually work, killing the artifacts such as the famous collector's hand-made bottles and jars that I had before.

Next, I want to buy a pair of bronze ferrets and clams that bite copper coins. The following picture shows the intrepid and beautiful scenery of the community...

----------------------------------- Update of July-8, 2013

27. Natural Essential Oil Soaps, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy:

Cough. At last, I started my own business and made my own essential oil products. Here's an ad by the way. It's called Suhua Royal Works, Taobao Search.

There are many kinds of essential oils and soap in the market, but there are not many hand-made cold methods. They are melted with chemical soap, then added with pigment and essence, and colorful petals. The so-called transparent essential oil soap is also used. The real cold soap is saponified with various natural vegetable oils and caustic soda. It also needs a month's saponification and drying process, plus pure natural high-grade essential oils. For example, our own production of dozens of fast money and a large amount of essential oil soap, completely eliminate all brands of facial cleanser at the same price, even PK what Biaoquan Lankou is not in the words, the actual use effect of 300 yuan facial cleanser level. Moreover, essential oil soap can be used to wash the whole body, not only face, but also bath milk.

As for the omnipotent essential oil, it's just Radix Isatidis. I always thought that the essential oil was the advanced version of perfume. I didn't expect it to be easy to use! Moisturize the skin, disinfect and nourish the face, keep healthy and happy, and regulate the mood.

Essential oils are learned from their origin and content. Normal people can still smell natural and artificial oils. Mix the essential oil with the base oil at 1:20 to make DIY the best beauty and beauty tool. As for flower essence, it's totally fooling. I know my elder sister, and I set up a flower essence therapist association. It says that essential oil can help practice, get through the chakra (a good mixing vocabulary), and drop it on my head to open my eyes. It's a fire in the dark. Don't learn it. Pure natural essential oil market is not difficult to find, but the origin and content are very different, to polish the eyes oh. If you believe me, you can recommend to buy our products, hey hey.

It's too direct to smoke the house with essential oil or light essential oil candles. It's not elegant at all. I prefer burning incense. Personally, I recommend the centuries-old Hong Kong Wing Li sandalwood village (there is a monopoly store near Yonghe palace in beijing) of aloes and sandalwood, a box of dozens of quick money. Burning incense can quickly calm the chaotic mind. Those expensive aloes, which are as dear as gold, are so unreliable that they seem to be myths. They are really unnecessary. Of course, I do not deny that the more expensive the spices are, the better, the nose will know. For people like me who live at home, there is no so-called fragrance way, that is, burning incense to talk about love, an old brand of reliable fragrance can be. If you are used to hiding incense, you can try the incense of yoga practitioners. It was made by Duoden Temple in Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province. How to say, is difficult to describe the mysterious elegant taste. If you have the opportunity to go to Tibet, you can back with some herbs to make Tibetan fragrance, or you can buy Tibetan fragrance from Minzhulin Temple or Luoblinka.

Perfume is necessary if you go out. My personal favorite is Armani's men's perfume, which is expensive and expensive. The perfume of Davidoff is very cheap. The people who smoke with me also smell very attractive. In my opinion, the difference between a person's background and whether he uses perfume is very simple. Hum.

Also recommend the legendary Six God dew, the latest kind, more than a dozen yuan... Seconds kill perfume, aromatic type directly cottage what CK, Hermes what, and no perfume so rushing, volatile, refreshing and repellent effect is good.

Update of ------------------------------------- July 16, 2013

28, Swing

Yes, you're absolutely right. It's the swing! (I guess a lot of people didn't think of what it was for a while, and listen to my explanation...) In other words, when I was a child, I liked to swing very much. At that time, it was very rude. I could only tie two ropes on a tree and swing like that.

Placing a swing on the balcony is really a pleasant thing, but some people will say it is unrealistic. Because it occupies a lot of space, the balcony is not big, and a swing is full of it. In fact, swings have a magical use, you may not know. For example, our swing is not big, the chair rope can be taken off, and after taking it off, the swing becomes a clothes hanger.... (Laugh wildly, please)

The swing was placed on the balcony. It's not surprising that it can be used to dry clothes. Basically all clothes hangers can be hung up, and it bears a lot of weight, haha. By the way, show me my underwear. Look at the clothes hanger for a second...

Many people put clothes hangers on their balconies, and the atmosphere of the living room or bedroom is destroyed. The swing, on the other hand, won't. Sitting on a swing in the sun, you can spend the afternoon looking for any book. Most importantly, it can bring you back to your childhood, and I even found the memory of kindergarten. This swing in my house is made of iron pipe. It's easy to disassemble. It can be loaded into a car and played in the suburban jungle.

And it's very cheap. More than one hundred yuan... Taobao searches for itself.

Update of --------------------------------------- September 12, 2013

29, ETC (Express Card)

Since the car was loaded with this thing, I even took it as a pleasure to pass the toll station. Especially when I watched the long queues of cars next door paying for cash at the toll gate, the mood of the big people in the lane came into being and they drove past them proudly. When they reached the toll gate, they clicked and lifted the pole. It was really high. In addition, it can also save a few cents on the road fare.

Update of ------------------------------------- September 25, 2013

30, Flower Arrangement

A few years ago, I read Sanlian Life Weekly and said that there are four popular things in Beijing, such as drinking tea, drinking Pu'er, learning Qin and Guzheng, learning Buddhism and Secret Sect, and opening a conference hall. Recently, Xiangdao has also been vulgarized. In fact, life is simple, pretending to show people things, make more people, naturally also stereotyped. The author has been infatuated with flower arrangement since he became the "imperial plain flower". Fortunately, there aren't many people enjoying it, and it's not bad at the moment.

Ancient people always had some flowers and plants in their courtyard. No matter what kind of big family or small courtyard, the young lady and maid maid cut off a piece and inserted it into the bottle, they could write a poem with their own sex. What "once spring is over, the flowers fall and the people die without knowing it"? What "peach Fairies grow peach trees and pick peach blossoms for wine money?" What is "Lian Qing Lian but not demon"? What is "gathering Chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan". It can be seen from this that the people who engage in flower-making and grass-picking, even the flower-picking thieves, are more elegant than those who sit and talk about Taoist costumes. Moreover, every time the palace prunes the flower branches, it always remembers the classic line in Zhenwei Zhuan: "Keep what I want, cut what I think is superfluous, in fact, pruning the flower branches is the same as sorting out the empress palace, which I understand, the queen knows better. Flowers and leaves, like people, will escape and incline at any time. Watch out.

It doesn't need much flowers or aesthetics to dress up the house. When you get out of the subway, you can buy three or two lilies and throw them in the bottle. That's good. Those flowers can last for at least a week. It's dried up and replaced. With the presence of flowers, the house will become more fresh and elegant, and feel bad. If you look at the flowers, it will be beautiful all of a sudden. Perhaps this is the quickest way for people living in cities to get close to nature.

Of course, raising a pot of green radish or rich bamboo or cactus is also a kind of, but, that is not advanced. After all, pruning flowers is also a good thing.

Below is the flower I planted, sunflower oh~~

Update of October 14, 2013

31. Apple's official iPhone case

Actually, like the first generation of senior users who have been using the iPhone since the 2G, the iPhone is nothing new, and there is nothing to recommend. Moreover, I'm all thrown away by the nude running of the iPhone, and I really don't need a shell to cherish it. However, I still spent 298 to buy an official red iPhone 5S case from Apple. Sure enough, as they put it in their text: "Feeling touch from the perspective, luxurious and elegant". Most importantly, my iPhone 5 can be disguised as 5S.

32. Golf and Push Drivers

Golf has recently become a hobby. The process is like this, go for a walk, pass the golf driving range next door, can not help curiosity, hard-headed into the waiter, timidly asked the price, learned that 35 yuan can play 50 balls, rent only 20 yuan after shocked. I always thought it would take eighteen thousand. Then, I asked for 100 balls to try, and found the game quite interesting and mentally retarded. First of all, it is found that golf is actually a shooting sport. Secondly, shooting is not looking at the target, but at the ball under your feet, you can only estimate to play, hit there is only a rough estimate of the location, the rest is entirely lucky... Then, the amount of activity is much larger than expected. It was the first time in my life that I was injured by sports, and then the next day I felt pain all over. Finally, it's easy to be confident of Fan's headache, for example, "What Tiger Woods are watching on TV is just like that, basically blind..."

Running home, Taobao had a set of club equipment and a 3-meter putter. Life is full of sunshine movement at once (I always believed that life is static before). Special recommendation of putter exerciser, as long as more than 100 yuan, add another putter will not exceed 200. It's interesting to shop in the house and have a boring fight. If you can't get in, it won't be so bad. If you get into the hole, you will cheer and jump. In fact, they are all blind. What skills do you have? It's really a good indoor sport and leisure product in the office. It's recommended that every company put one. Colleagues can make a temporary appointment for a small game, who doesn't score the goal, who goes to buy lunch, and so on. Moreover, placed in the interior, the high-end atmosphere is upgraded. Think about it. Basketball, football, badminton and tennis can't be played in the office. Even table tennis, billiards occupy a lot of space. Put on a set of putter, Moda. It can also be used for local carpets.~

I have bought a new building in the suburb where I live now. The roof is over 70 square meters. I am going to make an artificial lawn golf green on the roof after closing. According to square meters, it only costs 1200 yuan. In other words, the house purchased this time is really a luxury house. There are only four toilets, and the budget is 20,000 yuan to decorate the rough house. The budget of 20,000 yuan also includes new furniture, and we should be able to reach the level of any home magazine in the world to see if we can challenge success. According to the fact that I bought a three-seat leather sofa in Yansha Otteres for 900 yuan at the beginning of this year, it shouldn't be a big problem.

33, Cat

I am a dog, and I always like dogs, but dogs have to walk every day, very troublesome, has not been kept. I have never caught a cold before. This species is very strange to me. Although they are everywhere in life, wild cats can be seen everywhere in the community. Every time I drive, I will whistle a few times to drive away the cat hiding under the car. Although there are many cats, there are few opportunities for intimacy. They slip away at the first sight and can not be touched. Recently, a friend sent me a meow, purebred American short hair. The reason I received it was purple sauce. I went to Taobao and found that the meow was worth 3000 yuan. If we don't accept it, we are sorry that society is sorry for the Party.

The cat's name is Mengmeng, a 3-year-old brother of the cat who has been castrated. Of course, no matter what I call it, it will not respond. The first time we met was at the original owner's house. As soon as we opened the door, we jumped out and hunched over me. We were not afraid of life at all. That's a plus, and then I was shocked when I saw that it would use a cat sandbox! This is a God thing. Take it away immediately.

Then began the days with Miao. Well, what to say is that suddenly there is an additional partner in life, and there is no need to worry about what it is doing, as long as it does not run out. Boredom, grab it from the top of the cabinet and ravage it a few times, can completely ignore its existence, is simply a plug-in toy. And it has an alarm clock function, early in the morning will squat on the bedclothes, ferocious looking at me, forcing me to get up.... I'm still afraid of cats. It's unbearable that he mutters and enjoys my touch while looking at me like a prey. So the way to get along with each other is to keep busy and not disturb each other. I am not its owner, nor is it my pet, just living under the same roof.

I haven't found out how destructive it is yet. Recently, it took my glasses apart. It took down the screw that was too small to be smaller with its claws. For this reason, he broke his own nails. I'm very curious about how it works. In addition, my collection of valuable bottles, oil paintings and other things are put away. Later, I heard that the original owner of the meow sent it more than ten times, and they were all returned intact. Some of them were afraid.

34. Short-sighted glasses and sunglasses hanging lenses, commonly known as flip-over sunglasses.

In other words, my eyes are short-sighted, and because of the small eyes with one eyelid, contact lenses can not be plugged in at all. Wearing Sunglasses with naked eyes is basically the same as that of blind people. Before I went to Panjiayuan's Eye City, I had seen that kind of colored myopic lenses, but I was frightened by the production technology. To put it plainly is to put transparent and colorless myopic lenses into chemical reagents and boil them... It's quite scary. No poison is known, at least psychologically unacceptable.

When I was visiting Di Canon, I saw the legendary flip-over sunglasses that sell myopic eyeglasses hangings. Although very two, but at least solve the problem of dazzling light. A clip on the myopia mirror is enough, for this reason, I also specially equipped with a gold wire glasses. Hey

Update of ------------------------------------- December 7, 2013

35, Famous Brand Bags

I've always wanted to write this, but it's a bit tangled, but I still can't resist it. Yes, brand name bags. I'm sorry, I'm a cliche, and I'm going to cost you money again. This post has already been accused by countless people of arousing the impulse to consume... It says something inexpensive and useful to change our lives. This route is really against the way I always respected. That's all right. I'll pull it back later in this section.

Pragmatists would say, what's the difference between a 100 yuan ordinary brand leather wallet and a 5,000-year-old LV spending wallet? Functionally, there is no difference, as long as the brain does not enter the water people clearly understand, even the invincible gold worshippers also understand the value of money. What's the difference? Is it psychological? The officer-in-charge must be vain. I think there must be vanity. Girls may extend to social life, that is, they can talk about bags with friends, scream for a bag to save money, and buy a bag. Maybe that's what it feels like. But I think a bag is not only its appearance is so simple, the value of a bag is not important in fact, but the contents of your bag reflect your personal requirements for life, of course, your bag is also a part of the quality of your life. In fact, the so-called quality, that is, there are stories to tell. Famous brand bags have their own stories, even if they hide deep brands, in the process of your search, are an interesting story. Many brands don't have stories, and the process of buying them doesn't have stories, so it's much more boring. As a result, you won't have any feelings with it if you buy it. In my opinion, no story is chicken ribs.

Make up a personal quote: "In your travel, your bags are your entire home, and the only companion on your journey." That's enough for you to choose a suitable bag for yourself.

In addition to the keyphone, the iPad, there is a Moleskine notebook and a Japanese Baile pen in my bag. There's a Spanish plastic lighter with a rubber case and a box of seven-star smoke. There are also the Hetian jade pieces on weekdays and an antique red Onyx hand bracelet, and a Buddhist Sutra that will be looked through freely and a latest edition of "triple Life Weekly", a pack of paper towels and a bottle of Armani perfume, a box of German fruit candy. Pouring out the contents of bags is the topic of "What's in bags" which can be listed in fashion magazines.

What does a bag look like if it can hold these things inside?

My usual bag is the Italian PAL ZILERI retro cowhide package. It weighs at least five or six kilograms when it's full. It's too heavy to throw it away every time you go out on the road. Before, a French customer came to my home to visit me. He didn't even notice the strange decorations in the house, but only stared at the bag. It's so beautiful, and it costs tens of thousands of yuan to make such bags in Xinguang Tiandi. I bought two... (Sorry, this picture is really ugly...)

Of course, I don't want to describe the life of the people who always lost the Golden hoop stick. The point I want to say is that I bought this bag at Taobao for 359 yuan each, because it is genuine (the stock is slightly defective), and bought two at one go, one brown and one black. The bare strap of this bag is enough to exceed 400 yuan. To make the bag look more invincible, I also bought a special box of seal oil for nursing leather. After smearing it, the bag's air field popcorn. BTW, don't ask me the address of this online store. It's sold out long ago. Don't ask me if I want to transfer one out...

Just as I spent 900 yuan on a three-person leather sofa in Yansha Otteres at the beginning of the year, if I really want to buy one thing, I must go shopping more, and have a good eye. Opportunities are not missed, but sometimes never seen at all. Because the bag is so heavy, I usually carry Diesel's nylon casual bag on my back. I bought it from ASOS in UK for 200 yuan. In my life, these two bags are enough for all kinds of occasions. PAL ZILERI can be used for many years, hanging at home can be used as a collection, that Diesel bag and so on after the back is broken thrown away.

At the beginning of the year, HUGO BOSS's official internal sales meeting was held in the Apple community near his home, with two or three discounts. Buy a bunch of things. It has to be said that the first-line brand discount is really worth it. Taobao Shuang11 is simply weak and explosive.

--------------------------------------- Update of January-4, 2014

36. Very expensive pots, bowls and ladles...

I have always enjoyed the collection of cultural games, so I like porcelain very much, so the dishes and tea sets for daily meals at home are very particular. For example, the eating bowls are imported from Japan and Korea. Each bowl and plate costs tens or even hundreds of yuan. There are also some artists'color plates, such as the large plates painted by Li Keran, which can be used as ornaments on weekdays. Tea cups are excellent to break the table. They are folk kiln antiques of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. The most common large tea cups are also the Liling Unglazed Porcelain (Mao Porcelain) of Hunan Province, which was produced in Huairen Tang, Zhongnanhai, in 1969. When illuminated by light, we can see that the cups are two layers, and the sandwiches are painted with goldfish patterns.

Nah, but I don't want to spend a lot of money to buy a high-end kitchen utensil, such as a very expensive brand oven (although I recommend it first). When I lived in a small apartment, I used an electromagnetic oven which was delivered by an open trader. The frying pan and soup pot were delivered by a pressure cooker. I only bought a cheap frying pan of IKEA ten yuan for my own money. When I finally bought it, I found that the electromagnetic oven was useless and sent it to someone.

Because we are about to move into a luxury house and begin to enter the storage period, my friend began to swap the pot with the credit card points of China Merchants Bank. Maybe it would cost thousands of yuan to buy the pot. It only needs 200 yuan plus thousands of points to replace it. So we changed to Corning gorilla glass pot, Corning electric stove, two Fischer stew pots, a Fischer frying pan, and a double frying pan. How can I say it? I can't even imagine how delicate an ordinary electric stove can be. How delicious it would be to eat hot pot with it. If you like cooking, you must have a set. I believe there is nothing worth more in the world. Although these pots are expensive, they are absolutely worth the money. What Super Boilers the supermarket bought are thrown away directly.

The following picture shows the Kangning gorilla glass pot and the Kangning electric furnace. I always thought it was an IT company. Who knows it was a kitchenware company? Well, I began to feel that my Japanese and Korean imported rice bowls were not at all advanced.

------------------------------------- Update of March 17, 2014

37, literary strings

It has written dozens of articles, which is the treasure of the author's house. (My mosaic picture above is worn on my hand.)

In fact, for boys, there are not many jewelry to wear now. In ancient times, gems can be set on crowns, and people can wear jade on their bodies. They can walk with jingling, but now they are nothing more than rings and hand strings. After all, earrings are a few. At most, he is very fond of writing. He hangs a huge Hetian jade around his neck when he goes out.

It was probably in 2008 that I began to play with literature. At that time, I bought a lot of treasures. My favorite self-regard was a series of antique Nanhong agate that I often wore. Before, I heard an old man who often sells my literary games in Baigong Square in Beijing say that the price of jade, honey wax and so on has basically reached the sky. The rhinoceros horn of ivory tortoise must not be sold publicly in the future, nor can it be auctioned. Nanhong agate is still at a low price. If you like it, you can buy back some South Red Old Pearl Collection.

His suggestions have always been my heart, so in 2009 I bought a bunch of them in Dazhong Temple Wenju Market. At that time, I was still saving money for house deed tax, but because I really liked it, it was very red and beautiful, and I bought it with my teeth clenched. It cost 1,200 yuan (a string of nine slightly new beads and two older beads), which was actually quite expensive at that time. At that time, the market was hot fried Huanglong Jade.

It took about two years to buy it, and it has risen to 1000 yuan a pearl. That's right. Then it rose to about 2,000 yuan a year ago, and then, a few days ago, I went to a friend's shop near Yonghe Palace to sell Tibetan jewelry and saw a string of nine South Red Old Pearls whose finishes were not as good as mine. The friendship price was 80,000............. Now it's not sold, it's sold by Craig... Nanhongzhu like me, the first-line auction house is no longer a problem, and will soon be able to start. After all, Nanhong has been dating for decades. At present, the new minerals in the market are in bad condition, and fake goods are everywhere. The pursuit of Nanhong agate in the literary and entertainment circles requires the old pearl not the new pearl. At present, the price of Nanhong still can not match up with the excellent Hotan Jade, the gap will certainly be further narrowed until it exceeds. Six months ago, a friend of Wenyou in Shanghai saw a picture of Dai Nanhong and came to Beijing to see it. When he came, he brought a famous family's "Luoshen Fu". I was so embarrassed that I sent him a Nanhong with a string of Phoenix-eye bodhi. I'm sure I won't sell this string of Nanhong. Keep it and see how the price can go up in the end.

My brother came from his hometown and saw a string of beads on his wrists on the streets of Beijing. Then he ran to buy a bunch of Venus Leaf Rosewood. Looking back at me, I found that Venus was brown-eyed with copper powder, and the density of this rosewood is not right, very light. I told him that if you don't understand it, you should not easily buy something that has already been fried very expensive. How expensive is Rosewood Leaf now, because windfall profits will be false. Should go to buy those prices do not rise, their own play or collection, will certainly not depreciate. And Wenju this kind of thing, as you play with the intention, the wrapped pulp will also make it full of inspiration, and a lot of appreciation, especially walnuts and carver's tough olives.

If you want to buy a string of beads to wear, Nanmu hand string is strongly recommended. Don't touch aloes. Nanmu's price has not yet risen, because only tens to hundreds of yuan, basically there are fake wood. It's cheaper than some kinds of Bodhisattva and has a good smell.

Another spring has arrived, and this post has been serialized for a year. How fast!~

38, Big House

This post is known as the first of 300 posts in 2013. It's a great honor to participate in it. I share my life and experience with all my friends and make many good friends through this post. For more than a year, I always remember why I started. I also know what I want to write in the last article.

When I was a child, I knew where I was going to travel the next day. I was always so excited that I couldn't sleep that night. When I grew up, I would not. And now shopping is the same, it is difficult to let all their expectations, like or need, buy. People's endless desires, always want better things, often ignore what you have around you, in the end, the expectation is a kind of happiness, or possession is happiness? I feel that both expectations and possessions are happy. I remember when I bought my first iPhone, I was reluctant to part with it. One day, when I was lying at home with a cold, I felt terrible. I thought that if I had not used the iPhone before I died, I would run out and buy one. At that time, the use of the iPhone in the subway really would be watched, and the experience with the iPhone was the same as expected, and it was really very happy.

After moving from the CBD apartment to the suburbs, I temporarily rented an apartment of more than 100 square meters in the villa area where I visited the park every day. After moving in, I started to buy a house. I soon learned that more than one hundred square meters of ordinary residential is not enough, buying a villa is my only choice, but also my urgent need. It has been almost a whole year since the signing of the purchase contract in June 2013. This house was not as expensive as my CBD house when I bought it, because it was really cheap and high quality. Many friends were shocked after I posted a microblog. After all, they knew that they would buy such a house with my financial resources unless it was a lottery ticket. When they learned the price, five or six friends came to buy it, and two of them signed the contract. A month later, the house rose from more than 7,000 to 17,000. This price is not much water, after all, the volume rate is pending, this community actually used the legendary Great Wall property, garden design is also OK. As follows:

A song called "The Perfect Day" sings like this: "I want a big house with big windows, sunshine on the floor and warm my quilt." Ten days later, the house will be closed. Finally, there is a big house. I named it Casa Zendin, which has four floors. Well, I also designed a special emblem.

I'm going to make a living room + studio on the first floor, a kitchen + dining room on the first floor, a study + tea room on the first floor, and a SPA bedroom + cloakroom on the first floor. In addition, there are flower houses, gyms, Buddhist halls and so on. A couple of stone lions can be placed in the doorway, and I'm even going to build a Buddhist temple with dry mountains and rivers...

Life can not always be too perfect, I deeply know the truth that things must go against each other. After collecting the house and paying the deed tax, I will be poor enough to have no money to decorate. From the three meters high crystal chandelier I envisioned, marble wall, water mahogany furniture and other noble women's life seems to be worth my expectations, if there is time, I will write decoration diary in my column, when the decoration is completed, also welcome home magazines to take photos.

In the future, I will live here alone with a cat. All right, the bedroom must buy a very comfortable bed, but not often go to bed. I will only sleep in a hard single bed in my study, enjoying loneliness and narrow happiness. CBD's hotel apartment I rented out, by this time next year I will take it back, there will be a palace, occasionally to live in the bustling city is also good.

Thank you for your attention.


———————— By the way

I don't mind that this answer has been reproduced without signature and adapted by many website editors since it was published. After all, it's a personal act and it doesn't matter. But I hate bad companies that insert their products into them and make them look like I recommend them. This is beyond the scope of text infringement. If you do, please delete it immediately. I may not have the energy to go to court, but I'm going to post a serialized article "What are you sick of when you use it?" Please act on your own.

March 11, 2016: Renewed!

This post has been written for four years and has recently been turned over. Over the past four years, I have experienced too many things. When I look back on what I wrote before, I will feel very sad, especially the change of time and mentality.

For example, someone just left a message saying that what's strange about the air purifier? You know, when I wrote this article, people at that time didn't know what PM2.5 was. I didn't know that. I bought it because I smoked. With a purifier, I could quickly eliminate the smell of smoke in my home.

Others left a message saying that a refrigerator sticker can feel happy, will it be too LOW? I don't think happiness is measured by money. It's still the same today. My family has a set of five hundred colour limited pencils, famous collection, antique Thangka and so on, which have been fired into tens of thousands, but you can't paste these things on the refrigerator. Although the refrigerator sticker is small, it does not find its beauty, and it will feel worthless, or even low.

In fact, what I have been struggling with over the years is that I seem to be accustomed to the happiness that life can bring, and I don't have much interest or desire to get anything material. All these tell me that material happiness is not the most real. So is contentment the right chicken soup? I don't think so. I am quite satisfied with the so-called material needs, but what can I do if I am not happy?

So I decided to renew it. Four years later, I added more weird things. These things aren't expensive, but they're enough to bring a little happiness.


40, WIFI surveillance camera

It's really good to use. I didn't expect that more than one hundred yuan of stuff could be so advanced. You can use your mobile phone to view the real-time situation at home anywhere, and it can also record if there is any wind or grass moving. I've been using it to find things lately. It's amazing. In other words, I always throw things at random. If I can't find anything, I will inevitably run around looking for it. It's much more convenient to have a camera.

41, Game Handles

Personally, I don't play games very much. I didn't like them since I was a child. Recently, the computer broke down, so I bought a new one. When my brother saw my computer configuration, he was shocked. He thought that I didn't play games, but bought a 250,000-run host just for surfing the Internet. He gave me an XBOX game handle and downloaded a Wizard 3. Then I was fascinated. I didn't realize that a game could be as good as an American TV series. Previously, I always thought that computer games were just small games. Large-scale 3D games had to buy PS4 or XBOX ONE mainframe. Unexpectedly, computers could also be played.

42, bows and arrows

A friend told me that golf and archery are both target sports, but golf eyes are fixed on the swing of the ball, and bows and arrows are fixed on the target. I bought a beginner's version in Di Canon for three or four hundred yuan. I'll just play in the garage. In fact, we all have knight-errant plots in our hearts, playing with guns and sticks requires the cooperation of "enemies", playing with bows and arrows is not necessary, there is a target on the line, I think this is the greatest pleasure of bows and arrows.

43, Projector

Originally bought in the product exhibition, it was used once, and then turned into a special movie. A 120-inch screen is hung at home. Although it is not as shocking as IMAX, it still feels like a cinema. Buy a cracked version of APPLE TV, received the projector, or quite good. If you like movies, I strongly recommend buying a projector. My recent pleasure is to buy a bunch of snacks, lie on a Lohan bed, wrapped in wool felt, and watch old movies. VR is actually good, but not easy to use, look at a moment dizzy, headache nausea good half a day.

44. The pendant on the bag

Watching the TV drama Ode to Joy, Guan Yor first saw Quxiaoqiao and said that a hair ball hanging on her bag was Findi's. It's the furry thing on the left of the picture above. It's interesting to see a small piece hanging on the bag. So SKP passes by Dawang Road and findi shop sells it. He asks the price and scares away.

However, I bought a more bizarre, full-screen strong Chinese style on Taobao, a few yuan, hung on the bag. BTW, the bag I'm using now is the Classical version of the Arctic Fox, the cortical one recommended a few years ago... It's too heavy. Now it can only be set up. After hanging up, the Arctic fox bag immediately becomes super interesting!!!

(To be continued)