How to write down all Ottoman quickly?

My boyfriend always asks me with "Come here, tell me what these Ottomans are called". What ways or materials can I learn quickly and differentiate all Ottomans?

My heaven is broken. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your corrections, "Zofi Ottoman" has been changed to "Zofi".


Thank you for your invitation.

This problem can be remembered in groups.

Group 1: Start with the three most similar ones

A, B and C are Ottoman in the second place, Jack Ottoman in the fourth place and Zofi in the first place.

Ultraman It was the first TV version of Ottoman. Because it was the first one, it had no name, so it was called Ultraman directly. Transliteration into Chinese became Ottoman. Later, in order to distinguish Ottoman from this Ottoman in a broad sense, many places made him the first Ottoman.

Jack Ottoman It's the third Ottoman in the TV version, and the second Ottoman Seven Ottoman was originally intended to be another Ottoman in a parallel universe, so there's a long way to go in the appearance of the first generation of Ottoman in the maxillary. So the Ottoman who looks like the first generation of Ottoman is directly called "Returned Ottoman" (Return Ottoman) or "New Ottoman" (New Ottoman). Later, when Guiman was to be shown in the United States, he named Jack, a popular name in the United States.

zoffy Although he is the eldest brother of the Ottoman brothers, there is no independent TV series or theatre edition, only appearing in other Ottoman stories. Zofi's name comes from Sophia, the goddess of wisdom. Because Zofi was not a sister, she changed S into Z.

If you look only at the chest, Altman's red bra is a complete piece. Jack's red bra has a lace ribbon above it. There are two rows of medals symbolizing glory above Zoffe's bra, which are shown as protruding threads.

If you look only at the triangle area, it's the early generation that wears big pants, it's Jack who wears small pants, it's Zophie who wears big pants and has a red ring on his thighs that resembles the roots of stockings.

If you only look at the legs, the first generation kneepad is thinner, Jack's kneepad is thicker, and Zofi's kneepad is roughly thicker than the first generation. It's not easy to distinguish between them. But if you are lucky enough to see the red ring at the bottom of your thighs, which resembles the heel of stockings, you can be sure it's Zofi.

If you can only look at your face, ask the next question, there is no need to get along with yourself.

The second group: after finishing the three most similar ones, we can add color blocks which are similar to them but different in appearance to distinguish them.

Eight at a time, although the main body of the eight is similar, but a closer look will reveal that each gap is not small.

Start on the left of the first floor.

The first level is the left one. Jonias Joneus, Joe, and Jonias are a mixture of director's son, Georgia and Junior. Jonias's upper body is basically red, and his lower body is almost red except for the white kneepad. There are red stripes on the kneepad. Jonias's signature difference is the pentagonal and pentagonal color timer on his forehead, which is the same shape as his variant.

Level 1, Level 2 Scott Scott is the character of Ultraman USA in Altman, USA. His English name is Scott, and his common American name is Scott. He also has many red areas. The color timer on his chest shows a pentagonal star at the navel. Scott's human body is the U.S. Air Force, so the shape of the color timer is similar to the U.S. Air Force's pentagonal badge.

Level 2, Level 3 Great Great, Great. Gray's red stripes are a bit like those of the early days, but he wears bicycle trousers that cut across his knees and a pair of red boots. In addition, Gray's ears are round and the color timer is triangular.

On the first floor, the fourth left is Pawatt. Pawatt's name is Powered, that is, Powered. All the monsters in Pawatt have appeared in the early generations, but the monster images in Pawatt are more sci-fi and frightening, such as the following cosmic Ninja Baltanians.

Compared with the early flatpants, Pavat looks more like a pair of trousers from the front and a pair of trousers with big holes in his calves from the side and back.

Pavat's color timer is surrounded by a circle of small lights, eyes will change color, usually blue, angry will turn red.

The second level is the left one. zearth It's a transliteration of the name Zearth. Yaas came to Earth from the Z95 nebula, so it's called Zearth. Yoas blushed, and his legs were red except for white stripes on his knees, which should be the easiest to identify among the eight.

Level 2 Left 2 Chuck Chuck is also the role of Ultraman USA in Altman, USA. His English name is Chunk, transliterated into Chuck. Chuck has fewer red areas than Scott, and the color timer is pentagonal, but it's situated on his chest and surrounded by six blue bumps. Chuck is one of the strongest members of Altman in the United States. From the appearance, he can feel the full muscles of his whole body. The shoulder pads on his shoulders make him stronger.

Level 2, Level 3 Neos Neos is Ottoman who has just stepped into the 21st century, so it is named Neos of the New Century. His upper bra is a copy of the original design, but the belt has been unraveled; flats have been replaced by triangles; kneepads have been replaced by long kneepads. The biggest difference between Neos'face and the early generations was that there was a slender blue lamp on his forehead.

On the second floor, the fourth left is Eddie. Eddie is the last Ottoman of Zhaohe Department. Because he was filmed in 1980, he went to the English eighty of the two digits behind to give him his name. From the picture, Eddie's red pattern is most similar to Chuck's. Eddie's color timer is round, with diamond belt buckles on his waist. In addition, Eddie's red hairstyle is very conspicuous.

Group 3: Savin and Savin

Savin is the most frequently visited Ottoman in theatre edition, derivative roles and so on. Besides Savin 21 and Savin X, Savin's own TV version had false Savin, Eddie's TV version had delusional Savin, Galaxy's TV version had dark Savin, and Mecha Ottoman had Savin's mecha. It's no exaggeration to say that Savin is Yuangu's son.

At the beginning of shooting the first generation of Ottoman, Ottoman had a set time of only three minutes due to shortage of funds. Seeing that the audience rating of the first generation is very good, Yuanggu decided to shoot another Superman theme work which is different from the first generation of Ottoman World Line. In the world set up by the work, there is a force against the evil cosmic man, named the Otto Guard. At that time, there were six members of the Ott Guard. Savin came to Earth and became the seventh member of the Ott Guard. So he was called Ultraseven. Note that Savin is Ultraseven, not Ultraman Seven. It was only after seeing that Savin was also selling well that Dome Valley decided to put Ottoman into a series, incorporating Savin into the early cosmology, but retained his name UltrasEve.

Savin is a highly recognizable Ottoman. He's red, with only two white stripes on his torso and something like armor on his chest and arms. There is no color timer on Savin's body, because the TV version of Savin is sufficiently funded to shoot, so the three-minute settings for the activity are removed. However, it's not interesting for the audience to see that Ottoman can act indefinitely, but the existing design of the Seven can't be changed, so the company changed the green light on the top of the Seven into a color timer, and retained the color timer in all subsequent Ottoman settings.

Sai Wen has a dart on his head, which is more obvious from the side.

Speak after Saiwen Savin 21 Savin 21 is the character in the TV version of Neos, because it is the 21st century and Savin, it is named Savin 21 directly. The white stripes on Savin 21 do not converge at some point.

Savin X It's another TV version of Saiwen X, which is dark and obscure, so it's broadcast at midnight. Compared with Savin and Savin 21, Savin X has more muscular lines.

Savin, Savin 21 and Savin X all have Savin in their names, but the three Savin are not the same Ottoman.

Group 4: Those with Elvis Presley Hairstyles

This group is very similar to Saiwen's hairstyle. It's said after Saiwen. Above, Ais and Dyna are in front of each other, so a side view of them is attached.

The blue one on the left is Aguru Akuru is Ottoman incarnated by the will of the sea. His human body signed the "transformation agreement", so his name Agul contains two words: radical agreement and agreement. Akuru's human body Fujimoto Gongbo also has a very high physical fitness, and a proud and indifferent personality. So there is another saying that Aguru's name originated from Malay "agung", which means arrogance, pride and grandeur, which is undoubtedly a fairly accurate description of human personality. Akuru is blue, with yellow ribbon on the black bottom on his chest. There are not many blue Ottoman, so Akuru is easy to recognize.

The upper left is the first Ace Es is the translation of Ace, the trump card. All of the Ottoman appearances before that were round heads, and Aise's head was a little square. Ace was wearing the upper half of a red two-section swimsuit and the lower part of a red suspender sock.

The upper left second Dana Dyna, originally named Dyna, comes from the words dynamic and dynamite, which symbolizes the vitality and power of Dyna. Daina is the first red-and-blue Altman to date.

The lower left is the first Jestis Unlike other Ottoman's will to protect the earth, Jestis's consciousness is to protect the justice of the universe, so when the ruthless and polluting earthman runs counter to the justice of the universe, Jestis advocates the destruction of the earth. Afterwards, it will not be repeated here. Jestis looks the same as Savin 21, except that he changes the white stripes on Savin 21 to black and adds a color timer to his chest.

The lower left second Max Max means the biggest and strongest. Max can see the shadow of Savin as well. His white stripes are more like Savin 21 and his head is more like Savin.

Elvis Presley's hairstyle is missing ultraman king The shape is as follows: red eyes, big beard, armor, and sometimes cloak decoration. You will remember it once you look at it.

Group 5: Those with long horns on their heads

Another group of eight.

The first level is the left one. Tyro Taro is the only son of the father of Cosmos Guard Captain Ott, so it's called Taro, which translates into Taro. Look carefully. Who would you think of if you took away Taylor's horn and color timer? Yes, Savin. Taylor and Savin are cousins, so they look alike.

Level 1, Level 2 Father of Ott Although his name is Ott's father, he is only the father of one of Tyro's people. The most prominent features of Ott's father were the huge horns on his head, the beard on his face, and the belt around his waist. Recognition is still relatively high.

Level 1, Level 3 Leo Most of Ottoman comes from M78 nebula, but Leo is from L77 Leo nebula, so his name is Leo, lion. Leo is the prince of the L77 nebula, so the corner on his head is like a large crown. Leo is red except for his bra and abdomen.

On the first floor, Leo's brother is on the fourth left. Astra Astra's original name, Astra, means star in Latin, because it also comes from the L77 nebula, so Astra got its name. Astra's horn is smaller than Leo's because he's a brother. Astra's body pattern is similar to Leo's, except that the abdomen name is not Leo, but Astra. Astra had a white circle on her left leg that Leo did not have, because Astra had been a prisoner of the Magumers, and the white circle on her leg was a shackle in the world.

The second level is the left one. Jarrow Xenon, originally known as Xenon, comes from the inert gas xenon. The angle above Jeno's head and behind his temple add up to something like a streamlined helmet for a cyclist. The red stripes on his body resemble an exposed pair of large V-neck pants. Jeno's color timer is an inverted pentagon, which is different from many Ottoman's.

Level 2 Left 2 Sero The original name of Zero is Zero, which means 0. Don't think it's wrong. That doesn't mean he's zero. Sero was Savin's son, so he had a bodyguard on his head. Early Sero

The settings are as follows.

The name is Ultra Seven AX. But the final draft is still the design of red, blue and white + color timer, which may be more in line with the current design trend. But I think this all-red Cero looks better and can see more of the shadow of Savin.

Level 2, Level 3 Sejaa Saga, the name of Saga, originally meant "little stories" in Nordic Europe, later evolved into legendary stories. Saiga is the combination of the strongest soldier in the new generation of the kingdom of light, the loving soldier Gauss (to be introduced later), and the legendary soldier Daina. Its name is very appropriate. As for appearance, I'm afraid it's not necessary to say much. You should remember the monster-like skin at a glance.

The second floor and the fourth floor are left Teja One way of saying Taiga's name is that the Japanese pronunciation is the same as tiger, the tiger. Teja was the son of Tyro and the grandson of the father of Ott. All three of them had horns. The size of the horns was proportional to their age. Taro is mainly red, while Taja is basically white, with few red stripes. He wears red gloves in his hands and red boots in his feet.

Group 5: Ottoman in Helmets (I)

Helmets and long horns are hard to distinguish, so don't be too confused about whether a certain Ottoman belongs to a helmet or a long horn. After all, this is just to help memory. This group may be more difficult because the names are very long.

The first level is the left one. Regedo Regedo is a combination of Gauss (introduced later) and Jestis. It's Ottoman that only appears in legend. So it's called Legend, or legend. Regedo's body is mainly composed of silver, purple, black and other cold tones, which looks full of science fiction. Compared with the other Ottomans in this group, Regedo's helmet is small. The reason why I feel like a helmet is that I see two pieces on my ears that look like Zhao Yun's helmet in the serial picture of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Level 1, Level 2 the next The third is left Nexers And not included in the group of eight. Noah The three Ottomans said together. Because they are essentially the same Ottoman. First of all, Next is taken from "Next", because there was an extraterrestrial life on Earth at that time, called The One, and Nexter was the second discovered extraterrestrial life, so it was called The Next. Nexter was extremely strong and looked like a muscle breaking out of heavy armor. Nexter's "helmet" looks like a dirty braid.

Level 1, Level 3 Nexers Nexers is the evolution of Nexter. Nexus is the name of Nexus, which means bond. Nexus is the only Ottoman with many human bodies at the same time. He is the link between these human bodies. At the same time, Nexus is also called Nexus because Nexus promises Ya on Nexus (which will be introduced later) and Nexter plays the role of a link. Nexers is a growing organism. He was BLACK-GREY in his childhood, red in his youth and blue in his youth. But the red stripes on the chest can be seen in any shape.

Nexers'helmet resembles Nazi air-raid helmet.

In another episode, the final form of Nexter and Nexter: Noah 。 Noah Noa originated from Noah in the Bible. Noah and King of Otto, Regedo and Saiga are called the "Four Mysterious Austria". As one of the mysterious Ottoman, Noah is as vivid as the other three. He is grey and black, and even has wings behind him. The red mark on the chest shows the shadows of Nexter and Nexter.

On the first floor, the left four are Mebius The name Mebius comes from the Mebius Belt, which has both the surface and the inside. When Dream Bieus transforms, it will also appear the light with the shape of Mabius band, which is designed to be octagonal, like infinite symbols in mathematics, symbolizing the endless fighting power of Dream Bieus.

Mengbiyous is mainly silver, with red patterns on both sides of the body. The color timer in front of the chest is diamond-shaped. Personally, I think that Taja's pattern has the shadow of Mengbius, one of whom is the son of Taro and the other is the disciple of Taro. Menbius wears a bicycle helmet.

The second level is the left one. hikari Hikari means light in Japanese. Hikali was once the guardian of Aberdeen. After Aberdeen was destroyed by the high-dimensional predator Boguru, he was engulfed by anger and hatred. His face was masked with hatred, and he began to pursue Boguru recklessly. Afterwards, he was inspired by the Mother of Ott and restored his true face in the brilliant light, so he named it after light. Hickory is blue and white. The upper figure was dressed in a small piece of armor. Compared with Regedo, Hikali's helmet is more like Zhao Yun's helmet as mentioned earlier, because the ear part is longer and larger.

Level 2 Left 2 The galaxy The name of the Milky Way, Ginga, is the Japanese Milky Way. The main body of the Milky Way is red, with silver stripes on it and silver stripes on its legs. Blue light is emitted from the shoulders, arms, chest, legs and head of the Milky Way. The blue-light part on the top of the galaxy is very similar to the helmet worn by Maoriyuan.

Level 2, Level 3 Victoria The human body of Victorian is the Victorian of the Underground World, so Victorian is named after Victorian. A simpler way to remember victory is victory, but Victori's name has little to do with victory. Victoria's body is black, white and red, with letters V all over his body, and so is the color timer. Victoria's helmet is very much like a crusader's helmet (although it's always felt like some other kind of helmet, all you can think of now is a crusader's helmet).

The second floor and the fourth floor are left Milky Way Victoria Obviously, the name is the combination of the Milky Way and Victoria. Milky Way Victoria is the combination of the Milky Way, Victoria, Gauss (which will be introduced later, well, the name has appeared three times), Sero, Dica (which will be introduced later), Dana, Gaia (which will be introduced later), Nexers, Max and Mengbiyou. The combination of the ten people, because it appeared in the Galaxy Theatre Edition, is the combination of the protagonist Galaxy and Victoria. Although it is a combination of ten warriors, the Milky Way Victoria basically maintains the shape characteristics of the Milky Way and Victoria. The red, black and white stripes, color blocks and V-shaped ornaments of the main body come from Victoria, and the luminous part comes from the Milky Way. As for Milky Way Victoria's helmet, does it look like this one?

Group 6: Ultraman in Helmets (II)

This group of colors is more fancy.

The first level is the left one. Ax Ax has the same pronunciation as X. His original name is X. The main body of Ax is grey, the body is decorated with red and black, and the color timer on the chest is X-shaped. Ax wears a common bicycle helmet and a pair of large headphones.

Level 1, Level 2 Rosso Rosso, originally known as Rosso, means red in Italian, which symbolizes that the Ottoman is predominantly red. Just like his name, Rosso was dark, so red breastplates, red sleeves and red socks were conspicuous. Rosso was wearing a pull-out motorcycle helmet.

Level 1, Level 3 Bruce Bru, originally named Blu, means blue in Italian. It symbolizes that Ottoman is predominantly blue. If you look closely, you will find that the black and grey parts of Bru and Rosso are just the opposite, while the black parts of Bru and Roso are just grey. Like Rosso, because the body color is very dark, so the blue breastplate, sleeves, socks are very eye-catching. Bruce wears a bicycle helmet, but it's enough publicity.

The second level is the left one. Rob Rob's name Ruebe comes from Roso and Bru. It means red and blue because Rob is the combination of Roso and Bru. Red and blue are mixed in purple, red and blue are mixed in magenta, but Rob is neither purple nor magenta, but gold. Rob's black and gray stripes basically keep the original appearance of Rosso and Bru. The helmet on his head is similar to Rosso's.

The second left is Grob. Grob is a combination of Greggio (introduced later), Rosso and Bru. The name is also a combination of three names. Grob completely retains the dark subjects of Rosso and Bru, adding a touch of wit to his blue and pink embellishments. Just looking at the helmet, it's easy to find that Rosso, Bruce, Rob, Greggio and Grob are inextricably linked. Grob was wearing some fancy motorcycle helmet, and Biroso was fancy.

Level 2, Level 3 Titus Looking at the name, it feels like a powerful Ottoman. It's true. Titas, the name of Titas, is titan, a huge, derivative. Tatas is keen to show off his muscles and is full of philosophy. His main colours are red and black. His shoulders, hands and feet are decorated with silver and silver. His exaggerated muscles are like wrestlers in cloaks. Since it's a Rex, it's time to wear a Rex helmet.

Group 7: Girls

Ottoman is gender-specific, and this group of Ottoman is all girls.

The top one is ultra mother That's the wife of Ott's father and Taylor's mother. The most prominent feature of Autre's mother is her two ponytails, the buttons on her chest and belly, and the buttons on her boots, which make her look grave and dignified, and have the motherhood of the world.

The second level is the left one. Julian Ulian's design prototype is Maitreya Bodhisattva, so his hairstyle is very Buddhist. Her red pattern looks like she's wearing a red swimsuit. Ullian is the princess of the Kingdom of Ott. Her role orientation is not to stay on Earth for a long time, so she does not have a color timer.

Level 2 Left 2 Beth Do you remember Altman before? The third person in the trio is Beth, whose name is Beth, just an ordinary name. Bess is very heroic when he steps on red high-heeled boots, wears a small suit with shoulder pads and two small braids.

Level 2, Level 3 Greggio Grigio, Greggio's original name, means gray in Italian. According to the nomenclature of Rosso and Bruce, Greggio should be gray for the dark subject, but Greggio has a lot of golden stripes on her body and golden pads on her shoulders.

Group 8: Others

Putting them in the "other" doesn't mean they are dragon sets, just because they can't come up with a more appropriate classification.

The first level is the left one. Dija Tiga, the original name of Dija, means 3 in Indonesia. In the TV version of Dija Ottoman, there were three giant statues. Only Dija was resurrected and the remaining two were destroyed. The main colors of Dija are red and blue-purple, with gold stripes on the breastplate, and the top of Dija's head is pointed rather than simply round.

Level 1, Level 2 Gaia Gaia is the Ottoman formed by the will of the earth, so it is named Gaia, the goddess of the earth. The armor on Gaia's chest was black and gold, and the other Ottoman, the Underground World Ottoman Victoria, had similar colors. But Gaia's black part is not Victoria's.

Level 1, Level 3 Gaussian The original name of Gauss is Cosmos, which means the universe. It symbolizes that Gauss is the giant of the universe. Compared with other flat and gorgeous colors, Gauss's blue and white stripes are very simple, with a blue cape on his upper body and a pair of blue rainshoes on his lower body.

On the first floor, the left four are Naiss Naiss was originally Nice, which is beautiful. Naiss is also remarkable, except for the two asymmetrical silver patches on the chest and abdomen and the silver stripes on both sides of the body. In addition, Naiss's color timer is slanted on the left chest.

The second level is the left one. Uub Orb, originally known as Orb, means round. Ob's color timer also has a circular aperture outside, and the transformer is also circular. Ob wore a large pair of black and purple pants with gold and light purple stripes on his head.

Level 2 Left 2 Berial Belial, formerly Belial, is the devil. Huge claws, slender sharp yellow eyes, bat-like black background, yellow stripes of regional flames, and evil purple color timers are not, in any case, Ottoman's representatives of peace, love and justice. Belia used to be a fighter in the Kingdom of Otto. Because she could not resist the temptation of evil forces, she was finally swallowed up by darkness. Although Belia is Ottoman, she has been manipulating all kinds of monsters and cosmonauts to invade the earth and the Otto Kingdom from beginning to end.

Level 2, Level 3 giesecke & devrient Jed is a Strauman who made a clone of Belia from Belia's genetic factors, but when he learned that he had Belia's evil gene in his body, Jed still struggled against fate and refused to follow Belia's old path. Jed's name Geed comes from the words gene and destiny. It really symbolizes that genes are controlled by heaven and destiny writes by itself. Jed's eyes were pointed and long, and it was not difficult to see Belia's shadow. But his red and white patches hide Belia's evil black.

The second floor and the fourth floor are left Wind Horse Wind horse is a fast fighter. His name Fuma is a mixture of "wind" and "truth" in Japanese. The light blue wind horse is easily confused with Gauss. The head, chest armor and some stripes of the wind horse are similar to Dija. As the new Ottoman in 2019, such a design can easily think of him as a dragon set character.

Group 9: Real Dragon Set

Boy Primary school students in the Kingdom of Ott are said to be the son of Eddie because of their hairstyles? The eyes are round and big, and the silver stripes on the body show a capital letter H.

That's all I can think of, if there's something new in Riga.

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