When should the 20-year postgraduate entrance examination begin to review?

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According to the theme of the question line: 20 years of postgraduate entrance examination when to start better? Generally, the preparation time for postgraduate entrance examination should not be too early or too late. A year or so is generally more appropriate. It is easy to get tired and forget the knowledge points at the later stage of the entrance examination. It is easy to get prepared too late. Many things will not enter the examination hall temporarily after the entrance examination.

And the subject is engineering, generally watching online courses, I can understand that there is no self-taught class?

There are many engineering majors, and you haven't indicated what they are, so I won't go into the specialized courses. Here I will focus on the preparation of public courses.

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Suggestions for public courses are as follows:

1. English

English for postgraduate entrance examination. Prior to taking part in the postgraduate entrance examination, the seniors had just passed CET-4. At that time, they saw the New Oriental English.

Through the study of Graduate Entrance Examination English, Graduate Entrance Examination English No. 173, and the last undergraduate exam gave Band 6. So someone asked me what class I would like to enroll in English, and I will always push New Oriental because it is really professional and has a strong teaching staff and a systematic learning method. Professional things should be handed over to professional people. This sentence is not unreasonable. I am a loyal New Oriental.

From the beginning of postgraduate entrance exam vocabulary, I looked at the New Oriental teacher Zhu Wei's course, I think all the students know that his "love practice words" course is really a dedicated postgraduate entrance exam vocabulary online course, of course, excluding sometimes he likes to analyze some international political content, here I usually skip.

In the reading section, I read the New Oriental Tang Chi teacher. Tang Chi's reading course has raised the reading scores of countless postgraduate students in a straight line. It is a classic course that can withstand time deliberation. I suggest you pay attention to it.

Writing, later I recited 20 pieces of Wang Jiangtao's prediction, but some students also reflected the effect of reciting the true topic. This is not good advice, depending on the actual situation of the individual. Speaking of the composition, I want to emphasize that we must recite it and write it silently several times. Being able to recite and write are really two different things! However, the composition is not very urgent, the summer began to cultivate a sense of language, read more and see is bound to have, by October will begin to recite, every day to adhere to the selection of good articles out back, there must be a plan. For example, set a small goal for yourself: recite three essays a week, which is not difficult.

New Question Type: I saw Wang Sheng of New Oriental at that time. I felt good. At least I learned the skills of solving this type of problem. But now I hear that Mr. Tang Chi has also given a new course in this regard, complete the new type of problem-solving course.

2. Politics

Politics for postgraduate entrance examination is more complicated, because many famous teachers are not in one organization. For example, we all know Xiao Xiu Rong, Xiao Dashen, before the postgraduate entrance examination, listen to a lot of advice from the academic hegemony - Postgraduate politics only depends on Xiao Xiu Rong's whole class!

But I personally think Xiao Xiurong is good, but to tell you the truth, I think there is a common problem in Xiao Xiurong's online classes of this age. His dialect is too strong. Especially in the most difficult part of examining and studying politics: Mao Zhongte of Mayuan.

Imagine: an old professor, who copied the dialect without facial expression, without waving or even raising his head. Sometimes, he would talk to you for hours to explain the most complicated and tedious part. How many people could be patient until the end of the class and tempted.
Yes, I didn't really use it, so I changed my approach. No complaints, here's your solution.

Politics has seen Xiao Xiurong's concise speech once and done 1000 questions once. After that, I felt that the bamboo basket was empty. Nothing is remembered... Especially Ma Yuan, he didn't understand how to remember at all... And the dialect, to tell the truth, I don't understand this part. At that time, I enrolled in a course store owner's postgraduate examination community. There were almost all the institutions and famous teachers in the group during the postgraduate examination period. So I changed to listen to one of my sister legs in the group file library. The group owner suggested to me that her class was very interesting and dry. So I started to brush English around mid-October and started to brush politics at the same time.

Politics Ma Yuan also had another teacher's recommendation, Ruan Ye. One of my favorite points about Grandpa Ruan is that after he has finished his lecture, he will reorganize the principle for you and deepen your memory. If you have a bad memory like me, you will remember the confused Ma Yuan principle. The high frequency test points given by the teacher in class are clear and impressive. Eventually, the most terrible calculation of political economy was also understood.

Mao Te recommended Shi Lei. Running to be a teacher is a huge loss in cross talk circles. He saved his life by 35 points. I knew it was too late. I regretted reciting what I had bought in the wind. Because the grass is very bad... I used as a textbook, really can not recite, I suggest you buy Baoshi 35 direct back, I have seen Baoshi 35 are high-frequency examination points, suitable for carrying.

The teacher of Sixiu did not remember that the current politics had looked at both the New Oriental and Jiang Zhongting, each with its own characteristics and suggestions.

There are also two excellent teachers I would like to highlight and recommend to you, Wang Ji and Leg Sister Lu Yufeng. Wang Ji talks about 1500 questions and knocks on the stick. Listening to him talk about 1500 questions is much faster than reading the wrong ones myself. Yes, I'm just lazy, and I don't even want to think about the wrong ones myself. But the fact is that the efficiency of video brushing is so high that I can't brush the video. I can brush the video teacher in two hours to take me through the whole Maud 1500 questions, and I can only see how much? Especially for people like me who do everything slowly and slowly. (PS: Many people should only listen to Xiao Xiurong's 1,000 questions. Wang Ji's 1,500 questions are different from Xiao Xiurong's 1,000 questions, but their knowledge points are roughly the same. It is suggested that they choose one to see. As for which one depends entirely on which teacher you watch or lecture. The way you like it. They are all good teachers and the courses are excellent, so we don't have to worry about which one is good or which one is bad.)

Sister Leg didn't brush her lessons because of the time problem. My judgement is that her lessons are not worth seeing from the beginning to the end. I used her audio. It was awesome. From November onwards, whenever I am on the road at noon and evening in the morning, my headphones will always play the voice of my sister legs and listen to it more and recite it naturally. I printed her voice content, which was later tested in the political examination. So I rely on my sister-in-law to recite political issues and Wang Ji to recite 1500 selected questions.

In December, I tried to memorize four things, but the answer was illogical and I gave up when I couldn't memorize them. Later, I recited 20 days and 20 questions written by Wang Ji. The idea of the topic was very good, but I didn't remember much. But after I recited the voice of my sister legs, I found that the knowledge points of each organization are almost the same. Xiao Si, 20 days and 20 questions are also the test points of her voice, so I won't panic in the early and late stages. I remember in December someone outside the library recited politics all morning and evening. I have always felt that such a sudden learning method is not suitable for me, I will not remember. Finally, I got 35 points for political choice and 40 points for subjective choice. I'm very happy.

—————— Points of praise must be over-sectioned——————

My experience and experience in postgraduate entrance examination is almost that much.

Each of us has his or her own way of learning. Some of us like to follow the teacher (like me) and some of us have strong self-study ability. So it is important to find a suitable way to learn for ourselves.

The teacher mentioned above is also my personal feeling better, and not necessarily everyone likes it. The best way to judge whether a teacher likes it or not is to try it on his own. Finally, I am grateful to all the teachers who taught me a lot of truth at the same time.

I am not very good at learning, otherwise I would not be so dependent on teachers. English score is also very general, 70 English is really very lucky.

New Oriental about new topic Wang Sheng teacher said in class, there are two kinds of people in the world, a very talented, he may be out of luck, to a large test total play out their true level.There is another, he has no talent, level, but he is lucky, to large test can always be outdone.Although their grades are common, but I still believe that the harder, the luckier.I hope everyone can effort and good luck.

By the way, according to the incomplete statistics, the habit of thumb up students pass to 50% higher than the average person

Also want to see the junior a junior here they can through their own efforts, get admitted to the ideal school!

Finally, I wish you all one's deceased father grind successful!

The above.

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