Why is Sheena so annoying?


I didn't expect to reach a thousand praises. Thank you for all the heroes and heroes.

Qin Lan especially cleverly and respectfully cooperated with professional teachers in the fast edition of Yanxi Strategies. Sheena (herself not good-looking, did not hold up the dress, like Mammy stealing the master's clothes) put on that look, thinking how powerful she was, and did not look directly at the professional teacher, in the fan. I was watching TV for that program, but unfortunately I couldn't make it fast. I was bored to death. I've seen this issue in recent years, and now I just hope that she won't go too far when the promotion of "Chinese Restaurant 3" is aired for a while, otherwise I can really curse at the malt.

At the beginning, in order to see Ziyi and Liangliang's wife Travel 2, the results of the first issue of the two of them are not too many shots, all Sheena, and the program's over-polishing bar, Sheena's big face is almost transparent, flat, scrape off the paint. She always listens to leap earth disgusting, even with leap earth disgusting.

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I wonder if anyone has ever watched Super Mr. as one of the female observers. She's really the shallowest one compared with the other three. She is the most popular in the program. Whether it is related to her or not, she has to speak, and she has selective deafness and understanding barriers. When you say you're happy, just cut in when someone else says something. In order to watch it quietly (now de-flour), a program was about 70% of the time except for the players, but she hadn't been so diligent in picking up leap earth.

I realize that these two fit together.


Just now I watched a special edition of Huang Lei and Duo Dad 2. There are some friends'stories in it. All the other friends are talking about Huang Lei. Only Sheena introduced herself, "Hello, I'm Nana, the goddess of the sun, also called me Happy God..." Is this heat collection??? And, really, that face has no way to tuck up, so it's so ugly and sticky on the wall? You scared me........

I'm sorry to frighten you all.

Haha ha ha ha ha ha ha (I can't help laughing like xn). There is an interesting friend who has made a unique interpretation of the last picture. It fits the scene very well.

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I feel that Mango Terrace will not move her now, but we must believe that as long as we live long enough, we will be able to wait until the day of XN paste! Congratulations to God!

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This issue is quite good. Will someone say I pick bones in my eggs? I'll choose what to do. I'll shield you from scolding me.

仔细看xn的面部 https://www.witsky.net/video/1136326760273711104

Sorry, I didn't explain why. This picture shows Xn and Vica deciding which team to play first through stone scissors. So feel it for yourself. I just think this white eye is very uncomfortable. You can have a good time and pick up a brow and laugh. This white eye doesn't want to face, and the eyeballs will turn out. After that, xn will call for thanks (remove) the eyeballs.

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Update or last issue, because I only watch this issue

About Payment https://www.witsky.net/video/1137406840597041152

That's your favorite person.~ https://www.witsky.net/video/1137406871324401664
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