How much can facial osteotomy change a person?


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After more than 20 years, I finally became a little face spirit. This feeling should only be felt and resonated by big-faced babies. The idea of grinding bone began to germinate from high school. People around me seriously advised me not to do it. It is nothing but the risk of grinding bone surgery is terrible. Still persistent, said I have a kind of obsession with grinding bones. They have no way to understand my feelings, the inferiority brought by big face, especially when they hear that big cake face is too sensitive, they think that the five senses still speak of the past, but! Face destroys everything, which shows me vividly and vividly. Let's see my big face before.

(A few photos, used to press the bottom of the box, in order to say goodbye to the past, all the previous photos have been cleared) Finally, we chose to have a bone grinding operation.

For the first time, the whole person trembled when he entered the operating room. He was unconscious when he lay down on the operating table after the anesthesia. He was really uncomfortable when he finished the operation that day. His face was so tight that he couldn't speak or move. He might not have lost the power of anesthesia, but he was very uncomfortable anyway. During the recovery period, every day is soup and water, spicy does not occupy, usually like to eat meat I am very sad, after thread removal swelling also slowly subsided. A month's face, but also insist on wearing a headgear. Not completely detumescent

It's hard to look back on the past, but it's worthwhile to feel two prominent bones. It is said that 100 days of injuries have no impact on life and no other discomfort. Look at me three months later, click click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click~

Photographs are easy to take and they look good. It's really great not to have to look at all angles to hide your big face.

Since I finished the operation, I have almost taken back the photos of more than 20 years. There are no girls who are not fond of beauty and spend so much time and energy looking for specialists. I am fortunate that the operation has been done satisfactorily and my work life seems to be open. In addition, sharing here is not to encourage people to go to plastic surgery to grind bones, people are pursuing beauty, radish and vegetables have their own love. Don't ask value is not worth it, like it is worth it, do grinding bone is not as sensitive as before, I am more confident that I think it is worth it.

Well, share it here, and the people who read my article wish you to live as you like.

Everyone is brushing "Wandering the Earth" every day, from the quality of the film to the private life of the actors, not too much is the good vision of Wu Jing, back can suppress the popular film.

Even Xie Nan, Wu Jing's wife, joined in the search, commenting on the couple. "Wu Jing, a wizard in investment circles, Xie Nan, a leader in Wangfu circles" 。 But more is to say what luck Xie Nan had in her last life to marry Wu Jing.

Xie Nan's early face was not really beautiful.

Her son Wu's so-called appearance is similar to that of her early years, and it seems to be a fact that she once had plastic surgery.

But Xie Nan's adjustment can be said to be more successful, not only beautiful but also natural, many people can not see that she has moved face.

Before Xie Nan's face was fleshy, it was round and flat, with some hanging eyes and tails, slightly flat roots, and fleshy nose. When searching for photos, we found Liuyan at the same time. They were sisters of light at that time.

Later, they also made adjustments step by step, of course, the most important thing is to lose weight, Xie Nan is really visible to the naked eye thin.

Thinning down the three-dimensional facial features at the same time, but also made some other adjustments. For example, the mandibular angle, which was originally located at the lower lobe of the ear.

Suddenly the upward movement becomes smoother, weight loss alone can not change the mandibular angle, may have done mandibular angle surgery or masseter muscle injection of thin needle.

And the eye part usually has some shortcomings in order to modify the eyes. It usually reduces the eye liner and eye shadow that extends downward.

In her plain face photos, we can see that there are some eyelid tissues in the tail of the eye, suspected to have done eyelid down.

The shallow eyelids that used to be are now a little wider.

The nose has become stiffer and more elegant than before.

After a series of operations, it has become the way it is now. The whole person is much more refined, and the recognition is not lost. Especially the long-haired Xie Nan, out of the short-haired hairstyle, a more feminine flavor.

Despite the large-scale surgery, many people still feel that she adjusts very naturally, "not like a rectified face".

There are not a few who praise the beauty.

She is the only one who has been praised so much.~