What is the experience of staying overnight at the airport?

At international airports, such as New York Kennedy Beijing Capital International Airport. According to the schedule, I will spend a night in Kennedy, New York, after more than a month, and return home by plane the next morning. Seek experience sharing. What's the experience of staying overnight at the airport? What's worth noting? - - - Tucao split line - - - suddenly a lot of answers and attention, so come over to update the problem, by sharing experience, the subject has returned from the US emperor and successfully spent the night at the airport. Aircraft 2.2 is now 2.16-

First, let's feel the picture.

It arrived at Pudong Airport more than 1 a.m. and two o'clock in the morning.

I forgot there was no subway.

Like many other friends, they are reluctant to spend money on hotels (something happens at 8 a.m. the next morning) and hundreds of yuan on taxi fares, so they have to find a way to spend a night at the airport.

I used to wear shorts and short sleeves from Wuhan. The air-conditioning horsepower at the airport was too strong and refreshing.

From the gallery bridge off the plane, the intention was to find a place to recharge, did not want to sleep in the airport, the idea is to charge the electricity to find an overnight fast food restaurant outside will be one night.

When I found a place to recharge, I found two little sisters on the same flight as me.

They both volunteered to ask me:

"Can the airport stay overnight? Will someone come and chase us away?

I'll tell you the truth. I said I have no experience. Would you like to try it today?

During the exchange, I learned that they came to see Chen Weiting's concert in Shanghai, and I was a supporter of Lin Junjie and Jay Chou, so I hardly talked to them about Chen Weiting.

Stranger young men and women, meet in relatively narrow space, nothing to do, then have to talk.

They told me that Wu Yifan would fly back from Milan that night. They said that there were many people to pick up the plane. I said I was not familiar with Wu Yifan.

The whole big waiting room, after two in the morning, was for us three.

My electricity is full. I was going to leave first and find a fast food restaurant outside. At least one table can lie on it.

When I got up to leave, there came an aunt cleaning.

"Young man, aren't you cold when you wear so little?"

(She speaks a Mandarin with a Jiangsu-Zhejiang accent.)

"It's neither cold nor cold. Thank you for your aunt's greetings."

She went on to say:

"I've been here for years, and I've seen a lot of young people like you. I have blankets here. If you don't want to give up, you can take them and cover them. At least you won't catch cold."

Before I could respond, my aunt handed me the blanket.

It was my wandering day, swaying around, there was no stable place to sleep, the sudden warmth of strangers, really moved me inexplicably.

Then the aunt asked the two little girls if they wanted to. The two little girls were obviously prepared for the weather in Shanghai. They put on their coats and refused their aunt's blanket.

I quickly thanked my aunt, who said little and said nothing, that it was good for young people to save money, and then slowly returned to her "rest room". (A tool room next to the bathroom or something)

With blankets and sleepiness, I told two girls that I was going to sleep, and I found a very spacious space to lie down on the ground. I just stuffed two mobile phones into my pockets for fear that someone would take them away while I was sleeping, and then I went to sleep with my schoolbag tightly in my arms.

I don't know how long it took for me to feel someone shaking me and vaguely hear someone shouting:

"Get up, it's time to go."

When I rubbed my eyes, it turned out to be my security brother.

I'll look at my cell phone again. It's five o'clock in the morning.

Sleep for only two hours or so, head a little dizzy, went to the bathroom to wash face, a little sober.

When I thought of returning my aunt's blanket, I went to the tool room nearby.

When I was about to give the blanket to my aunt, she said:

"Young man, look at your thin body, you should be afraid of cold? Shanghai is beginning to cool down slowly. If you take this blanket, you will certainly be useful in time."

I want to refuse, but my aunt said:

"Come on, I'm busy."

Looking at her old back, I can see a kind heart.

Maybe from my dress, he probably guessed that I was "wandering" and there was no stable place. She should have seen many people like me at that time.

Needless to say, this blanket really helped me a lot before I rented the house on a regular basis.

Last September, in order to save money, I really took out blankets in the parks of Shanghai and in the corner of a billiards room in Beijing to resist the cold. It worked.

At the beginning of this year, when I came home, I took it back to my old house and kept it.

Maybe friends are curious about why they have money to fly, taxi or accommodation?

The ticket was bought with a hard head, because if I could not get to Shanghai the next morning, my chance would be lost. I had to choose the plane.

That night was pure.

Nobody knows my origin. I don't have to pretend. It's immortal and relaxing.

The two little girls I met that night also gave me their Wuhan specialty. It was like fish for something. It was delicious. They also felt the vitality and simplicity of contemporary college students. It was wonderful.

Later, the security guards woke me up out of their routine duties. I didn't have any aversion. If it hadn't been for him, I might have overslept. Thank you.

The most grateful is the aunt who saw that I was in a predicament and offered to help. She is kind and remembered, and wishes to be continued and passed on within the scope of her ability.

Oh, my aunt is a simple villager. I can remember all my life the kindest kindness she gave me from strangers at the bottom of my life.

Isn't it often said that there are usually things that can feel the tenderness of the world in an instant?

That aunt's not a soft hand, handed me the blanket. It was so gentle that she almost cried.

When you meet with a little care and understanding at the bottom of your life, you will remember and care more.

Why is there so little pity for the tramp?

Maybe I've had a similar experience myself.

I wish that aunt a safe life and all the living beings a safe life.

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