What electronic products do freshmen buy in 2019?

This topic has been included in the special topic "Take a long time to spend the summer vacation, you should also prepare the computer for University use." More summer purchase content is welcome to click to see. As a past person, besides products, what other experiences can you share with college students? Price is less than 10,000 (single, not the total budget, not clear, sorry), Xiaobai, nothing. If you buy an iPad Pro (air new model is so cheap, whether it is necessary to start pro), is there no need to buy a notebook. Mobile phones want to sit and wait for Huawei mate 30pro, but Huawei's other products feel as if they are not competitive and attractive enough, struggling with Apple's.

! Update: I think it's necessary to say that!

Everything we buy is for our own convenience, but never cause trouble to others! Some of the things recommended are to avoid risks, not what they should be.

If the condition of the dormitory is not good enough, the things that should not be used in the dormitory should not be used in the dormitory; the dormitory is not your own, but the place where you live with your classmates for four years.

Therefore, there are: overloaded electrical appliances, unacceptable noise pollution, light pollution in the middle of the night and other events and acts harmful to public interests, strongly opposed!

Take a pat at random, absolutely true.

Here's the previous "make-up photo"

Computer is reading, freshmen, many things you may not consider, some things can make your college life more pleasant, so mention it.

7.7 Plus: Some of you in the commentary area feel that the expenses are a little too high. I admit that this is not a quick fix for freshmen, but it is not affordable only if you have a mine at home. Printing shop can have a monthly income of 500 yuan, part-time vacation and living expenses save a little flower, it slowly together. The updated version will be extended step by step according to the needs, so don't bother about the problem of more money or less. Maybe you will think why you did not say mobile phones, tablets and so on, because mobile phones are sure that everyone has I will not repeat, otherwise you take what to brush it right; flat feels that the demand is not particularly large, the possibility of playing is relatively high, and e-book or something gray artifact, so it is not recommended.

Most of them are useful.

That's what most people use.

1. Laptop + USB Network Card (5k-_ Home Mine)

Writing papers and forms are essential! USB network card is used to connect the network cable, because now many thin and light books have no network interface, so mention it.

Some students did not know why to use the wired network. At that time, they forgot to say that the school intranet. It's more convenient to have your own computer for rushing classes or checking grades.

And many schools do not have Mac Intranet tutorials. Suddenly, I wrote a link for your reference.

Addition of Permanent Routing under Mac & amp; Mac Campus Network Connection Tutorial - Www.jianshu.comlinkicon

2. Table lamp (50+)

Stay up late to catch up with your work! Don't say much about the importance. There's also an induction lamp in the wardrobe. It's great!

It should be noted that bad lamp is not good for your eyes. In order to protect your eyes, I would rather spend a little more money.

3. Earplugs or sound-proof headphones + U-pillow (20 yuan per box or 200 yuan-___________)

Soundproof earplugs, Taobao search a lot of cheap also used. If you want to be sound-proof and listen to music, there are sound-proof earphones, headphones for bedtime use or mobile phones. I use Shuer's earplugs. Roommates can't hear their noises when you want to sleep while playing games. Strongly recommended!

But how can you sleep side-by-side with headphones? U-pillows come in handy. Put your ears in a concave place and you won't put them against your ears when you sleep.

4. Mobile Storage

U-Disk, Mobile Hard Disk, Convenience of Copying Operations

Most of them are available.

With those in front, you are not satisfied. You can see the following.

1. Router (less than 200 yuan)

It's important to know what kind of connection the school's network is. If you want campus authentication, netkeeper or something like that, it's advisable to find a dedicated router or a MacBook. Eh... Why Mac? Because Mac has the network sharing function of the system, it's beautiful to connect two USB network cards, one for networking and one for sharing to routers.

And routers have other functions, such as file sharing (downloading a movie, watching it in the dormitory at any time), connecting printers (because opening a print shop is a bit disturbing, so roommates in the dormitory can use my printer directly), and small airplanes (not to say), wonderful!

2. Headphones! It also needs sound insulation! (100 yuan-_ metaphysics)

One sound-proof headset comes into the ear, and the other comes in the head. Why do you buy headphones with earplugs? Because Bluetooth pairing is very difficult to switch each time, a wireless Bluetooth headset is usually used on the computer, and you don't need to pick up any water. (Heart Water Dafa's xm3 has been a long time.)

Originally also recommended the small speaker, but this is still slow, see your dormitory harmony is not, our dormitory is a hand, and you have a word to say, so there is no particularly bad problem.

I want something different.

Not satisfied yet? Then come on

The arrow is a small piece of wood to support the bracket, otherwise the bracket will not be stable.

1. External Display + HUB + External Key Mouse (700-1200 yuan is great, of course, expensive)

Even on laptops, I highly recommend external monitors. They have bigger screens and better effects. Friends with free money can consider them. After the external monitor is connected, it must be inconvenient to use the keyboard of the notebook. So there is an external key mouse. Do you need to reconnect every time you use it? So I added HUB, and now there are a lot of notebooks with thunder and lightning three interfaces, which is quite suitable.

2. Display bracket (150-200 yuan)

Generally, the monitors bought have a very occupied base. The display bracket is used to solve this problem. If there are openings on your desk, it's more convenient. It's not expensive. It's recommended to have a display.

Boss, is there anything better?


Itx small chassis, give you a reference size.

1. Desktop computers (3000 yuan-_)

Desktop is certainly a very good choice for those who want to play games and pursue configuration. What, you say too much? Then you can choose itx chassis. Under Amway, I have four chassis of the same type in my class, and there will be one or two chassis in the future.

In addition, there is a desktop computer you need a display, the general display bracket occupies too much space, so I also recommend to buy a display bracket, on the desk, save space.

2. UPS (250-400 yuan depending on power and capacity)

With a desktop computer, another annoying thing is the power cut, sometimes without paying the electricity bill, or when the lights go out, you are still matching fiercely. Suddenly power failure, distressed your computer, how to do? UPS! Uninterruptible power supply, and voltage regulation function! What do you say? But remember to calculate the power, I R5 2600 + 1070ti, 600W UPS full load only accounts for half of the power consumption for reference.

Effectiveness of Old Cabinet Operation https://www.witsky.net/video/1135596932830584832


There are a lot of things that are not digital products.

1. Raspberry pie (old second-hand about 100 yuan, want other features to buy new)

The MySQL server in the dormitory, the laptop camera is taken in the computer room, can not connect to the server in the dormitory, so the console there shows the use of offline database, the next step to see the penetration of the intranet.

Learn Linux, connect to the router directly SSH connection without virtual machine. Because I am a student of accounting, raspberry pie is still useful (MySQL server in dormitory), other majors can be ignored.

2. Printers (cheap inkjet, 1000 yuan laser I bought, already back)

You can open a small print shop. Remember to ask the students of the senior students'union if they can check these things and do business in the dormitory (I put them in the wardrobe). Of course, if Word and Excel don't work well, don't be too busy.

3. Dehumidifier (100 yuan)

Small. In the wardrobe. In the south, it's wet. Power consumption 25w, no noise, acceptable.

4. Bookcases, bookshelves, shoe shelves, storage boxes (less than 50 yuan)

Put books and sundries in.

5. Chopsticks and spoons (less than 20 yuan)

Eat instant noodles and cereal.

6. Linking (less than 10 yuan)

Remember to buy strong, recommended hanging pots, hanging a heavy schoolbag is no problem. It fits me well to hang up my laptop bag or something.

7. Sockets, wiring boxes (see how many you buy)

There are so many things... Still need some electricity.

8. Clothing disinfectant

Public washing machines, strongly recommended

Welcome to add.

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