Why is it more and more difficult to recruit now? What is the mentality of job seekers?

Recent encounter recruitment bottleneck, good tangle ah, also do not know what mentality job seekers? After the interview with my company, Xiao A feels good to each other. I made an appointment for Monday's probation. I was thinking of reminding Xiao A warmly on Sunday. I sent a message to him, and there was a red exclamation mark. I'm stuck. Personal feeling, work is to choose each other, appropriate to continue, inappropriate to understand it, there is no need to speak directly blackout, may be a small A feel so simple and clear, but there is something to understand, keep promise, is not the basic courtesy? This is the reason that kindergarten children understand the problem,...

Speaking of this, I am very angry:

Ming Ming is 2000 base salary + 2 points of commission, you say that it is more than 10,000 a month;

Clearly, it's ten hours a day. You said that eight hours a day, the company does not recommend overtime, but also strong enough to get off work early. After asking around, I found that most people can't finish the work until eleven o'clock.

You also asked me if I could accept overtime work?

Mingming afternoon tea is punished by employees, you told me it is company welfare;

Obviously, I am not suitable for this job, but you say I can, just because you are not up to the standard and pull me to fill up the number.

Clearly, I invited company A for the interview, but went to company B.

Said 5000 salary you told me contains five insurance and one fund, not to tax, or the base salary plus 1000 or hundreds of full-time performance incentives, the result is only a need for an absolute high-intensity work goal can let me from 5000 to 2000 garbage workers are inferior;

The good news is that there is no subsidies for company food or accommodation. The result of the interview is either a 5 yuan daily food allowance or a 100-120 housing allowance. Even the two can only have one.

My dear, I am the collective dormitory of the school. Do you have water in 14001? How many steamed buns can you buy for five yuan?

As for job requirements, it is clear that HR is much more comfortable every day than new recruits, but she can also sneer at your work goals.

As for invitations to interviews, most of the HR amateurs to even one of my non-graduate interns can see that she is amateur, it is obvious that she does not want to ignore me, but it seems to be very enthusiastic when talking.

When inviting an appointment, he licked the same thing as what he did. When he went to the interview to talk about salary and vacation, he had to look like a high-ranking person. "The company does not have idle people who are useless." "Our industry is fruitless without efforts, and the company does not need fruitless people."

This morbid HR recruitment industry ecology,

Wouldn't you consider that the one you recruited would be your colleague?

What mentality do job seekers have now???

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