What was the portrait of war in high school?

Ha-ha, after a day's work, I pulled out my cell phone brush space and saw this. After reading this, I just want to say that I believe??????? Even if it was war, I liked him to hum (^) or not to be anonymous (^). It's still hidden.

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Please give me more comments. Xiao Zhan's wives!

The content includes Xiao Zhan's biographical series, wearing series, wallpaper collection, boyfriend perspective collection, motion picture series, early collection, high school delivery, black photo delivery.

And some of the music he loves to listen to.

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Xiao Zhan is so fucking handsome!


Ugly Graphic Contributions Seen on Weibo

At that time, I wondered that Xiao Zhan would have ugly pictures???? I was shocked when I clicked in!

Nowadays, black and pink are so daring, so normal photographs dare to be sprayed out. Do you have the capital? (Excavating early vegetarians to take real ex)

Ordinary people who don't make up, eat fat and play the death pixel trio would be grateful if they could do so.

The big picture is like this.

The melancholy Fat Prince

Clothing Attracts Attention

Hahaha is like a simple guide.

Doubts from Xiao Zhan

Let's put a comment area (large face-beating scene)

People just play fat, how can't be black, I also think the above is very cute, the little boy baby fat is so beautiful, live off a handsome little fat pier. Want to pinch his face.

Some people suspected that he had a face-thinning needle, so I looked for the early collection (including high school benefits).

It's really important to lose weight!

Thin little man

Ah, how handsome


I'm lemon essence.

Fashion Style

Get fat and get fat together

Simple and unadorned singer battle

Have a good look in your eyes

A sharp contrast after losing weight.

Now Xiao Zhan only has 116 jin, 183 tall thin into such a really painful....

Ah ah ah designer Xiao Da!

Zhang Jike?

Yes, this is Zhang Jike.

Non-mainstream cool photos

Cute and lovely


A rolling battle

A strong man

Friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries

The plain age is still a very conspicuous battle

Early Video

Brother,I love you

Painters in Jimei's Novels

Waiting for your company boss at the airport

Boyfriend is back from America

What a simple man!

Loving eyes

Cool (not really)

The following black spray cattle batch

He criticized Xiao Zhan's physique.

The following photos may cause discomfort. If you don't like them, please skip them automatically.

Commentary area

I remember a reporter who interviewed Xiao Zhan about his leg hair. Xiao Zan's own opinion about his leg hair is as follows:

I think it's man. Men just need leg hair.

(I feel great! GG is all man!

Attached is Brother Xiaozan when he first appeared.

Dumb Zan

Early Stage Sister took photos

Early self-portrait

My mother is too gentle.

Brother I can

Xiao Zhan actually has abdominal hair?!

Recently, Chen Qing has made the fire sprayer more natural and popular. Anyway, people have strength, high school is fat to play, now thin down is a tear man, I this passer-by heartbeat! ____________

Music shared by Xiao Zan

Recent New Map _____________

A jealous boyfriend.

When I woke up in the morning, I found him staring at you all the time.

Life Map Collection (Prince without Dead Corner)

Wallpaper Series

BJYX combination!

Chen Qingling Series

Dynamic series

Boyfriend Perspective

Passerby Heart Series

Smile so gently!

WDM I'm dying

Pictures! Pictures!

The sunshine is just like a picture of a young boy.

The white moonlight in my heart

Chirp chirp chirp!

Random into a piece of yeah

High energy series


A collection of handsome and miserable people