What are the rollover sites after losing weight?

Many people say that after losing weight, you will become beautiful and handsome, but I believe that not everyone will have such a magical change. The idea that losing weight is equivalent to changing face exists in many people's minds. Perhaps this is the source of their power to lose weight. But what kind of experience would it be if you lost weight and found that you didn't have the body or appearance you wanted?

I'm the one who overturned the car. I've seen a lot of people who lose weight, maybe not as thin as I was. Height 180 cm, initial weight 55 kg, high school third semester began extreme weight loss, college entrance examination day weight 40 kg.

Looking at the pictures now, I find that I am too thin to look like anything. Unfortunately, I was still complacent and beautiful (trying to hammer my head).

That half year is every morning to eat a bowl of cold vegetables, a day to eat a few cucumbers, this is all eating. No staple food, no meat, no drinks. Calories are counted every day, thinking that tomorrow's food is less than today's.

With the amount of exercise in the morning and afternoon, I think I can become immortal.

Now I really want to smoke my mouth. It's absolutely fatal to die like this in such an important time as Senior Three. So the extreme weight loss in the past six months caused me to lose a lot of hair, amenorrhea for one year, gastroenteritis, the most serious is arrhythmia, and led to my college entrance exam performance disorder, had the opportunity to go to 985, and finally to a double non-school.

There are also subsequent adverse effects.

After going to college, without the care of my family, I began to eat like crazy. I couldn't restrain that. This led to 40 kg increase in half a year in college and 60 kg in winter vacation when I returned home. The good thing is that my menstruation has recovered and my hair has not lost much.

Later, I began to lose weight, but overeating became an eternal obstacle. I began to be unable to bear the pain of losing food. I had to overeat once or twice a week, so I started the cycle of diet-overeating.

Now I am a junior, weighing 60 kg, but I began to try to accept myself, after all, 180 height 60 kg will never be said to be fat. I started to work out, learn to make up, do a good hairstyle, find the right style to wear clothes, and often praise beautiful lover. I also go to dessert, drink milk tea, and feel the pleasure of tasting delicious food. This is something I didn't experience when I was 40 kg. At that time, my mind was on losing weight, living in pain every day, and I had no mind to leave anything else.

Although I have been fighting my appetite, I will focus on other things and live a good life. I hope you can understand from my experience that not being thin means being beautiful, not being thin means being popular, and that it is your best state to accept and treat your body kindly.

9.3, 2019

I just want to say that I admire my old stature and ask what I want for my recipe.

You wake up!!!

The last thing I regret for half my life is dieting and losing weight. I think it's fatal to live without death. You mustn't die, especially your sister who is still in school!

Flip through the album and find the screenshot of the previous circumference record. Let it out here. You will know how scary it was when you were thin.

You think the thinner the better, right? Look at my arm in this picture. Do you still say the two words "good-looking"?

Is this arm different from a skull?

Should I be happy when I'm 40 kg and wear nice clothes? No!! What clothes can't stand up, how ugly it is! Do you think skeletons look good in clothes?

I hope this answer and comment area can revile sisters who are trying to lose weight extremely. They should lose weight moderately and lose their health. Ah ah ah, don't go on a diet and don't go on a diet! It's easier to get fat after five or six years of basal metabolic injury.

9.4, 2019

1000 compliments, but it's OK... And anonymity was recognized by my former classmates, and I lost all my pigs face.

Here is a supplementary answer to the more questions asked in the commentary section.

1. Why did you want to lose weight when you weren't fat?

Mainly because there was a good friend around at that time who was very thin, thin and straight legs. Why did the girls want to be thinner than others? Another reason is that at that time, I especially liked several net red figures and thought that chopstick legs were the most beautiful in the world (smiling). So if you want to lose weight healthily, you need to change your aesthetics first. Is the buttocks not good-looking or Nai Zi not good-looking (?) In short, the beauty of health is really beautiful ah!

2. How do boys gain weight when they are too thin?

It is estimated that boys are too thin to eat fat, have high basal metabolism or poor digestion. It is suggested that they eat more protein in a balanced diet and start to build up their muscles. I know there is a good answer on this topic. You can see.

How do thin people gain muscle? - www.witsky.netlinkicon

3. Recommend weight loss (thighs, stomachs, etc.) Action

Here are some bloggers and videos that I like very much.

Weibo: Thai boxing is fierce

This is my spiritual pillar during the period of healthy weight loss and overeating adjustment. The idea is very good, and the people are very gentle, advocating the establishment of a healthy relationship with food, without calculating calories. Now! Immediately! Pay attention! Check out his microblog! I wish Amway was the blogger who gave all the people who lost weight! A sister with an aunt's problem can consult him in particular.

Weibo: Fan Zhihong

Another teacher of healthy diet, not extreme, advocates balanced nutrition, daily sharing and popular science nutrition knowledge.

Bilibili: Zoey Noye on Saturday

Well-known fitness up master, super-good body and super-good, sports video is quite comprehensive, you can choose to follow their own practice.

Bilibili: a collection of Lin Qianwu

Lin Qianlong's thin arms and abdomen are what I do everyday.

Bilibili: beautiful ballet series

Beautiful Ballet series is classic, here push Swan arms and thin legs of these two, adhere to the effect is very good.

I hope everyone can lose weight healthily. My sister who is on a diet stops losing money in time. Through my lessons, I know how terrible it is to go on a diet and that its disadvantages outweigh its advantages.

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