What life experiences do you have the sooner you know the better?

Younger, I hope to know some helpful life experience before I go too far.

1. Most people really like girls, almost can not catch up, because sincerely like, can not use routines for her, will not spare no effort to make clever, is simply like, want to share their best to her, because like, awe.

When you meet someone you like, the first reaction is inferiority. She's so beautiful, like a nine-day fairy, how can a common man like me deserve it?

If you think he's awkward, I think it's the most innocent stage. If one has more than one's edge on you, one's demeanor is elegant. Apart from his good tutor, how many people did he experiment with to gain such life experience? Or maybe you're just a game of hunting?

2. Because she doesn't love you, she never makes mistakes. Defects, talent is fresh.

3. Many people learn to cherish, starting from the loss. Love is tolerance, understanding and understanding, no one is perfect. Don't ask others to be perfect or always try to replace them. You're not perfect, are you?

4. Don't be too kind to a person at the beginning of your pursuit. Showing all the cards at one time will not only lose freshness, but also make people cheaper. Life tells us that licking a dog will end up with nothing.

If you really think that moving love is also love. Finally, even if you hold the beauty back, you will be moved to pay all your life. How tired you are to be a human being! ___________ If the other person likes you, he will not let you overpay.

The best way is to be a good husband and father of future children. When pursuing success together, do your best to her. Don't let her down on your choice and expectations.

5. A person's life is long, so we always mistakenly think that there are many opportunities, but in fact it can change the trajectory of the important steps. Miss an opportunity or miss a person, always think of the next will be better, there will be alternatives, are just incompetent self-paralysis, do not know how to cherish. Even if the opportunity comes, it's a common decision. In addition to the need for mutual fit, but also need to invest a great deal of time and energy in nurturing, so people are always sensitive and vulnerable. Many times Miss is miss, can not do the thing is unable to do.

6. A man can't make friends without addiction, because he has no affection; a man can't make friends without faults, because he has no true spirit. A person does not have any hobbies, friendship is very difficult, because such people are not infatuated with love is not serious, not affectionate. A man can't associate with him without flaws, because he has no genuineness.

7. There is hardly anything very pure in the world. Always mixed with joy and sorrow, fortune and misfortune depend on each other, the sword has two edges. Flourishing accompanied by loneliness, pain is closely linked to growth. I often warn myself of the dialectical two-sidedness of things with the help of what is wrong, what is wrong and what is wrong. When life is dark, we look forward to the light, and the spring breeze is always proud of loneliness.

8. Don't easily contradict or deny a leader's decision. You may think that the decision is incorrect because of the limitations of your thinking. There is some truth in that buttocks determine the brain and the comprehensiveness and emphasis of thinking and thinking.

9. Give up the ineffective society and don't flatter deliberately. The world of adults is essentially more about the exchange of equal benefits. People are poor in the streets and nobody asks them. People are rich in mountains and have distant relatives. Flattery is more about making oneself more and more humble and inexpensive, and less respected by others. Do your best to be a useful person.

10. Learn to accept loss. Lost their love, lost a period of friendship, and even lost their loved ones. Every time I lose it, I feel sad that I will never meet again. But life gives us new and fresh lovers, friends and children, and they take away the old part of us. All one's life is spent in losing and getting, learning to accept losing, and longing for the future.

11. When your strength doesn't match your dreams, you must lower your expectations, such as for your lover, for your job, and so on. Most people are just ordinary people in their lives. You think there will be pies in the sky. Daydreaming, do you deserve it? Young people must not be brainwashed by poisonous chicken soup, cherish the precious age dividend.

12. Reading and running are lucky things in life. Reading can cultivate a person's spiritual world, while running, although tired, but let the brain very clear, running alone, quietly think about something, reflect on themselves.

13. Do something wrong and apologize. Many people can't pull their faces down to admit their mistakes. Even if they do something wrong, they will only die and suffer with dignity. Apologies do not lose face. If you do something wrong, say sorry. Others have helped you. Thank you. It's worth it.

14. When I am in love, I have a strong desire for possession. My lover always exerts too much. My father often told me that the tighter the sand is, the faster it will pass. I don't understand. Later, after breaking up, I realized that it was like holding a snowball tightly. The tighter the grip, the more painful the ice was, the faster the snow melted. Harm others without benefiting oneself.

15. If you want to let it die, you must let it go wild first. When reading history books, I found that many emperors always tolerated minor errors made by their disgusted ministers, just as the cancer made them grow stronger step by step, and then annihilated them in one fell swoop. Small punishment can make the other side stop in time, stop loss in time, but can not take the other side's life in the face of legal principles. So don't be complacent when you encounter the tolerance of others. Maybe they are holding back enough energy to dig a grave that can bury you once and for all.

16. Never take advantage of others. Others help you buy meals or pay temporary bills, even if the number is small, but also timely return to others. Others may not care, but you can't let others separate. It's good that someone runs errands for you and is willing to do his best. It's friendship. It's wrong to let others lose money, especially when everyone has no money in school life. Even if other people are rich, that's other people's money. That's not a reason to take advantage of it. It's not a matter of calculation. It's a personal principle.

I don't owe anybody else, and I don't like it. One dollar means that my parents have to work on the farm for half a year to harvest a kilo of wheat. I may be really careful.

17. If you owe someone a favor, remember to pay it back and thank them. It's not about being friends. Others are not obliged to be good to you all the time, nor are they obliged to be friends with you all the time. There are gains and losses, compensate each other, eat each other must not be too ugly.

18. Forget where to see the story. What about saying that the married couple has no money at home? There is a very positive view that the level of the target's home compared with the neighborhood. If the same social circle at the same level is in the middle or lower level, it should not be considered, proving that the family must have its own reasons in this area caused by defects, love also needs to feed bread. If you're in the middle, you can consider that, at least in this circle, it's not bad.

19. Transposition thinking refers to oneself and others. My mother often tells me that you and your friends, especially your partner. Everyone is the flesh and soul of their parents. You are the treasure of others. When you get along with others, you must restrain your bad temper and think about each other more. You can't bully others.

20. Never nag your parents about bad habits or bad words of your friends or objects. Especially for the married lover, you can easily forgive him, but the parents will not, may be resentful for a long time. In front of both parents, we must praise each other, especially our own parents, and boast flowers. Even if two people quarrel angrily in the future, parents will criticize you instead of criticizing each other. This is to let you reflect on yourself, and let the other get more important feeling in their own family, Baili is harmless. Unless you two really don't want to.

21. Think more about the consequences and don't blame them. Sometimes my mother and I have conflicts, often harsh words, supper do not let me eat what. But then she came to my room and dragged her to dinner. I often tell him, what kind of effect do you want to achieve when you scold me? I'm your son. I scold you too. I'm not allowed to eat, but I still want to eat. Speak up when there is a problem, don't quarrel when there is no point in arguing, and say less when there is no point in hurting others. Solving the problem is more important than investigating the responsibility in the family.

22. Young people can lose their lives, but they must not be decadent. They should not stay at home and be bound by electronic products. Even if life is unsatisfactory, we should go out and walk more, even if we look at flowers and ornaments, breathe fresh air, it is good for our health.

Even if you don't find a satisfactory job, even if you are a master or doctor. You can also sell watermelon on the street, go to restaurants to help cook, go to companies to do security, which is not disgraceful. It's important that you go out and experience more, and find the world different from others from different perspectives. Don't be decadent. Experience is growth.

23. In the new era, personal opinions still exist. Fish with fish and shrimp with shrimp, turtle with king eight.

Similar families, similar intuitive feelings and similar life values can help you understand each other better. Every parent thinks that the other half of his child can be a dragon or a phoenix. In particular, they are fed up with poor rural parents and hope that the other side is a wealthy family.

I often tell my parents that if so, I will be subjected to others all my life and feel inferior and cowardly. With you, you may lose your dignity. Even if your parents respect us, I will feel inferior from birth, poor and strong.

24. I always think that you are responsible for beautiful appearance. It's a joke that I am responsible for making money to support my family. What you get, what you lose. If I have a daughter, I must tell her to live with dignity and value, love you should go hand in hand with you. No one can be trusted, only themselves can be trusted, the weak do not believe in tears, do not place their lives on others.

25. No one is the only one for young people who are disappointed in love. I had the first girl I liked in junior middle school. I haven't had a secret love for three years. I often dream about her. The first year of senior high school accidentally got contact information, and then declared that it was an obvious failure. My heart is like a knife, I don't want to live, like a big stone, I can't breathe and cry all night. I may never meet someone I like so much again.

After all these years, it's not surprising to see her now. There's the next one, the next one you like.

No one is the only one, time will make you forget, this is not slag, is human nature.

26. If you hurt someone, please don't say it, and don't take it personally. You must cherish the people who can hurt you. Don't talk to fools about their strengths or weaknesses. Some people have a deep-rooted way of thinking. It's just wishful thinking that you want to change a few debates. My father often said, (Henan dialect) if you listen to others, you will listen to a few more sentences. If you can't listen to them, you won't listen to them, and don't refute or stubbornly raise the bar. Although the reasoning is not clear, but this society is not what you should argue about, others will be angry with you.

Later, I met a lot of fools in my life, and I wanted to refute them when I was in a hurry. Later, I thought that some people do not understand some of the reasons. You told him that he understood, he is not your relatives and friends, you told him that understand what is good for you? He won't appreciate you, either. If he doesn't understand, let him keep fooling, and one day he will suffer, but this knife is not you, and the contradiction is transferred to him and others. Say a bad word, you are willing to be a melon eater to see jokes.

27. If you can't marry the right person and the person you like. That must be the right choice. Life will give you answers to all kinds of pain, and remember not to force yourself.

28. It's perfectly normal to be jealous and possessive, to be paranoid and jealous. Although the performance of small belly Chicken Intestines is very selfish, in fact, if you do not feel insecure, and the other side is too precious to themselves, it will not be so. Where do you have the mind to invest in unimportant people? Everyone is egoistic.

If you're really with someone like that. Please give her enough sense of security. Thank her for her attention and be good at guiding. If you believe that she loves you, you must ring the bell to get rid of it. If you don't love you, you are nothing. Although the problem is in the other side, the key to solving the problem lies in you, and your guidance is more important than anything else. Many people can't get through this and break up. If you still cherish this relationship, please do not give up saving her at this time.

29. Don't be too serious about being a man. Life is not entirely clear. We allow errors, and we allow others or ourselves to do something wrong. Sometimes it makes sense to think about the Chinese doctrine of the mean, just like the Tai Chi map of Taoism, it is also black with white, Yang with yin, and the middle dividing line is also using curved curves, not straight lines. Maybe that's why it's so easy to change. We abandon perfectionism. Although we can try our best to do it, it's too expensive. Master a cost-effective scale, they can accept, can be happy. Life is spent with one eye open and one eye closed. If two eyes are the same round, how tired they are.

30. The last one is for yourself. You can ignore it. As a warning, you should know that when two people are not together, you love one person very much, waiting for time to gradually pass, you are more and more trivial, more and more distracted, you are also more and more attentive to the other half, and feel that you have and slack. What you can't get is always in turmoil, what you can get will never be treasured. It is said that marriage is the grave of love, which is probably the result. Student Yang, you must not enter this pit! Please treat a person consistently over and over again.

Although she grew up to be your loved one and shouldered the hardships with you, it is because of the need for your love, it is not easy.

Let's seek common ground while reserving differences. Don't take it too seriously. Just be happy. If I agree with you, please give me a compliment. If I disagree with you, I'm happy to be instructed by the comments section. Thank you all.

At 10:30 p.m. on August 29, 2019, it's already over a thousand. Just look at it casually. Don't pay attention to me. Recently, many people pay attention to me. I'm really terrified. I'm afraid that my ignorance and shallowness will not live up to everyone's love. In fact, I'm just a bricklayer in a newly graduated construction site, and I have nothing to do with it. This year, when I graduated from university, the psychological burden of life is still very heavy. I am very ordinary and very depressed. I bow to life, concede to my ideal and compromise to my destiny. I am the most common member of the vast sea of people.

I can see the criticism voice of all of you on September 3, 2019. In some respects, we do not agree with each other very much. After all, everyone's life experience is different, and there is no need to be bound by the rules of some immature or even shallow experience. I graduated from college in July this year, and only two months after I entered the society. Where can I master the truth? You are just learning to grow up step by step. Don't take other people's life experience as your own dogma. Just refer to it and even enjoy it.

On September 7, 2019, the girl she liked went to a distant place, filled with sadness and reluctance. It happened that NetEasy Yun was touched by the heart of The Hard to Farewell and Difficult to Meet in the Westward Journey.

It's hard to be apart from each other when we meet. Dongfeng can't afford to spend a hundred flowers. There's no end to it. I wish I could cross mountains and rivers in the twilight. Separation from the monarch means that he is also a visitor to the eunuchs'sea. Every man has his own future, every man has his own peace, every man has his own mother, and every man has his own home. As the world is so big, you still have many unfulfilled aspirations, the revolution has not yet succeeded, Xiao Yang still needs to start from scratch, do not fear the wind and rain, along the way has lost too much, although also gained a lot, but it is difficult to consider whether the pros and cons of the choice is worth it.

Little by little, very close to trance, is the end of the world.

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