What are the most comfortable basketball shoes you have worn so far?

Just express your own opinions. Don't belittle other shoes because of your favorite sneakers. After all, everyone's comfort for sneakers is not the same. ~Finally, I choose my own section 4!!!

I used to be a shoe controller who liked to buy shoes crazily. In order to satisfy one's selfish desire, he even opened Taobao Shoe Store. But it was a long time ago.

As I get older and my schedule gets fuller, I haven't bought shoes for a long time.

One day, I'm going to buy a pair of running shoes, open the familiar and unfamiliar footwear forum, my footwear addiction comes up again, a pair of shoes can not only off the court, but also out of the street firmly seized me. The first sight of it was exactly what I had imagined.

I thought I was just on the spur of the moment, so I added a shopping cart and went to sleep.

When I opened my eyes the next day, I remembered the shoes again. I knew that I had fallen into the trap. I would like to ask my daughter-in-law for a report. The discount price is not expensive, and I should not encounter too much resistance.

But my daughter-in-law relentlessly refused me. Indeed, my shoes are a little too many. This is the case.

Although I didn't put it into action, it became my daily routine to drive a shopping cart every day to see the stock in the store.
In fact, I have not given up hope, and for the next few days, I have been knocking around and infiltrating my daughter-in-law every day, hoping that things can turn around.

I remember clearly that when I first joined the shopping cart, I still had seven pairs in stock.

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After two days, the stock became five pairs, I said calm.
Two days later, the stock became four pairs, and I worked silently.
Three pairs, I work silently.
Two pairs, I work silently, and I feel like I'm going to succeed!
1 pair, I work silently, but I haven't got the daughter-in-law's consent, but I can't calm down.

After careful consideration, I decided to secretly Chen Cang, first chop and then play, and then buy it secretly. If I finally agree, I can leave it in good name, disagree, and then retire secretly. God does not know ghosts, it is seamless.

I raised my sinful right hand, clicked the payment button and sat waiting for raw rice to cook ripe rice.

Actually, because of these shoes, I have had a week-long struggle with my daughter-in-law. The time has come to August 6, 2019.
In the evening, I chatted with my daughter-in-law and inadvertently mentioned the shoes again. Of course, my daughter-in-law did not agree with me to buy them, but this time, my expression was not depressed, but a little more winning.

The daughter-in-law saw the abnormality and asked me, "Have you bought it?"

Now that I've talked about this, considering the small amount involved, I expect that the showdown at this time will be a semi-voluntary surrender, and maybe things will change.

I nodded silently, "Well, I've already bought it."

Daughter-in-law is very angry, in order to prevent the situation from expanding, I immediately said that if the superiors do not agree, I can immediately withdraw, and poor Baba (hypocritical) said that I can withdraw.

But the daughter-in-law was still very angry, saying that the matter was not trivial and bad in nature.

Seeing that things did not anticipate development, I decided to simply break the kettle and sink the boat, strive for their rights and interests, put on the facts and rationalize, that they and shoes are true love, not impulse consumption, buy home I must treat politely and do not take it as an example.

My daughter-in-law came into the house angrily, and I felt as if I had the upper hand on the scene, even a little complacent.

But one thing is out of my consideration. Today is August 6, 2019, and the next day is July 7, which is not a small festival.

Suddenly the daughter-in-law came out of the house, threw down a box and left.
I'm a little confused. I don't even care what the box looks like.

When I saw the LOGO on the box, I understood everything, but everything was a little late.

The shoes I've been longing for for so long are suddenly placed in front of me, and I don't even have the courage to open them.

Daughter-in-law has entered the room again, leaving me alone in the living room, I still opened the box with my scalp open.

The shoes were just the right size and shape, as if they were made for me.

I wear these shoes, rubbing on the smooth ground, step by step, step by step like claw teeth, complex mood.

I'm such a fool, the perfect Valentine's surprise, I screwed it up.

At this moment, I am a selfish man, and she is a good daughter-in-law of China praised by everyone.
For a moment I felt she was tall and I was humble as dust.

I want to say something, but I don't know what to say.

I will always wear shoes, not only comfortable, warm, but also with shame.

Finally, leave three sentences:
Daughter-in-law, I'm sorry!
Daughter-in-law, thank you!
Daughter-in-law, happy Qixi!

Okay, no more. I'm going to admit my mistake. I wish you all peace.

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