Why is Calista nicknamed "Spear of Online Love"?

Sorry, I really don't know, because of this.

The hero was a T1 ad before he was slashed, so Carey had to practice it.

The passive contract can connect the assistants. The big trick is to retrieve the assistants and throw them out. The rebound distance depends on the assistant range.

This skill fits perfectly with the Soft Aid player, and most of the female players play Soft Aid, so Carlista's big tricks often help, throwing and smashing people is unnecessary, because she is timid.

How many consecutive rescues can my sister keep her heart from beating?

Moreover, Calista is a fast-moving hero, so most of the assistants are also like to play Lulu.

The spear of cyber love deserves its fame.

It's just that I don't practice this kind of boring ad.

The commentary area said that the most suitable assistant to Carlista's big trick was hammer stone.

Indeed, skateboards + bull heads / hammerstones are extremely violent downstream combinations. But have you ever considered the feelings of female players?

Female players usually don't play hard assistants, and soft assistants are easy to open (except for playing), so Carlista's rescue assistants are very popular with female assistants.

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