What small and high-end gifts are there?

It's a friend's adult gift.~

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1. [Hirota Cherry Blossom Cup]

"When the cherry blossoms are brilliant, the willow green and the peach red do not know."

This Cherry Blossom Cup Hirota is one of the most famous wine utensils with a high face value.

Gradual cherry pink glass, like an aesthetic and hazy dream, is integrated with wine, making it difficult to tell when to wake up and when to slightly dim.

The pot body is composed of six petals, concave, convex and natural.

Petal cup, exquisite and personality, is unforgettable.

When drunk and slightly drunk, a touch of powder can be as hot as summer flowers.

2. [Sweet-scented Osmanthus Wine]

Every time I miss you, there will be cinnamon with me, and I can drink slightly.

Osmanthus fragrans wine, belongs to the relatively cold door Flower and Wine Products 。 It is the quintessence of Chinese wine culture.

Although flower wine has a history of thousands of years in our country,

However, with the loss of some processes and unsatisfactory publicity,

As a result, flower and wine did not play its due role in the wine market.

I'm the number one fan of Osmanthus Wine.

This wine is made by traditional hand-brewing. That is to say,

Full-bodied, crystal clear, hops evenly, persistent,

Osmanthus fragrance and liquor aroma blend coordination, very elegant, sweet taste, not bitter, not astringent, not hot throat.

It tastes similar to Maotai, but it has a little more cinnamon than Maotai.

The price of this wine seems to be around 20 yuan.

It's really heartening to sell fine wines at this price.

3. [Two Embroidered Crane Bags]

I bought this bag to match my Chinese dress.
Unexpectedly, in the end, I didn't wear much Chinese clothes, but this bag became my favorite.

Fresh and elegant color matching and delicate crane embroidery,

Make this bag full of literary and artistic flavor, high-level feeling is very strong.

It's not easy to handle the suede, but it's really beautiful.

It's the right sense of retro.

4. [Lingfei cherry agate ring]

There is a kind of scenery called waiting for flowers to blossom, and a kind of story called pink encounter.

Cherry blossoms are scattered in jelly-like crystals, which are both romantic and special.

Cherry agate is also a chalcedony full of girls'hearts, pink color and lovely patterns, as if telling a good story.

It's also very nice to wear on your hands. It's very good in temperament.

5. [April Flower Art Floating Vase for Eternal Flowers]

I want to give you the burning spring in transparent glass
Let you accompany me to witness April in the world

Flowers pour into the city, breaking down the human spring.

Inside the house, you can see the beauty of the world.

It's really beautiful.~~~

6. [Ceramic tea cup inlaid with silver by pottery]

Sitting in the empty room and remembering each other, drinking and chatting for drunkenness

Very advanced, beautiful and textured set of ceramic cups.

With silver sculpture, it is simply a icing on the cake.

The whole texture is atmospheric and elegant, which can show people's taste.

Sit in a corner and enjoy the scent of scenic tea.

Like the sound of insects and birds, empty mountains and bright moons,

There is no hurry in the world.

Years are quiet~~

7. [Yuandu Tuanzi Ore Lamp]

Patterns can be embedded in square circles, and various forms can merge into several colors.

It's like making pastries by moonlight. It's sweet to see and touch.

This dumpling lamp, made of natural ore, is round and full in shape, simple but very delicate.

The natural texture and the transparent effect of stone itself create a romantic and hazy light sense.

It seems to be able to penetrate the mystery of the beauty of nature.

8.【 Citibud Flagship Store Jewelry)

In fact, most boys choose gifts for girls. One thing they think about is ornaments.

Helpless to see Swarovski, Pandora, APM The price of these large-brand items has to be abandoned.

Wallets and love are important, you want them!

It doesn't matter. You can buy ducks from flower buds.~

As an old fan of their family, I have to say that their jewelry design is really beautiful.

With cold tone and blue tone as the keynote, it renders a simple, sunny and romantic winter atmosphere.

In their country, every girl is like a mermaid princess in the fairy tale world, kind and beautiful, full of expectations for love.

Love you core

A wave of updates~~~

9. [Hand-in-Hand Bookmark Gift Box]

The bookmarks in this gift box adopt the traditional bamboo weaving technology of China.

Elegant and exquisite, full of the charm of traditional culture~

The material of gold-plated brass is polished in detail.

Although the whole coin is thinner than a dollar coin, it has a good texture and won't look cheap.

Its packing box is in the form of a drawer and easy to take and place.

The bronzing process looks very high-end and ingenious.

10. [Silk Embroidery Scroll]

I like this style of handmade pen bag very much. The girl of literature and art has a good heart.~~

The fine embroidery of a needle-by-needle line is like a stain of time.

Spread on the surface of the pen bag, giving people a literary and artistic atmosphere.

Suede sewing is used in the interior to soften and protect the pen.

The tender and smooth feel makes this gift very atmospheric.

Low-key and steady, full of connotation.

11. [New Chinese Eaves Bookstock]

This product combines books with classical architecture creatively.

When people see it, they have a sense of pleasant surprise.

Metal material can prevent insects and moisture.

And create a simple and tranquil sense of science and technology fashion.

It seems that we can do the tedious work.

Find the indifference and silence of physical and mental balance.

12. [Ducang Life Asteroid Aromatherapy Diffuser]

In the face of dense bytes and tedious work, everyone has headaches.

Nothing is more relaxing than asking about the fragrance.

The asteroid is made of black walnut and brass rings.

Convenient fragrance can also be used as exquisite ornaments.

Each time two or three drops of essential oil are added, you can feel the delicate fragrance of the whole day. That is to say,

It lasts longer than an aromatherapy machine and is safer than an aromatherapy candle.

14. [Sweet Wine Made from Small Roses]

Girls'minds are always poems. Since there are poems, there must be wine.

A cup of rose liquor contains many kinds of tastes, such as sour and astringent, sweet and so on.

It's like life is bitter, but you and I prefer pleasure in bitterness.

This sweet wine is made by Exclusive Fine Brewing Technology of Small Pattern Brewed,

Liquor and flower aromas are natural and very pleasant.

Liquor body No pigment flavors added No matter how much you drink, you won't get a hangover the next day.

It is worth mentioning that this wine has a very high color value.

Fine abrasive bottle body, smooth and lustrous, super high texture.

Elegant packaging, pink tones create a slight sweet atmosphere.

It's good to drink and look good. Of course, it's worth buying.~~~

15.【 Maisonhuis Cherry Tree Lamp)

Last night, I had a beautiful dream.

In my bedroom, I saw a cherry tree in full bloom.

They are like stars in the sky, shining gently and brilliantly.

It's like.... You're beside me.

This tree lamp is so visible that it exploded.

A total of 64 beads are evenly distributed and scattered.

Warm white light, transparent and soft, not dazzling.

Because of it, a person alone can also be lovely lights.

Because of it, family parties can also be so stylish.

Love your pen core~~~~~

Update, update~~~~

16. [wet n Wild treacherous rose beauty brush]

Roses look good, and prickles hurt.

Speaking of roses, many people associate love with them.

But in my opinion, it represents independence, self-confidence and fearlessness.

It's a kind of elegance that blossoms vigorously.

Just like this beauty brush, it's cool and noble.

A total of two brushes


Brush fluffy, delicate and soft

Powder grabbing is strong and easy to dizzy

Eye shadow

Circular arc small brush head

Fine and layered halo dyeing

Both use rose bouquet elements

Very unique

Small crowds look good

17. [LOFREE Bluetooth Mouse for Little Yellow Duck Potato Chips]

I even work as a cute duck.~~

Drop life into loveliness

Only in this way can we make ourselves more pleasant to the eyes~~~

This little yellow duck mouse is very small and cute in appearance.

Bright yellow and interesting potato chips button

Make the complicated work easy and pleasant

Not only does it have high facial value, but also its performance is not vulgar.

It is equipped with side sliding buttons and balls

Support touch gesture function

It's so lovely that you can't let go of it.

18. [SNAP Institute Retro Film Fool Camera]

Record our moments with retro colors

Red, yellow and black classic tricolor, a little punk flavor, suitable for cool girls~

The grip is a curve that fits the palm, and the grip feeling is good.

This camera is not very good in performance (after all, it's only 100 pieces, haha)

The camera has a aperture and a shutter speed of about 1/120.

With enough light, the shooting effect will be better.

But it is for this reason that the photographs have a kind of retro and hazy aesthetic feeling.

There is a smell of time passing by.~~

19. [PEEEACH wool key chain]

No resistance to hairy things

The furry looks so soft.

The pink color is also pleasant to the eye.~~

Please eat peaches.

To make your world more lovely

Pure wool also looks very textural.

It's really cute.

Isn't it?

20. [Crying Juvenile Art Decoration]

Sometimes, beauty is watching quietly.

The teenagers here are like deer in the deep woods

Elegant and spiritual spirit

There are four options

Each one is exquisite enough for the old aunt to call "awsl"

Exquisite details

The five senses are delicate and natural, and the skin color and hair color are well matched.

Arrangement at will, all have a unique sense of art, high-level sense

If you like it, remember to be careful

Flowers will continue to update oh~~~~

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