How to make facial contour clearer?

Usually, the daily exercise and fitness exercises mainly include limbs and waist and abdomen lines, but the face has always been a problem. How to make the mandibular line more compact? What good exercise methods can train the muscles from chin to neck? Very eager to have good mandibular side lines.

I strongly recommend 6 facial massage techniques to you!

Believe me, Do it once a day, morning and evening. For up to half a month, your facial stereo and line sense will become stronger, and the whole person's mental state will look much better.

These six massage methods are very simple, basically look at it once. If you want to relieve edema and improve your eyebags and chins, you must not miss it!

Ps: The following pictures and motions are from Mr. Zhang Fuyuan's "Posture is Beautiful to You".

I. Improvement of eye bags and dark circles

1. Bend your forefinger with both hands and place it under your eyes, on both sides of the bridge of your nose_

2. Scrape your forefinger close to your face in the direction of your ears. Stop pressing for 7 seconds when approaching the hair area.

3. Then scrape again for 1-2 minutes.

If you often stay up late or use your eyes excessively, this path is easy to accumulate blood, and is also the most prone place to produce bags and dark circles. This action can promote the blood circulation at present and alleviate the problems of dark circles and bags of eyes. It may feel sore at the moment, but after scraping a group, the soreness will disappear and the eyes will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Less masseter muscle

1. The forefinger and middle finger of both hands are bent and kneeling, pressing the left and right cheeks to find the most sour swelling point.

2. Hold still, mouth open slowly, then close slowly, repeat for 1-2 minutes_

The masseter muscle is relatively large. It can enlarge the pressing area. Doing it several times a day can make the masseter muscles soft and the lines of the face soft and smooth.

3. Make Chin Line More Obvious

1. Raise your thumbs, hold them against your jaw, and touch your fingertips to your earlobes_

2. Head slightly upward, thumb pushing chin forward, into the feeling of heaven and earth_

3. Keep the thumb still, mouth open slowly and close again_

4. Repeat for 1-2 minutes.

This action has a certain elongation effect on the chin, and is very friendly to the face with the chin retracted. At the same time, the thumb holds at the junction of the face and neck. Long-term doing this action can make the line of the jaw more obvious and help to shape the stereo sense of the face.

IV. Improving Double Chin and Shaping V Face

1. Place your right hand on your right face and press your thumb on the back of your jaw.

2. Keep the same force on the right thumb and scrape along the mandibular line to the left mandible.

3. Change your left hand and do it the same way in the opposite direction. Scrape left and right for 10 times.

This action is really super effective for rapid edema elimination. When you come to make-up group in the morning, the V-face effect is obvious.

5. Improving Big Pie Face

1. The thumb and forefinger of both hands are pinched.

2. Start from the sides near the nose bridge at the moment, from inside to outside, pinch the flesh on the face until it stops near the hair_

3. The thumb and forefinger return to the sides of the statutory lines, and then pinch the flesh on the face from inside to outside until it stops near the hair.

4. Return the thumb and index finger to the corners of the mouth and pinch the flesh on the face from inside to outside until it stops near the hair (both hands can pinch at the same time)

5. From inside to outside, from top to bottom, knead the whole face meat in turn. Also remember that each pinch lasts 5-7 seconds.

This pinch action can promote facial blood circulation, and every time before applying the mask to do it, the effect will be better.

6. Improving statutory lines and dredging blood on both sides of nasal alar

1. Hands palm up, thumb press on both sides of nose wing;

2. Keep the thumb at the same strength and pull it out to the front of the ear along the arc of the zygoma.

3. Repeat 5-7 times.

This action can lift the face well, make the face more compact and three-dimensional, at the same time, it can effectively promote blood circulation and improve the problem of edema.

With regard to facial massage techniques, it is enough to remember these six techniques and remind yourself to stick to them for a long time.

Only by making the blood circulation of the face more smoothly can the problem of fat and edema be solved, with three-dimensional facial features and compact small face.

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