How to evaluate Xiao Zhan's appearance objectively?

Is there any deficiency in objective evaluation?

Looking around, I found that many people's fan filters were too heavy and there was no relatively objective and pertinent evaluation of their facial value.

As an aesthetic blogger, here I dedicate my professional knowledge to a wave of ugliness.

Previously, in Weibo, we saw that everyone was forwarding, saying Xiao Zhan was A man who unifies the aesthetics of the dining circle !!!

The aesthetics of the girls in the restaurant circle here is not very specific, but according to my understanding, it is probably that.

Ownership "A refreshing youthful spirit" And possess "The enchantment of the soul" Finally, there are "Male perseverance" This is the case.

In fact, this is the summary of what we have to say today.

A refreshing youthful spirit

First of all, as far as juvenile spirit is concerned, it is a kind of upward growth and vigorous vitality. Every laugh makes you feel full of strength.

This kind of purity and cleanliness mostly happened in middle school and even in university. So Xuge and Zhang Qiling of Yang Yang in that year had smooth facial lines and slender facial features. They were clean and refreshing.

Since it is "light and refreshing", it corresponds to facial details:

  • Facial and facial lines, refreshing and neat

First of all, you can't have too much redundant software organization. With clear facial features and facial features, it will be much cleaner and more energetic.

Yan Ni did a good job in facial line, facial delicacy went up, the whole person's spirit, but also a lot younger.

Another condition for refreshment is that the lines are straight and the straight lines always look cleaner than the curves.

Otherwise, Wu Yifan is greasy as soon as he is fat. It's really easy for the redundant soft tissues to pile up.

Second, the roundness and sharpness of the lines and shapes of the five senses.

The sharp angle is always more delicate and flexible than the obtuse angle. Of course, rounded features are more lovely than narrow ones, because the curves are softer and cuter, and the spirits of teenagers and girls are all fine and delicate.

However, the difference is that the youthful temperament of the facial features and facial lines are more slender and sharp, for example, Guangmo Liangzi's eye shape is narrower than Nagasawa Yami's.

Therefore, Xiao Zhan's eyes are narrow, straight, and slightly drooping. His pupils are light in color. He has the idea of eye wave flow and is very fascinated.

  • Bone mass and weakness.

As for the sense of skeletal mass, you can see this picture. There are large and small bones in our faces, as well as shaded structures of different depths.

As far as the sense of skeletal mass is concerned, the bigger the skeleton is, the blunter the shape of the skeleton is, and the harder the temperament is.

Take Yi Shun Qianxi and Wang Junkai for example. They are also bustling about in suits.

Easy to close thousand mandibles and mandibles develop more rigid, has transformed into a man's breath, mature and stable and powerful.

But Wang Junkai's face is not heavy, and his lines are light and sharp. He is still the boy with the sunshine in his impression.

Some fans reflect that Wang Junkai was childish before, but in fact he is now the same.

Whether he wears antique or modern clothes, he is a refreshing youthful spirit, no problem?!

As far as bone mass is concerned, Xiao Zhan's facial skeleton is smaller. Although the lines are straight and firm, the angular curvature of Xiao Zhan's face is narrower than that of Wang Yibo's. Wang Yibo's face is regular, and the shape of soft tissue and skeleton is correct.

So in terms of temperament, Xiao Zhan is lighter and smarter.

  • Focus

Finally, the center of gravity, the same volume of rectangle, square, and circular, rectangular center of gravity is the highest.

Corresponding to the face shape, it's probably the following way. The center of gravity is the feeling from heavy to light.

So a longer face has a higher center of gravity and lighter weight than a gentle round face.

The center of gravity of short face is lower, which increases the sense of simplicity and bulkiness. It is beneficial to the construction of adorable girl's sense, but it is different from the characteristics of young people's refreshing temperament.

And a round face, a focus on the face, is one of the girls are the important features of (of course this kind of face, as a young girl, age, and to pay attention to an old problem)

In addition, the mandibular Angle is low, the jaw line is not clear, can cause the center of gravity down, the face amount are aggravating, appear heavy.

Young gas almost finished, taken together, shaw war young breath is enough.

The heady charm

Kid sister that heady charm mainly comes from the emotional eyebrow eye, shaw war and slightly become warped lips, slim nasal bone, native features of natural and natural coquetry.

The first is the eye

A lot of people because of his eyes into the pit, o, really is like water, reiki is extraordinary.Next to add slightly drooping eyelids, lovely feeling, I still flow.

And he is a typical rui cheng, slender shape, eye end micro become warped, very charm;With eyes head hook, delicate, more heady.

Then the lips, xiao lips pretty thin type, but on a slightly become warped, bud, charming is spruce anomalies.

Some people say that this is thanks to his two stronger sense of big front teeth.

But little sister want to say, shaw of the nasal base is superior.

In fact his nasal base height and ga are like, are naturally superior high nasal base, tall and straight in the face type.

In addition, found that xiao chin and pouty, this characteristic was also increases the temperament of coquetry.

Slender and delicate, and coquetry, if this is the vulnerability of coquetry, estimates that also can't afford to hold rice aesthetic bear the title of circle.

  • Masculine fortitude

Admittedly, shaw war face shape and depth of the masculine fortitude.

Relatively blunt cheekbones and slightly lower mandible Angle, increased the face, and the feeling of massiness, also is the embodiment of the masculine fortitude.

High brow and nose, shaped shadow structure very clear nasal shadow double C line, depth blessing hale and temperament.

Whether plastic surgery

After Xiao Zhan became popular, photos of his college days were circulated on the Internet. Many people called him directly too much to recognize him and face up to suspicions.

In fact, as far as the outline is concerned, the change is not great.

The main change is the improvement of the stereo of the eyes and nose.

First of all, the change of eyes, we can see that Xiao Zhan's eyelids are also single-time and double, experiencing changes in different periods.

As early as the 1000 Seals of the Easy Close, I have talked about the causes of the formation of this kind of single eyelid smaller inner double.

As a child, the easy closing thousand seals are very thin single eyelids. The shape of the eyes and the epicanthus of the eyes are also very convenient, which shows that the basic conditions of the eyes themselves are very good.

Here's an example of a single eyelid turning into double eyelids. Like the Easy Close Seal, they grow up to become inner double eyelids.

From their single eyelid shape, we can see that their eyelids are close to the eyelashes, there are not obvious small fluctuations, there are slight pits in the middle part of the eyelids (in the picture I painted).

This place is the key to opening up, because with the growth of people, eyelids will be relaxed, a small number of people will be too thin eyelids, repeated open eyes lead to. The middle part of eyelid is thinner and thinner Up Orbicularis oculi muscle at eyelashes and Eye soft tissue below eyebrow It's thickest.

Take the principle of double eyelids to explain it.


The depression is the fold of the eyelid, where a fold line is formed.
The skin above the wrinkle line (i.e. the soft tissue under the eyebrow) squeezes the orbicularis oculi muscle above the eyelash root for a long time.
Natural thin-eyed people, because there is no fat to remove, wrinkled lines, over time squeezing thinner and thinner, so the formation of a natural pair of small inside.

So, one year of gift, one is created by surgery. There is no difference between good and bad when looking at personal hardware matching the right eyelids.

And this inner pair, very narrow width, very fine, with a narrow eye, people will have a content in the eyes, very attractive feeling.

Therefore, Qianxi and Xiao Zhan belong to this kind of "open", rather than specializing in double eyelids.

Of course, not everyone has this special effect, which requires congenital basic conditions + acquired eye muscle exercise.

Next is the nose.

In fact, Xiao Zhan's nose has a disadvantage, that is, the nose columella is invaginated, leading to the front nostrils exposed, this problem existed as a child.

It can be seen that her face, eyes and mouth Bobby more like mother, nose more father, is this kind of nose facing the sky.

The front of the standard nose is probably like this. Take Cecilia Cheung and Dong Jie for example, we can clearly see the lower part of the nose columella. Aesthetic Seagull Line on Nose~

As I mentioned above, Xiao Zhan's nose is a little like Han Jia's because their nose base is very high and their lips are slightly warped.

The most important thing is that both of them have a retraction of the nasal columella. Columella retraction ~

For example, here's one~~~

Compared with Dong Jie, who has perfect proportions of columella and ala, we can see that Han Jia's columella has slight retraction.

That's why Han Jiaren and Xiao Zhan have no problem with nose height on the front side, but they all have a slight tendency to expose their nostrils on the front.~

So I was thinking, if Xiao Zhan had his nose fixed, should the plastic surgeon first lengthen the columella of his nose, otherwise the large nostril on the front would be a little obvious.

Finally, boys who take a youthful sense and a slim line must not be fat, or they will be like Lu Hao and Wu Yifan. This is why Xiao Zhan was a school grass in Chongqing University of Commerce and Industry, but he was not outstanding in the entertainment circle.

It is said that before and after losing 30 kilograms, the perseverance of male stars is also very valuable, real name envy ing ing~~~

Finally, Xiao Zhan is quite open to these negative real meanings, hoping that fans who like him should not be too serious.

As far as Aidou is concerned, as long as fans like it and don't climb over the wall, it's actually the biggest support and encouragement.~~~

Finally, like the baby, please give some praise!!!

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