What is the experience of having six fingers in one hand?


Pick up the courage. Six fingers are on the right thumb. Some angles are invisible and the lines are smooth. It may be that it has partitioned some nerves and blood vessels, the thumb can not stretch hard straight, the other four fingers stretch hard will bend. (Fig. 12 is right-handed, Fig. 3 is left-handed.) It is said that my elders at home who were born have found a fortune teller and said that the place with the handle is wrong (Ha-ha). Because both births are female, and the rural people are more feudal superstition, this statement satisfies the comfort of their desire for boys, so my parents never thought of taking me to see a doctor for surgery. At that time, I was a kid who didn't know anything.

When I was in primary school, my male classmates gave me the nickname "Eleven Fingers". They usually called me that way. They never called me by name, but later they were isolated. Nobody calls it that way in junior high school. They change their nicknames to "Six Fingers", "Six Fingers"... I dare not tell my parents when I go home. At first he was very angry, but later he was numb for a long time. When he was not angry, he felt sad silently and became silent. Until high school biology class talked about genes, it was clear that this is really called six fingers. Teachers in the classroom analysis, it felt like a public punishment, as if surrounded by a strange vision, despised by all the students (in fact, now also know that no one has time to pay attention to others, most people know that turning their heads will forget, but that It's impossible to think that way at all), because of low self-esteem, there is no way to actively find someone to guide.

According to my mother, I jumped up and down before I could remember. Without looking at it, I climbed from the children's car to the TV or rolled down the stairs. Should also be a more naughty and lively child, but today it has become introverted, particularly sensitive, sentimental look.

I don't know whether it's a family inheritance or a genetic mutation. I don't know that's the case in my family. In those years, I often cried and asked why it was me. If there were no six fingers, it would not be so. My personality would be more cheerful (after all, my sister's personality is totally different from mine, more outgoing and lively) and I don't know whether personality will be inherited or not. Maybe it will be influenced by my mother the day after tomorrow. Besides, six fingers should be one of the big reasons.

The impact of life, because it will not move, there is no practical effect, just like the cecum, occasionally have to cut its nails. But whenever I need to use my hands, I feel very uncomfortable, especially afraid of being seen, or very inferior. In high school volleyball lesson, you need to use both hands to head the ball. It will cause special pain and swelling. Another thing is that the content of physical education in university is martial arts. At that time, the teacher came to publicize the martial arts competition, and I also summoned up the courage to sign up. The teacher said that I could not do some tricks with this hand, and would deduct points. It's a small blow.

I'm not too ashamed to talk to my parents about my desire to have an operation. I'll save my money to see a doctor later (I don't know if I can have an operation). Write down these also hope that they can open the knot, slowly put down.

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