When I live with my boyfriend, I find that he is very indecent. Does your boyfriend do the same?

We planned to get married at the end of the year and moved to live in a city. He found out that he was indecent, watched the live broadcast of the hostess, and asked my roommate whose nipples were pink and disgusting. What should I do?

Before examining a topic:

Looking at the subject matter, I always feel that something is wrong.

Think carefully, or the first sentence is out of place.

"We were going to get married at the end of the year, so we moved to live in a city."

This sentence shows that the theme and boyfriend have a certain emotional basis. And they have already planned to get married, and even if they haven't been in close contact, they know each other well.

Whether online love or long-term long-distance temporary table, from the two intend to marry, we can see that their family, personality, all aspects of conditions, are a certain fit.

It's not easy to meet someone who wants to entrust his life.

Any relationship aimed at marriage should be respected.

Then look at the controversy between the two: the boyfriend is very obscene.

There are many meanings of indecency, which can be used not only as a modest word but also as a figure appearance. The theme of this article is used here, mainly referring to men's behavior towards women is very vulgar, impolite, and make obscene movements.

The problems are also manifested in two aspects:

1. Watch the anchorwoman

2. Ask roommate about nipple color

We might as well analyze it one by one.

1. Watching a female anchor is not the only special behavior of your boyfriend. There is a reason for the existence of a career. A female anchor can become an industry, indicating a huge audience.

What you need to solve is that your boyfriend likes to watch what the female anchor does, which requires psychological analysis.

Watching the anchor, some of the people you know are acceptable. Those who don't understand are very difficult to understand. When you get angry, you may even think your boyfriend is brainless and addicted to fantasy.

In fact, the main reason why he did so was the lack of external sb:

Spiritual ballast refers to spiritual sustenance

Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory mentions that spiritual sustenance refers to the need to regulate the body and mind after completing certain social tasks, and the way to regulate the body and mind is to find things or sports that make it pleasant, and such things are within one's power, or even if they can't be achieved, but self-restraint. You can feel good. This kind of thing can be called the object of sustenance.

So he will give you the feeling of living in your own world, indulging in the illusion of the anchorwoman.

But after careful analysis, do you have your own spiritual ballast?

Some students like to play basketball after a day's study, and they don't feel tired any more.

Some office workers work all day, and when they get home, they like to lie in bed and chase a play with a computer.

Some retired grandfathers feel that the happiest thing of the day is to hold a cup of tea in the evening and play chess in the park near the community.

There are also some housewives who have arranged with their peers to go to the vegetable market to buy food, or talk about taking care of their children.

Some teenagers who are addicted to Internet have completed their daily work or tasks, and they don't want to go anywhere else. It's just like an e-sport.

These actions, in fact, are also activities that regulate the body and mind and produce a sense of pleasure.

It is not a shame to have spiritual ballast. On the contrary, its existence is universal and normal.

For example, some workers on the construction site, they can also choose a leisurely and relaxed life, can also live a good life, but the wages are not so high.

But they still choose to work in the hot sun of thirty or forty degrees, many for their families, for their children, or for other ideals, which is their spiritual ballast. (Here is just an example. It's glorious to make money with your own efforts, regardless of your career.)

The subject's boyfriend watches the live broadcast of the female anchor, which has come to a more serious extent. After all, the girl is not so stingy when she occasionally brushes one or two eyes on her mobile phone.

Anchor this industry, water depth.

Male anchors can rely on humor, athletic ability and various talents.

Female anchors can do the same.

But the little hostess can't.

Here is the theme of popular science:

The small anchor just started to get money from the company, basically only more than 3,000 or less per month. Because at the beginning, nobody saw it. Generally speaking, only by attracting "Big Brother" to invest money every day, can we have a higher income.

In order to attract "Big Brother" to brush gifts, they can only laugh and laugh. After all, boys of seventeen or eighteen can't afford to brush. Generally speaking, their stable income source lies in people over 20 years old.

As a result, they will coax people to know what men want, what actions attract them, what personalities and assumptions resonate with them, and what behaviors can make them pay for their money.

Not all anchors "smuggle" or "carry water". But this kind of situation and behavior do exist universally.

That is to say, every anchorwoman has her own set-up and knows how to set up a person to please the audience. This is the inevitable outcome of the industry. Anchors who don't do so are either eliminated or you haven't heard their names.

Take the simplest example: Black Silk Long Legs Royal Sister dances for you, Soft Meng Sankeng sings alongside wheat (ear) and so on. It is inevitable for all kinds of women to find the point men want.

So far, let's get back to the point.

It's because these anchors know what men want, so they can coax people, make the visitors feel comfortable, and know how to get people to give her money.

So it's normal for men to like it, and there's nothing wrong with it. Some even don't look at the face value, just because some hosts are attracted by their personality.

Your boyfriend can make a beautiful girl call his name, sing and dance for him, laugh and thank him for spending only a few tens of dollars. What kind of psychology do you mean?

Maybe it's because of beauty. Everyone has a heart for beauty.

There are so many beautiful girls in the world, you have to admit, sometimes walking on the road to see handsome men / beautiful women will also look twice. It's human nature. You can't just dig out your boyfriend's eyes.

To be honest, I also like to see beautiful girls.

After all, who doesn't like it?

I don't think any man dares to clap his chest and say, "I like ugly girls. The uglier I am, the more I love them."

Seeing the opposite sex with high facial value, it is human nature to look at more than two eyes. I wish I had no other thoughts.

But you have to figure out why your boyfriend is addicted to it. After all, indulging in this is also a kind of morbidity. Like walking on the road to see a beautiful girl, will look at more than two eyes, but has been following people to see, do you think there is something strange?

What kind of psychology did he indulge in watching the hostess?

Are you not paying enough attention to him?

Or does he think you're not beautiful enough?

Or does he just like the pleasure of seeing all kinds of women?

If he really falls in love with an anchor, it's really hopeless. It's not a spiritual ballast, but a love of one-sided love giving money.

If you simply like to see beautiful women or their talent, it is better to deal with it. Because it's just a simple pastime for him. It's no different from fighting heroic alliance and eating chicken.

It's also easy to change. Just take him out of this mental area and into an interest or hobby that you think is healthier.

Maybe it's basketball, maybe archery, maybe cycling. This is actually the same as reducing the number of seconds a boyfriend spends playing games. You can also choose to spend more time with him to enhance your feelings. Encouragement and motivation can be solved by yourself, as long as your boyfriend doesn't fall in love with a hostess, it's not difficult.

The second aspect is more serious.

The boyfriend asks your roommate whose nipples are pink.

First of all, whether your boyfriend is a mammary research expert or not, for the time being.

Secondly, his behavior is disrespectful to you and your roommate.

There is one between people.

Intimate distance

The more strangers, the greater the privacy distance, the more uncomfortable the infringed person will feel, the personality will not be respected, serious will feel uncomfortable, insulted.

Your boyfriend's problem has obviously violated the distance between you and him.

It's not that men and women should push far, but that they should have a certain degree of speaking.

Even this is the problem. They are close enough to ask you, but they still can't ask your roommate.

This shows that he does not respect not only your roommate, but also you.

There is no clear understanding of self-behavior.

I wondered if your boyfriend watched more female anchors than he did. After all, not every anchor has a high school degree or above, and there are not a few who export dirty and have obscene mouths.

After all, I often watch others talk, and I can't help learning.

The following is the solution to the above anonymous answer, which is also somewhat extreme:

It seems to be a common phenomenon.

But this solution also has its drawbacks.

It's really a disgusting act to test your boyfriend or something with a trumpet. Humanity should not have been tested. How can such actions not be the fruit of poisonous trees?

In general, your problem is that your boyfriend doesn't give you enough respect.

Food color is also, like to see the opposite sex is justifiable.

But if people around him would rather suffer for this, it means that he has not been responsible for his own behavior.

In other words, you should talk to him about the status of the equal subject between them.

Choose a time when nothing happens. Speak it out seriously and communicate effectively. Let him solve the corresponding problems, adjust his preferences and give you basic respect.

Since we are planning to get married and solve problems, we should communicate well. To have the idea of entrusting a lifetime, it must also be true for heart.

It's not terrible to find some faults. Love is a gradual combination of mutual efforts.

Truth should never be betrayed. Communicate and solve problems.


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