How to view the speed limit behavior of Baidu Disk?


In recent days, there is a special video on station b, which is about a classmate's speed measurement of 5G network (see the watermarking in the video). It is said that this classmate is because of this video. Three days rose powder 800,000!!!

In this video, it mentions Baidu Disk.

(Because this answer has a video, you can't be anonymous)

Speed Measurement and Application Download Rate in 5G Network

The video about Baidu's network disk part of the narrative, emmm, can be said to be very real.

The link to the full version of the original video is as follows

How fast is it? Real Experience of 5G in Daily Use

In addition, on the speed limit of Baidu Disk, the official also gave a response some time ago.

Background: A Weibo user stated the speed limit problem of Baidu Networks, and @Official Blog and China Consumer Association, etc., so this question was answered by Baidu Networks Official Blog.

Baidu's official Weibo microblog answers to speed limit questions posed by netizens

Specific content of the answer

Question content raised by the microblog user (since the user has set the content permissions, the picture comes from @TaliceLam)

It sounds reasonable, but your speed limit of 50k/s (or maybe 20k/s or single digit) is a bit too much. I download a 3G file, and I feel that it can be next year.

In fact, not most people frequently use Baidu Disk to download large files, or even very few people often use Baidu Disk to download files; for small files download, if Baidu Disk speed limit, wait a little longer to download.

Therefore, based on this situation, Baidu can also provide new membership services: one-day members, three-day members, seven-day members and other short-term members; Like the three major operators, Selling downloads, such as one yuan 5G unlimited downloads And so on. In this way, if someone really needs to download a large file from Baidu's website urgently, they will also be willing to pay for the short-term members.

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