Are there any entertainment stories (absolutely true)?


As shown in Figure 421, a small section on baby

Xiaoming was born in a science class. Although there were goddesses in his family, he was carried out by a big sister, and then was held by a big man named S, Shi Xuezhuo. It was a real fire to throw money to shoot a movie.

But the fall of Shixue made Huang Xiaoming have to rely on Mt. Fangshan. Then he climbed up with Wang Zhonglei, the "Big and Little Wang Ye" Wang Zhongjun

Relationships. Because of this relationship, Huang Xiaoming climbed up HK's L-man again, and by the way, the X-man couple recognized his father and mother. total

Huang Xiaoming, a man who eats all kinds of food and plays all the time, leans on various gold owners and knows how to hype deeply. He sends out manuscripts to crush H, D, etc.

C, L and so on, so he really developed into a front-line actor all the way. With money and access, Huang Xiaoming follows.

With the goddess "Big Eyes" Zhao Wei stepped into the circle of zi, so Huang Xiaoming was very rich, and acting became a sideline. Imagine meeting

Such a level of Huang Xiaoming, intent on climbing up the baby why not heartbeat?

Indeed, it's all mai, baby's road is harder than Huang Xiaoming's, no one has a height yet. Dang Huang Xiaoming

When she arrived at HK, baby was still a little famous tender model. When she met Huang Xiaoming, she was just a three-sided character.

Not to mention that baby was very young at that time, but he had a lot of experience accompanying others. Because people come out as teenagers to fight for their "career"

At that time, just entered the tender mold circle baby, because and Chen Weiting work together, they knew each other. It didn't take long for baby to pry

In the corner, Chen Weiting's friend was arched away. Mushroom of the same age

People can only do papers to chase animation, baby can have "milk" at a young age

Teeth means, as expected, "afterlife is awesome". So even though baby's congenital condition is not good, it's better to "do" steadfastly, so she will.

Being knowledgeable by the broker and taken abroad, she became a beautiful girl.

When baby was abroad, it also developed for a while. By the broker's doorway, Baby attended many parties, so she did.

Take pictures of magazines in the daytime and accompany them in the evening. Especially accompanying the owner of AH company, she has gained a lot over the past year.

Knock out the five-character famous actress Namie Amano and take the generation of famous shampoo.


Well, after the gold plating came back, baby not only became as beautiful as a doll, but also put on a new "purple horizon". The old Chen Weiting, however, was Say's Bye-bye.

Another follow-up

Ziheng liked baby very much, so he stuffed baby into his father's movie. Zi Heng could not have imagined, his father Shu Bai.

Ming also likes baby. Father and son's aesthetics are hereditary. So baby also served Huang Baiming, and Huang Baiming was happy.

Just want to hold baby. Also give baby advice, and Huang Xiaoming from the mainland speculation. Huang Baiming never thought of himself.

This trick sent Baby away. What happened to father and son is really unbearable 233333.

Anyway, it's only a small part!

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