What are the basic rules for dormitories?



Play games while others are sleeping and swear at others.

"The mlgb vegetable chicken died to Ye! Ah ah ah ah sb!"

The louder the better, the more convinced your roommate will be by your kingly courage, and then take up the bench eagerly to challenge you.


If you oversleep, ask your roommate to ask for leave.

You have to bring back a meal if you can't help it any more.

If nobody cares, you are in the group one by one @, and then one by one phone harassment.

Over time, you will magically find that you always oversleep and touch several big bags in the back of your head.


If you have a girlfriend, you must call her every morning.

In the quiet of the night, I would like to make it quick to spit out the lingering feeling that I have been holding up for a whole day.

"Honey, people miss you, huh!"

"If only you were lying beside me at this moment."


In a few days, you will find that you can't contact your girlfriend.

You can't even get in touch with your mother.

You check your cell phone.

It was found that TM had been replaced by the Mongolian.


Roommates buy snacks and have to go there. They won't refuse to give them to you.

But don't give them your snacks.

You don't have to give it to them anyway.

You eat like that until one day,

As soon as they eat their snacks, they dilute, and somehow.


Some details must be noted:

Curse your roommates when they are having a dark day.

When walking with roommates, scold them for being slow.

When dining with roommates, scold them.

When chatting with roommates, scold them for being ugly.

Believe me, that's what I did.

Now I can run very fast. I'm on the school team.


When roommates shit, they must slap the door.

Don't shoot in disorder.

The rhythm should correspond to "Hao Han Ge":

Sing while clapping:

"Let's go! You pull too many toilets stink, hey, hey! "

"Let's go! You squatted too long to become a dog. Hey, hey, hey!! ____________

"See Maokang roar on the road, do not wash your hands after going to the toilet!" Hey, hey! "

You sing him like that for two or three days.

Make sure you get shit from constipation.


For roommate's girlfriend,

Know how to close up.

Frequent jokes can help your relationship, such as:

"It's better to eat dumplings than to have fun than to have a sister-in-law."

"Friends and wives, don't deceive, too many friends are not polite."

If a sister-in-law is upright,

It's no big deal.

If a sister-in-law has a bad heart,

Then you'll give your roommate a tip-off.

For a long time,

You will find that the sisters-in-law your roommate is looking for looks like dumplings.


Do you have the heart to look at my 590,000 praises and only 30,000 concerns?

Give me your attention soon!

Hum ~

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