Who has had the experience of counterattack in Senior Three?

Liberal arts~~

Thank you for not inviting. I will not give you soul chicken soup, I will give you some dry goods, tell you it is possible!
I am a liberal arts student, Henan forced candidates, the final exam in Henan is basically a hundred miles one of the results.
I was a prospective repeater, but I finally backed up.

This is written in 2010, when the college entrance examination was successful, some excitement, haha!

Where was I that year? Year-end Memoirs (Senior Three)

I spent the most unforgettable period of my life in Axis One, Senior Three. I will record it in several sections today, and I will never forget it!

Preface :

Thanks to Luo Yigao Wang Yi, Gao Lu, Gao Xinyi, Guo Jiaqi, Liang Chen, Xue Xiang Waiting for many old friends I didn't give up and encourage me when I was most embarrassed.

Thank you, Axis 1 Wu Shuiyang, Ma Li, Han Kaifan, Wang Junyi, Xiao Wang Lin, Song Surong, Xi Yue, Yang Mengmeng, Wu Rui, Wang Jiahui, Du Yuyang, Liu Zijia and many other comrades-in-arms. They worked hard with me, encouraged me, patiently explained problems and helped me solve them one by one.


At the end of the college entrance examination, I got a score line one by one. The result is not satisfactory to me, but for me, it is a miracle that I can get today's result.

I used to be a very inferior person. Obesity, poor study, playfulness and trouble accompanied by my senior high school sophomore. I dare not go to the stage to speak. I am afraid of being laughed at and looked down upon. In fact, my classmates often advise me to have cosmetic surgery in Korea. My figure is often used as a joke by some classmates. The teacher has nothing to say.

When I finished my first year of high school, my parents forced me to stay in the last ten places in the class, but I disagreed. I finished my second year of high school with a hard head. I saw a dark future, coupled with my obesity. I was a mess. Some students looked down on me and concluded that I had no future. I was so stimulated that I secretly vowed to change myself. So they begged their parents to help them transfer to another school, change their environment, bear the burden of humiliation, and strive to be strong.

Entertainment all day in Grade One and Grade Two, until Grade Three, I had hardly any foundation. Most of the questions that I began to ask to my teachers and classmates were considered "not to ask" [too simple]. However, with the deepening of my study, I could finally raise "level" questions before the college entrance examination.

In such a bad situation, I stood up step by step with a kind of "ignorance of the heavens and the earth".

Starting Chapter

After two years of degeneration at Luoyi, I decided to be a new man. I dragged my obese, humble self to Axis One Middle School and begged the school to accept me. My parents had a lot of effort to pay 9,000 yuan for the loan, and the school reluctantly agreed to my interpretation. After class, because I am a student borrowing, but also received the cold reception of the head teacher, sitting alone in the corner of the podium, the blackboard is very difficult to see, but I did not abandon myself, I made great efforts to make good relations with teachers and students, to establish a good learning environment. During this period, I still suffered some setbacks. One of Wei's classmates tried every means to trouble me, but I handled it appropriately and friendly. Finally, through the efforts of parents, students eventually transferred to Axis 1 Middle School, becoming formal students.


It is absolutely true that attitude determines success or failure. When I came to Axis One, a fire started in my heart. I came here to play my life. I constantly encourage myself, often contact positive thinking, excellent students, experience and methods, Wang Yi said to me: "There is no limit to human potential, as long as you think, there is no impossible thing to do." I wrote everyone's encouragement to me on a note paper and pasted it on my desk. A third year high school student came down and pasted it on the wall. It was magnificent. Some were full of philosophy, some were similar to Hilter and Lehrer. Nothing is more characteristic than standing in the army every morning, clenching fists and vowing loudly.

The oath is a little extreme, but I swear to cheer myself up in Senior Three, there's nothing to be ashamed of.)

I am **, I swear: I look like a lion in the mirror. I have unbreakable strength, perfect muscles. I have a perfect and amazing voice. I have a strong will beyond ordinary people. I take every problem seriously and write every character carefully. My concentration, my steadfastness, my energy is unparalleled. I do! Pay everything for the coming college entrance examination! In order to learn, pay the cost of life for my career without regret! Others are fighting and I am fighting because I love learning. I combine earnest attitude, intelligent wisdom and practical action. Consciously accept the refinement of College Entrance Examination and regard today as the last day of life. Let the college entrance examination melt the scrap iron, save the real gold, and use my actions to ridicule those who curse me!

I have been demanding myself by the standards of military personnel, ordering and prohibiting them, with high efficiency and good results.

Exercise Paper

After the college entrance examination, many old classmates met me and said that I lost a lot of weight. Of course, fitness is an important goal of my junior high school. Faced with high-intensity learning, we must have a strong physique to cope with, so that we can have abundant energy, active thinking and positive mentality.

So I made a cruel exercise plan.

Every day after school at 6:45, I get home by motorcycle at 7:00, turn on the TV, set the central set, the two uncles and aunts began to broadcast world events, I began to exercise:

The first rope skipping is 200 in the first group and 220 in the second group.

20 positive and 20 negative, 10 positive and 13 negative arms

Dumbbell [8kg]. First Bird Style, First Group, 30 Second Group, 30 Second Breast Enlargement Style, 45

Ninety frog jumps

Push-ups [with feet on the TV cabinet] 40 in the first group and 40 in the second group

Leg lateral pressure left 80 right 80 positive pressure left 80 right 80

Right split, right split, 30 side split, left split, 30 side split, 100 side split [development advantage]

Push-ups group 3 [feet on the TV cabinet] 100 push-ups group 4 [flat] 58

After that, usually the news broadcast is just over. I go to take a shower and then I go to other links.

Diet Chapter

In school, I brought a kettle and drank a large cup of Kuding tea in almost a class. Kuding tea has the effect of removing fire, whitening, weight loss, refreshing, and most importantly, its bitterness can remind me of the constant struggle.

In order to increase muscle weight, I have to eat a lot of protein at home.

At home, milk is served as water and Mengniu pillow is served five or six packs a day.

Breakfast: 100 g cooked beef, [homemade] green vegetables, [boiled in boiled water, without seasoning], 500 g walnut kernels, 50 g boiled eggs and 2 white eggs, [one whole, the second only protein], a small bowl of millet porridge, [coarse grains, sugar production, good brain operation], E Jiao, [immunity]15 G

For lunch, a dish of meat or seafood (with little seasoning) 500 g a dish of green vegetables (boiled in white water, without seasoning) 400 g of rice (producing sugar) 20 g

Fruit 300g

After dinner and exercise, take a bath of about 700g of banana or milk.

From the third year of senior high school to the present, the recipe has never changed, the amount of food is very large, but how to eat will not be fat, I eat without seasoning, sugar, pepper, not cooking, starch, oil, fat, soy sauce, salt, spices, not touching tobacco and wine. Now I'm free to control my appetite and see that I can't eat anything.

Life Chapter

In order not to distract my study, I stopped my mobile phone, cut "Mosikan" into a bare head, removed sideburns, grew a goatee, and put on old clothes from primary school and junior high school. In order to improve efficiency, I increased my usual pace by 50%.

Learning Papers

This is the most talkative one.

Get up at 6:40 every day and finish breakfast in 20 minutes, wash your face and brush your teeth, swear, dress, and leave at 7:00.

7:08 to the school to practise writing posts 2 lessons concentrate on needless to say, after class either to find the teacher to answer questions, or hungry to review knowledge, others are resting, laughing, I bow my head to learn.

After school at 11:45 noon, I flew home again. At 12:00, I got home and began to do a cloze in English, read five articles and correct one mistake. After correcting, I checked every word that I could not miss. [I did at least 300 sets in private, so my English score quickly ranked in the front of my class] It took only 10 minutes to start eating at 1:05, and then quickly. Sleep for 30 minutes, accompanied by still waiting vigorous rhythm, dress at the speed of firefighters, brush their teeth, face the mirror, clench their fists, show a smile, start! 2:05 to school, the class generally did not come, and then I practiced two Chinese characters, and then two English words, [so the better I write the words], practicing, people basically together, began to listen carefully to the class, the afternoon of the large class, others are resting and laughing, I am still learning, a minute did not delay, at night, not only sports, but also see. News broadcast, also took a bath, while eating bananas, I turned over the map, wrote a composition book [so the better I write my composition], finished the banana homework carefully, wrote a set of college entrance examination essay at 10:00 [two months before the college entrance examination, more than 20 sets in private], and wrote a set of college entrance examination mathematics paper at 12:00 [so the higher my math score, I did 10 in private]. More than 0 sets of papers) Begin reciting English compositions at 2:00 in the morning, recite them to 2:30 every day, then brush your teeth and go to bed every day to learn to vomit blood.

The results of this exam were not unexpected, but they did not work well. I could have gotten more with my efforts. [Besides private tasks, I had to finish as many papers as snowflakes in Axis 1 every day.)


I use scattered time to review basic knowledge every day, spend a lot of time reading composition books, review repeatedly and study repeatedly. I don't spend much time on subjective topics. Generally speaking, I can only write three poems by dictation. But I have grasped the key point. If we want to do sudden review in Chinese, we must do a good job in choosing questions and writing compositions. I have a secret in examinations. Weapons, that's what I created. The Principle of "Slow-Fast-Slow" Slow down in choosing a topic, strive for fewer mistakes, and make several mistakes quickly, one is three points. Speed up on the subjective subject, because it is very difficult for good students to get full marks here and for poor students to get zero marks. They can hardly be separated from each other so as to save time on these questions and conceive a wonderful composition. To prepare a composition, we should read more composition books, figure out the composition language, analyze the typical structure of the composition. Blind practice is ineffective. We should find several structures, practice repeatedly, buy several books on material and read and memorize repeatedly. In this way, when writing a composition, we should put the material on the structure, which is so simple. Single, of course, it is better to insert a famous quotation at the beginning of the composition, which requires reading more famous quotations and philosophical books, but not necessarily find the right sentence in the examination room, at this time. If you read 300 famous quotes well, you can't use them or compile them. If you say something in a celebrity's tone that fits the topic, with some rhetoric, then you fall into a cool celebrity [heard of it, but not familiar with it]. Who knows this is not a famous saying?

Take five minutes a day to review a composition and make an outline. My writing is not good, but after self-reflection, my composition is well-written, high and stable.


Mathematics learning has no other way. Follow the teacher to do the papers. Privately, you have to do the college entrance examination papers over the years. One set a day. The accuracy and speed of doing the questions are raised. The list of reasons for the mistakes is beside the wrong questions. When you analyze the psychology of the wrong questions, you should not be afraid of trouble. Write it down. The wrong questions need not be copied on the wrong questions, but you must review them regularly. The focus is on the psychology of the wrong questions that I wrote down earlier.


English learning is not easy, but the exam is very simple. I have two magic weapons: first, a set of questions at noon every day. Second, the English error correction book should remember the wrong knowledge points instead of the original topic. Periodic review. Every day, recite an English composition before going to bed. If you don't review before the exam, your grades will still be excellent.


Back to the textbook, back to the catalogue, familiar with the context, back to some typical examples, by analogy


Endorsement, a corner should not be let go, any tutorial books are not as good as textbooks.


Reading maps while eating is my habit, textbooks or textbooks! Most importantly! And geography has to do more!

in short Wenxuan's endorsement is not mechanical memory, but the process of memory to add their own understanding, I last senior high school, let me complete the content of endorsement, I can not, but I have a profound understanding of the knowledge in the book. In order to ensure the score, we must pay attention to the choice of topics, practice repeatedly and improve the speed and accuracy.


I'm not superman. I need to relax scientifically and keep my momentum going, just like squatting before jumping.

In school, I will do the two exercises on time, and then rush back to the classroom, no gossip, two P.E. classes a week, I can't move only last Friday, and until the college entrance examination [even if the teacher, school suspension, I also call the boys in the class to basketball self-study, the principal came I am not afraid of it].

At home, every week from Sunday to Friday, I will try my best to fight all the time and learn to exhaust my life. Only on Fridays, on Saturdays, during the daytime, I will relax in the evening and never study! [Because my intensive learning is much more than others, relaxation is also for learning] Only these two nights, I do not exercise, go home to listen to rock music, list their dreams, and then my parents took me to the lake in Luonan New Area, I sit alone by the lake, quiet and dazed, feel the beauty of silence, forget all fatigue. Think about the future, the lake in front of the gymnasium, and spend every Friday, Saturday night with me

Harvest Chapter

At the end of the college entrance examination, I was a prospective repeater in Luoyigao. I got a score line. I was obese. I gained strong physique. I was humble. I gained many friends and supporters. I was inferior. I raised my chest.

But this is secondary.

What's the most important? It's character! Senior three shaped my personality, seemingly unrelated sports and learning, they are related, complementary, in sports to cultivate perseverance, perseverance is used in learning, learning upgraded perseverance, the whole person becomes stronger. So who says that if you have developed limbs, you have a simple mind?

I want to prove them wrong.

additional :

The mottos I collected in Senior Three

The hen's ideal is just a handful of chaff.

Tens of thousands of people have aspirations, but those who have no aspirations are in great difficulty.

Don't say right or wrong in interpersonal relationship, harmony is the first.

Dreams can only be realized if they are put down temporarily.

Time is like water in a sponge. There will always be crowding.

God saves only those who save themselves.

Looking for hope in despair, life will be brilliant!

Prosperity never languishes, adversity never sinks.

Learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is perilous.

With indiscriminate remold the discriminating life!

Without a humble life situation, only the humble attitude towards life.

F, wins the world.

Striving for success, but don't expect a certain success.

Are you decided to their own future.

You are not victims of reality but the masters of fate.

Let bygones be bygones, and continue to look for solutions.

When the rest of my life a crow, as when an eagle.

Remorse is just another is his own failure.

Fully committed to achieving a goal, would be you reach a than you used to set the limits of the high altitude.

Decided to your growth and direction is the form of your inner desire.

Fear is always hidden in the heart of those who made excuses.

In fact, excuses will make you more afraid.

Cloud of mud, stone egg loss, snake, a large swan with songbirds.

My three quotations

I dedicate, I put a normal person's physical development to the limit, the process of my, I have no regrets, not to mention the regret.

As long as I don't give up on yourself, nobody can give up me!!!!!!!

I can't say that I can have a good result, but I can assure you that my process is perfect, I wish every day's victory, not the final victory.

Three harvest should not merely result, should be more strength of character, China does not have the college entrance examination system, the Chinese nation will fall.

Senior year is such, let a person, from naive to mature, from weak to strong, from not to.

After all, these questions are exam questions, after all, they all have their solutions. If you admit that you can't do the questions and you can't learn the knowledge, you will fall into the metaphysical agnosticism. There is no knowledge that can not be learned, only knowledge that has not yet been learned.

I don't want to be a soldier, but I must ask myself to be a soldier, so that I can make fewer mistakes and succeed as soon as possible.

Establish confidence, not complacency, and keep good habits.

He is my example to those who are stronger than me. I will certainly be convinced of him and learn from him and learn from his merits.

Henan's stage is too small. I need a big stage.

I must take it! Learn from death!

Everyone lives in praise and curse. It's hard not to be influenced by these things.

Today, I look back on the past, honor and disgrace are visible, every step is indispensable, anyway, I still sit back to myself, I stay here, is a starting point, every day is a starting point. I looked back on the past, and my self-confidence was built up again. I had no reason to lose to anyone.

College Entrance Examination is not a destination, but a hotel, but a transit point of life. Entering a good university is equivalent to entering a star-rated hotel, and entering an ordinary university is equivalent to entering an ordinary hotel.

When I am most tired, I shout: burning youth, illuminating the future!

QQ is just a communication tool, it can't kill my youth.

Use undifferentiated efforts to transform differentiated life!

Luck is given to probability, but fate is in one's own hands.

Every school is the same, and the strugglers will still stand up and shine.

There is no humble school, only humble learning attitude.

No matter which university you go to, the result is still struggle, the result of struggle is success, you can save some money to go to a bad school, and the school environment is almost reassuring to me.

Life is sweet for those who like bitterness.

Few people are willing to pay and pain, and any success is very simple, just a little pain. So success is hard for some people, but easy for others. People who like pain have an advantage, which is not called self-abuse, which is really good for themselves!

Now I disdain to pursue those things that can be easily obtained, beautiful clothes, beautiful hairstyle, I just need to go to the mall, hairdressing salon. But knowledge and physique need a long time to strive for it. I am willing to strive for it.

I don't need these designer clothes or jewelry to enhance my value. I'm much more dazzling than these things outside.

Why do I let the college entrance examination determine my value, three on the last three, life only needs a senior three, I will never repeat.

Others criticize me, I don't want to defend, if I succeed, I don't need to defend; if I fail, now I even spend ten times to defend me is right and useless.

Success is a result, whether positive or negative.

I am my slave, I am my master.

There is no shortage of God in the world.

If you let me do 100 push-ups, I will never do 100. I will finish 101 or more of them with high quality. I disdain laziness.

If one day I stop exercising, don't guess, I'm going to fall.

I eat for my body, not for my mouth.

Want beauty, acne, weight loss, vitality? Have bananas and Kuding tea!

Nobody needs to tell me any dirty words. I don't care at all. We pursue different things.

If someone scolds me behind my back, I won't even turn around to see who he is.

Uniting the masses is victory.

We are friends who like me; we are never enemies who dislike me.

My effort is to achieve a state of self-esteem, not to be respected by individuals.

Before I earn my own money, I will never travel. I am not qualified to entertain, waste money, come back empty, and more importantly, waste time. I want to spend time and money to improve myself, so that I can stay with me for a long time, which is meaningful.

Better a bad figure to wear clothes than a good figure to wear ordinary clothes.

Rock spirit is a kind of spirit that does not yield to fate. Negative decadence is pseudo-rock.

It's never wrong to motivate yourself.

Don't say I'm absolute, stubborn, but I stick to my beliefs.

If you are better than me, you can accuse me of my way of life. I am modest in my study.

Be cruel to yourself and tolerant to others.

Recommended books:

1 Wang Jinzhan Books

2 Carnegie Books

3J. Reifenberg Books - strongly recommended [without any excuses]

Recommended music:

Rock and Roll {For Spirit} Linkin Park, Sum 41, Green Day, Gun rose

Recommended health care products:



Walnut kernel

Anshen Bunao Fluid [Drink the night before the college entrance examination, keep me awake for the only time in high school]