What are the famous combinations of Ninja?


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Naruto Naruto's first name combination:

Fog Yin endures the knife seven people

As the top fighting force of Wuyin Village, there are seven people of Nindao. Prestige Fogyin Village, which attaches importance to inheritance, is also regarded as the evidence of its inheritance.

In the Fourth Ninjie War, the seven people of Nindao, who were reborn by the filthy soil, also existed as mowers, showing their great strength.

For example, it is inseparable from the six generations'eye-fire shadow. The reincarnation of Asura, the son of the six immortals of Hammer, and Indra frightened the five generations' followers of the shadow of fire.

New fog Yin tolerates the knife for seven people ___________

Although not well-known in the world of tolerance, Chang Shilang's new Nindao seven people who directly pushed him back left indelible wounds in the hearts of many audiences.

The most famous combination of Naruto in Ninja:

Trifolium amurense

Sanhong was called "Fire Shadow" when it first appeared.“ The Legendary Three Tolerances Although the origin of the latter title seems slightly different. embarrass oneself —— Yu Second World War of Ninja During this period, he survived under the semi-Tibetan capsicum and was awarded the title.

However, as one of the strongest people in Ninjie at that time, it was not easy for Banzang to persevere under his command, and after several wars, the title of "Three Tolerances" was also well-known in Ninjie.

As for its inheritance“ New Sanren It's also quite remarkable.

The most "black" combination of Naruto Naruto:

AB combination

A combination of four generations of Lei Ying Ai and eight human pillars, Li Chirabi, is excellent. Lei Li Hot Knife is fascinating.

Similarly, this is a combination of fame in war. AB stands out as a deterrent.

Many people in the comment area are confused about this tactic, so I'll send you a message about this attack process.

AB Brothers Juniu. Leili Hot Knife https://www.witsky.net/video/1142590351222063104

In fact, there are no details of the attack on TV (I thought it would be like a scissors, but now it looks more like a hinge), including the formula book, but the formula book has repeatedly stressed the need for this trick is very difficult. Skills Equivalent Tacit understanding

Maybe the AB brothers used this tactic without bumping into each other's arm. That's the skill and tacit understanding.

The most successful group of Naruto Naruto:

Brothers of Gold and Silver

hold Six pieces of forbearance Care Jiuwei Chakra Six descendants

The brothers of gold and silver who wanted to rebel led the negotiation to kill the second generation of thunder shadows and drive out the second generation of fire shadows.

In the end, the second generation of the Shadow of Fire was seriously injured and killed, and no one in the past was able to achieve such achievements in the world of Ninja.

The most amazing combination of Naruto:

Xiao Organization

Running around the world of tolerance Collect tail beasts Everyone of them has their own purposes. It's rather difficult to carry out one of them alone.

This will not be introduced one by one, after all, the cartoon is mainly about this.

The best combination in fire shadow:

Pig deer Butterfly

The combination of wood leaves and pig deer is. Inheritance of the Shanzhong, Nara and Qiudao clans Combination, Integrating perception, control, attack and defense Although it is not the most outstanding and powerful combination in many combinations, it is one of the last combinations and has made a lot of achievements in the Fourth World War.

The most "will of fire" combination in the shadow of fire:

Fireshadow F4

Teenagers, would you like to discuss it with us?“ Will of Fire ” What about?

The most stable combination of fire shadows:

Wood Leaf Twelve Xiaoqiang

Think about it carefully. Wood Leaf Twelve Xiaoqiang really is. A very stable twelve-person structure

For example, after Sasuke left, Sasui joined in (of course, there is no Sasui in the traditional sense of the twelve Xiaoqiangli); after Sasuke returned, Ningci was already cool.

So, What a miserable death you died in Ningci (Cry! Cry for me!

The least offensive combination in the shadow of fire:

Class 7

Oh, I'm sorry I misplaced the picture.

Brilliant Night: Can I swear?

Xiao Ying: No, you can't.

The most fascinating combination of fire movies:

Twelve Patrons

As the guardian of the twelve bodyguards of the kingdom of fire, a title that Asma was proud of, in the end, the cartoon did not introduce all his personnel. Besides Asma, Master Yuanmeng did not revive these people. So far, the list of all members of the twelve bodyguards has become a mystery.

The most "basic feeling" combination of Naruto Naruto

Looking at this, I probably think of the real reason for the soil blackening (funny)

Soil: Kakashi, you ambitious man!

As for Yin Ning 4 (5) crowd, eagle team and so on, I feel that I have not reached the point of "being famous in the world of endurance", so I will not mention it.


Introduce your whims carefully The combination of Xiao Tissue:

1. Zero-White Two-Person Group (Middle-Two-Person Group): Penn + Xiaonan

Xiao Nan: Penn is invincible

Payne: I'm a god.

2. Art duo: Scorpion + Didara

Scorpio: Art is an immortal puppet

Didara: Art is explosion, Boom

3. Crosstalk: Afei + Didara

4. Undead Two Groups: Corner Capital + Flying Section

Flying Duan: Teenagers, do you believe in religion?

Jiaodou: I have played with the first generation of Shadows of Fire

5. Two groups of wicked people: Yuzhibo ferret + dried persimmon ghost squid

Ferret: I slaughtered the Yuzhibo people.

Ghost: I killed all my companions.

Convinced, added Eagle Team! After all, it is also the existence of the attack on the Wuying Talks.

The Eagle Team, the most popular of the Naruto.

Sasuke: As long as I get up on the spur of the moment, Xiangpu will milk me, Chongwu will save me, Shuiyue will come to hurt me.

The most intriguing combination in the shadow of fire: soil + pocket

Two villains who launched the Fourth Ninjie War

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