What nice little black skirts can you recommend?

For example

There must be at least three skirts in a woman's wardrobe, a white dress with pure fairy spirit, a red dress with sexy publicity, and a black dress with elegance and quality.

Today I'm going to share with you some of the beautiful little black skirts in my collection.

Unlike the little black skirt and the little blue skirt I shared in the past, the black skirt is more demanding for the fabric texture, workmanship and design, so we do not recommend you to buy cheap, try to buy a better quality within your ability.

Not much, skirt:

No. 1

Vivian ZY high-definition dress, 389 yuan

Clean password: TNi2Y9dBdy4¥

This skirt is really cool and sexy, high waist-pinching design, can show waist and slender legs.

Evening dates, banquets and other occasions, wearing a shawl, or wearing a small suit jacket, really beautiful.

But, the shoulder strap is a very thin sling, so it's not friendly to Fat Fairy. It's suitable for girls with good shoulder and neck lines.

Oh, heartache.

No. 2

Hepburn temperament irregular design small black group

Hego flagship store, 268 yuan.

Taopassword: L69OY9dCX2D¥

I love its hem design, irregular layers of yarn skirt, upper thighs with meat, you can also use it to cover up.

This shoulder design is very friendly, a little slippery, slightly thick back, slightly round shoulder can be worn.

No. 3

Long skirt with retro waist and skinny knee

NEW Fashion, 145 yuan

Tamper password: zDlrY9dE9xM_

Black and white color matching, so that black is not so heavy depression.

Like a French girl coming out of an oil painting.

And the sleeve design can also hide meat.

Number 4

Palace Retro Tea dress with soaked sleeves

Three tailors, 179 yuan

Password Cleaning: mazoY9dxgny¥

The design of foam sleeves is a little palatial, and the two little black bows add a little cute and naughty feeling.

Both sides can be put up to make square collars or pulled down to make a word collar.

No. 5

Sweet little black skirt with lotus leaf edge

Mcdull high-end quality women's wear, 398 yuan

Tamper password: psbgY9dxaq3_

It looks good on this evening! ____________ Bring Bring's sparkle.

Whether it's a small man or a long thigh, it looks good.

No. 6

Neck-tied pearl dress

Zone Five - Social Women's Wear, 338 yuan

Password Cleaning: T6lFY9dzZok¥

Like the design of neckline pearls, X-shaped design can be modified into hourglass shape.

No. 7

Yarn Mesh Splicing A Small Black Skirt

Sawyer customized women's clothes, 449 yuan

Tao password: WVo3Y9WZbQQ_

Fake two pieces of stitching design, so that the skirt has a more hierarchical sense, neckline peach heart design can also show the chest, plus translucent yarn, there is a careful machine sexy.

No. 8

Classic fungus-edged mini-black skirt

Rui How Designer Brand Women's Wear, 710 Yuan

Password Cleaning: $M3SnY9dDF7l$

Suitable for commuting wear, mild atmosphere.

Number 9

V-neck small black skirt with waist lotus leaf edge.

Max Luxury French Women's Wear, 698 yuan

A skirt with a good figure is also suitable for young girls. It's light and agile, with a little sexy tail design.

No. 10

Bright classical dress with sling


Tao password: doliY9WZDJK_

This skirt is very design-oriented, small pearl sling, dot-like bronzed fabric, sparkling texture.


No. 11

Improvement of Girls'Cheongsam

K SPACE STUDIO can be customized, 169 yuan

Password Cleaning: 087dY9dDkNh¥

This little black dress is very distinctive.

The improved cheongsam, with its side-split design, has a punk sense of coolness.

Wear a beret and big metal jewelry. Cool girl is you.

No. 12

Irregular open-shouldered skirt

BQueen flagship store, 398 yuan

Clean password: zGmeY9W0mn4¥

Two sets of small black skirts, sweet and vibrant.

No. 13

Irregular skirt trim knitted dress

Mungs 1027,325 yuan

Password Cleaning: npECY9dxTtI

Knitted fabric, elastic, this skirt really shows off.

Number 14

Multi-layer cake skirt

TOP TOPCLOSET Top Private Cabinet, 599 yuan

Tamper password: bCXSY9dylJW_

Different designs

No. 15

Lotus Leaf Side Doll Neck Little Black Skirt

Ron Ron Independent Design, 299 yuan

Clean password: 6hdWY9dCmsO¥

Girls are sweet.

No. 16

Dresses with waist over knee

Haze Studios, 168 yuan.

Clean password: TNi2Y9dBdy4¥

It's also suitable for everyday wear. It has long sleeves and sunscreen for outdoor wear. O () Ohaha~

(Recently obsessed with physical sunscreen, have said goodbye to suspender hot pants)

No. 17

Little black dress with shoulder lace

Jize flagship store, 148 yuan

Taopassword: 2BPrY9WboF1_

Sweet, cute and sexy

Small black skirt is suitable for black or red shoes. I went to lunch first.

Come back and recommend a beautiful wave of black and red shoes.

Feel good, remember to give me some praise, heart to heart

After a hundred points of praise, I will add the Tao password, so that you can search with one click.

The dividing line——

God, I've praised you a thousand times. I'm going to faint with happiness.

Taopassword arrangement! Good shoe sharing arrangement!!


Number 1

Hollow pearl belt buckle boots

Cinderella's Korean shoes, 195 yuan.

Characteristic, girls feel very strong, with four or five centimeters of heel, autumn and winter with short skirt wear cool and cool.

Clean password: gm3FY9cY2SG¥

No. 2

Flat-bottomed pointed pearl-heeled Lefu shoes

Shei Su Yin low-key shoes, 297 yuan

Clean password: c9O4Y9WYNZC¥

The shoes of Su Yin's family are quite good. They are full of atmosphere.

These shoes are good for commuting, with pants and skirts.

No. 3

Ring drilled Satin Marijane shoes

C dolHandmade, 299 yuan

Password Cleaning: SbmJY9W6Mxh¥

Fairy Yan Value, turned over the buyer show, especially Jioxuan.

No. 4

Cowhide Stitching and Ankle Chelsea Boots

Nolanyi Snow Flagship Store, 238 yuan

Clean password: 5IgFY9WUM73¥

It's time to buy boots. First, collect them.

No. 5

Water drill double-ring buckle small square head single shoe

CHRIS SHOES, 188 yuan

Taopassword: x8IGY9WspFW_

This is a pair of shallow-mouthed single shoes. I think the best way to wear them is to wear black socks like the shop display picture. The socks can be short or medium.

No. 6

Lace hollow shoes

C dolHandmade, 328 yuan

Password Cleaning; l9mSY9W7mQ4¥

Cool Royal Sister Style

No. 7

Face decoration calfskin Chelsea middle heel boots

Pink punk plan, 798 yuan

Tamper password: rKHDY9WgbdP_

The decoration of ceramic baby faces is interesting, and it's a bit of a rush for the palace to retro.

No. 8

Simple square head shallow flat sole single shoe

Masoomake flagship store, 288 yuan

Clean password: jyguY9WjoVU¥

Elegance! It's very comfortable to watch. Besides wearing it for a summer, the instep will be sunburnt, there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 9

V-tip Pearl Single Shoe

Shei Su Yin low-key shoes, 297 yuan

Pearl embellishment makes black shoes not monotonous, sexy and gentle

No. 10

Skewed leather shoes with ankle rings

DONGXISHOP, 758 yuan

Tamper password: zWJvY9WF4Oj_

This one is also pure black, but I don't think it's as beautiful as black and white. Literature and art, simple, well, just look beautiful.

Share it and watch it together. Ha-ha.

No. 11

Golden Taper-heeled Miller Shoes

Smurling's flagship store, 238 yuan

Tamper password: YFU0Y9WrAXc_

Don't look down on the little gold on the heel. The feet look really good.


No. 1

Design sense retro Mary Jane shoes

Three-person Talk Miss Sooyyi, 298 yuan

Tamper password: 97FfY9WWSjT_

When you first see it, it's amazing. It's a little retro. People with shackles wear great clothes. There's also a black one. Autumn is coming. You can wear all kinds of socks.

Buyer Show has more than 300 pictorial reviews, you can find a lot of inspiration for matching.

No. 2

Footband for vacation

Smurling's flagship store, 238 yuan

Tao password: oUTbY9WoNrv_

Suitable for people with slender feet. It's beautiful to wear with a mid-length skirt.

No. 3

Soft-buttoned Marilyn's single shoes

Fellowman high-end women's shoes customized, 198 yuan

Password Cleaning: 9cLDY9W3pyv¥

It's a good way to show the length of your legs by exposing the back of your feet like this.

No. 4

Single shoes with pearl bow at the tip and shallow mouth

Wang Xiaodu's shop, 297 yuan

Passwords: gE07Y9WNvuo_

Wang Xiaodu's shoes, which have been bought many times in his home, are of good quality. They are easy to wear with high heels and high looks.

Let's not move on, friends in debt, continue to follow tomorrow.

Remember to pay attention to me, oh, I will write a reply to share the makeup and wear in the future.

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