How to improve basketball skills qualitatively?

Playing basketball for more than ten years is basically a passion. During this period, training is often short-term. But found that did not bring me much improvement, I think playing basketball is not only technical standards, but also mental requirements. Do basketball players share their successful experience? Anything about basketball can be done. This topic has been added to the "Round Table" to watch the NBA Finals. More discussions about the "NBA Finals" are welcomed.

Analysis of the old fellow's unprofessional system training of the field basketball field's improvement method.

Simple point is technology and physical quality!

The technical aspect is the most important. Basic dribbling skills, passing skills and shooting( In many cases, even a fresh meal is eaten everywhere. ) Secondly, Defense (Although defence wins the championship), the last one is Passing and Tactics( Most of them are dismantling. ) !

In terms of physical fitness, the outbreak of strength coordination speed depends on how much time and energy you are willing to spend practicing (many video tutorials are tailored to your own situation), which takes as much time as basic skills!

Basic dribble skills!

1. First of all, the sense of the ball, the sense of the ball, the ability to grasp the ball. The harder you practice dribbling, the better!

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2. Anterior orientation It is one of the most frequently used diversion movements in basketball. It is also an important basis for dribbling under the crotch and behind the ball.

There are two kinds of anterior orientation: Iverson anterior orientation and traditional anterior orientation. Look at Iverson first!

Iverson's anterior orientation Basic skills of basketball dribble in front of body - Mp.weixin.qq.comlinkicon

3. Crotch dribble One of the most common and practical skills, like dribbling from the front to the back, needs to master methods and practice constantly in order to play a role in actual combat.

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4. Back dribble, It can prevent opponents from snatching, and use the gap between the left and right hands behind to alternately dribble the ball to observe the movement on the field, adjust the dribble rhythm and wait for the opportunity to attack! It can be divided into the cross step of back attack and the jump step of back circling ball.

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Understand your shooting posture first, need not be corrected! ____________ Then practice in all positions. If you have a buddy who picks up the ball, you'd better.

Shooting Correction

If you want to learn the shooting posture of a star, you can understand it! Curie and Kobe Bryant.

Curie Shooting Posture Teaching-Analysis of Curie Shooting Posture Hand Type Mp.weixin.qq.comlinkicon In-depth Analysis of Kobe's Shooting Movements in the Teaching Video of Kobe's Shooting linkicon

You can get one at the bottom of the basket. Hakeem Olajuwon Understand the dream dance steps!


Then pay attention to the details, such as the use of guards! But pay attention to the degree of use, after all, some guys play ball and referee (keep good mood)



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