What good sentences have been included in your excerpts that are worth collecting all your life?


I have carefully sorted out some of the less famous sentences and selected some of my favorite ones to share with you. Anyone who knows the source is marked. If there are any mistakes, please point them out.
1. If we can ignore it, we will not. Birth to death, floating in the most colorful experience, we are still, spotless, maintain the typical daily life. The chicken is crowing. It's another frozen white morning. We selfish people, if nothing happens, survive. —— Zhang Ailing's Embalmed Remains
2. The whole air is a little blurred. Where there is sunshine, there is sleepiness. Where there is darkness, there is the coolness of ancient tombs. The black and blue heart of the house is sober and has its own weird world. On the edge of the junction of Yin and Yang, we can see the sunshine, hear the tram bell and the big discount cloth shop blowing "Susan don't cry" over and over again. In that sunshine, only sleeping. —— Eileen Chang's Whisper
3. I envy you for saying that you have taken root in that land. I will never have roots. —— Sanmao's Bird of Paradise
4. Lost days are like good girls melting in the crowd. I watched her go on beautifully and marry someone else. —— Ye San's Ninety Thousand Characters
5. An innocent girl with beautiful hair and fragrant cheeks, beautiful face, early love sinus, spring heart sprouting, difficult to control.
6. Don't be obscured by the noise of others by your own inner voice, thoughts and intuition.
7. In any environment or person, you must fall in love with him when you first meet him and feel the pain of parting.
8. We are all born with isolation and perverseness.
9.July is not far, the birth of sex is not far, love is not far, under the horse's nose, the lake is salty. —— Haizi
10. Can't get you, but at the same time I married in autumn, singing everywhere. —— Haizi
11. The tragedy of the Chinese people is lively, noisy and ostentatious. It has its own reasons. The sorrow in Beijing Opera is bright and fiery. —— Zhang Ailing's Peking Opera and Others by Foreigners
12. I can't forget the dark street where the kid stood by the pot, squatting on the ground, full of fire. —— Eileen Chang's Road to the Eye
13. A person who believes in literature and art often has something naive in his bones, which makes them unpractical, unsuitable for life, immature, uncooperative and not easy to be happy. —— Rigo
14. "Everyone lives everybody." After so many happy activities, they hide their sorrow. They have never really known each other. —— Sanmao's Moon River
15. The gods are silent. —— Sanmao's Bird of Paradise
16. We all have our own misfortunes. If we put them together and let people choose, will we take back our share? —— The Clown Danny
17. People who don't like to talk, please live seriously. —— Haruki Murakami
18. I'm not happy with my old age, but I don't want to be young again. —— Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Forest
19. I want to live a simple life and try to be as quiet as possible on the earth.
20. People are contradictory, eager to be understood and afraid to be seen through.
21. There aren't many truth stories in the world. A woman's blush is better than a long dialogue. —— Lao She
22. Days run apathetically in the wind and sunshine.
23. Just keep a "controllable state of insanity". You can cry, be upset, be angry like normal people, but never forget that your soul in the air is sniffing at all the difficulties. —— Corellio Veronica Decides to Die
24. A lonely man has his own quagmire. —— Eileen Chang's Young Age (many people misunderstand this sentence and think it is used casually in red and white roses, but as a person who has read all of Eileen Chang's works, I am very responsible to tell you that this sentence comes from here).
25. Prosperity, annoyance, dilemma, this is life. —— Zhang Ailing's Hongluanxi
26. Living alone is a major event, almost a feat. —— Eileen Chang's Genesis
27. I can't understand the fact that people spend all their lives looking for someone else. Maybe it's because I'm too interesting to be accompanied by others. So I wish you as much happiness in each other as I give you. —— Big Bang of Life
28. Perhaps it's a natural cowardly relationship, and all my joys are mixed with an unknown premonition. —— Yukio Mishima
29. Although your heart is sentimental, it never changes. Your soul is submissive, but never compromises. —— Byron's Poems for Augusta
30. I'm not autistic. I just don't want to dedicate myself to the excitement of others.
31. A woman who is not jealous is somewhat morbid. —— Zhang Ailing's Love in a Falling City
32. The lake looks thick and heavy, slightly dirty, but it seems to have a perfumed fragrance of grease and powder. It is the wash water of the former dynasty's famous prostitutes. —— Zhang Ailing's May 4th Remaining Wind
33. She is twenty-three years old and hates her youth. —— Chai Jing's Seeing
34. You've reached the horizon of the Cape. I'm still wearing shoes. I can't even tie my shoelaces properly. —— Not Warm enough for you
35. After all, I always want to go back, find a vulgar woman, in vulgar places, vulgar life. Love is only when you are young.
36. Time goes by and the rotten things are still going on. —— Sherlock the Prospector
37. I don't make friends. There are too many decadent people in the world. —— Angels Love Beauty
38. If a person wants to say something interesting, he will inevitably lie a little. —— St. Exupery's Little Prince
39. I don't want people to read my books carelessly, because when these memories are written down, I suffer too much sadness. —— St. Exupery's Little Prince
40. This is my special black tea. You may not like it. —— The Cat's Grace
41. I'm a vulgar person, but I'm not completely vulgar. With my vulgar bones, I disdained to crawl and roll in the dust, and had to admit my mediocrity in the face of real art - the sadness of people like me.
The last sentence is written by myself. Thank you for seeing the last one. You must be very gentle, right?

I thought nobody saw it, but I didn't think there were many people watching it, so let's go a little further.
1. Like a boy, they say to the eighth person, "Never talk to him!" These people are so tightly populated that they haven't reached the boy's ears yet. —— Ordinary day
2. The most authentic self happens to be fascinated with each other.
3. The best love is that two people keep company with each other. Don't tie, don't entangle, don't possess, don't yearn to dig meaning from each other, that is doomed to fall. Instead, we should stand side by side to see this lonely world.
4. Let me call it on. It's true to want to be loved by you, even if it's false. —— Jiqing
5. My heroic bones have been shown to you. My charm and charm have also been accepted by you. What will you take back to me? I don't believe the poet's love poems. I want the rest of your life as a prodigal son.
6. Having liked the mighty and magnificent generals, admired the wandering swordsmen, expressed the mysterious and cold monks and sorcerers, and even coveted the beauty of the emperor today, I still can not forget that day when the son of the world wore a red gown in brocade and clothes and "laughed with sweet-scented osmanthus and wine".
7. I thought I would die this winter, but I recently got a grey pinstriped linen kimono, which is suitable for summer wear, so I'd better live until summer. —— Tai Zai-zhi's Old Age
8. We are the world's best friends, we are the world's worst lover. We love each other for the sake of eliminating harm to the people. —— Feng Tang
9. Do not accept any bribes except for the beauty of your wife.
10. "Want to become snow, so that you can fall on Mr. Ren's shoulder..." - Ren's Doctor
11. Life should be painful, and a beloved should be good. —— Sword in the Snow
12. When I first saw him with a smiling eyebrow, I knew that he was bad. But I still had to wear the literati's style and bones to dress a gentleman like Wen Ruyu. I told you a good young master. I'll show you the way. "Come to my heart." —— Green Lamp
13. The teacher didn't even know that my underwear was embroidered with roses. —— Tai Zai Zhi's Girls Apprentice
14. But the Moon Man does not have natural enemies but likes to fight. He will never be satisfied. That unexpected anxiety may be because human beings are such creatures. —— The Kingdom of Gems
15. The wandering solitary soul needs no place to be fettered. —— "My Youth Love Story is a Problem" (This sentence became the motto of my time)
16. It's me who has done all I can. Blame me me for my inappropriate words.
17. But I know that there is another kind of beauty hiding in my heart, I see pity.
18. In the past, if I remember correctly, my life was a feast. There, all the hearts are open, and all the wine spills out. —— Rambo
19. It is a hundred times harder for a woman to meet a woman who cherishes each other than a man who falls in love at first sight.
20. Two big white geese sway and pace, separated from each other a few steps, like the garden decoration, passed by, ignore her, the original plain and another species meet, disdain for company. —— Eileen Chang's Leifeng Pagoda
21. Talents are so wonderful that they all fall in love with each other.
22. Occasionally I open my eyes to see the world, but my poor body is a person in my eyes. —— Words of the World
23. If a bosom friend sees something, he sings Yangchun all the time.
24. Morning glory by the well wrapped around my barrel and I borrowed water to drink. —— Suzuki is awkward
25. Treat each other as friends and don't ask for pleasure from you. —— Kawabata Yasunari's Snow Country
26. I'm twenty years old. I've been introspecting myself again and again, and my character has been distorted by the orphan temperament. I couldn't stand the suffocating melancholy before I traveled to Idou. Therefore, according to the general view of the society, some people think that I am a good person. I really appreciate it. —— Kawabata Yasunari's The Dancer of Izu
27. "Like Yun Sister." Because she is inferior to pure sister, and say not like her, not good. Pure sister probably doesn't care much, everyone likes her --- Zhang Ailing's Little Reunion
28. His past is vivid, not so empty, waiting for her to come. —— Zhang Ailing's Little Reunion
29. Time is short, but yearning is long - he thinks too much and loses his true meaning. —— Eileen Chang's Young Age (Eileen Chang's novel style is lively, low density, sometimes read a paragraph that does not understand what to say, unlike autobiography, the information density is high, the first reading is full of content)
30. She took off her overcoat in the middle of winter. She only wore a Bare-Armed silk jacket, red, yellow, purple and green, and was drunk in all colors. —— Zhang Ailing's Flower Falling
31. Coral stretches out from the sea to the back of the moon. You and I plan to ignore today in the next life. —— Entanglement by Feng Tang
32. Everything tastes in the wind - the smoke of fried cakes on street corners, the bitterness and astringency of boiling medicine in drugstores, the smell of face perfume leaking from steaming cages... The smell of red dust is mixed in one place. —— Shi Shilang's The Killing of Three Thousand Ravens
33. Fear what truth is infinite, enter an inch of joy. —— Hu Shi (asked, "There are so many good books and movies in the world that they are doomed to be endless. What attitude should we take towards this fact?" The answer is yes.
34. The inner depth and delicacy of human beings require equal talents to bear. —— Sleeping in the Air
35. Surge to the end, I have filmed a bet, you dare not sit in the village. —— Jane Bo's "April Rift Silk"
36. People used to be serious.
Seduce conscientiously and lose conscientiously
The Decadence of Peak Circuit Turning --- Wooden Heart "My Desires in Flocks"
37. He raised his eyes and he saw me beautiful. —— Haizi
38. When the best dancing daughter in the workshop dies, there should be a heavy snow in the capital. —— Ye San's Ninety Thousand Characters
39. I apologize to time for missing everything every minute of my life. I apologize to my old love for treating my new love as a first love. —— Simpska Under a Little Star
40. There are two kinds of people. They are charming and boring.
41. It's actually morbid to think that instead of responding to other people's expectations, you feel that you are not worthy of other people's hospitality.
Above. It's still 40 excerpts, and the last one is written by myself. Thank you for seeing the tender soul here. Thank you for your favor.

Third update

1. I laugh, instant noodles like spring flowers, will be touching, no matter who he is. —— Sanmao's "Qingcheng"

2. Since plagiarism is the most solemn compliment. —— Chang Ailing's Dressing Records

3. Whom does Qing Shang guard the city for? —— For whom to defend the city, for whom to fight

4. Treat your past to my heart and give it to others.

5. When you can share a moment of silence with someone without speaking to them, but without embarrassment, you will understand that you have met the right person. —— vulgar novel

6. Sensibility becomes awkward when reason is restored. —— Xu Lingzi

7. If you can enjoy wasting time, you are not wasting time. —— Russell

8. If a person lives according to his heart, he will either become a madman or a legend. —— Burning Years

9. Be yourself, because everyone else has done it. —— Wilde

10. Anshi Dongshan 30 Spring, proudly carrying prostitutes out of the wind and dust. —— Jinling Zi Cheng Lu Liu, a prostitute

11. Similar human relations are always delicate. The discord of temperament means that the king does not see the king, and the harmony of temperament means that the heroes cherish each other. —— Running eastward and eastward

12. Exchange with the spirit of heaven and earth alone. —— Zhuang Zhou 13. miss fruitless, heavy rain.

14. I wish the Pingdonghai Sea would remain calm.

15. There is a treasure in my heart. It is empty and valuable. —— Maweiwei

16. I am a great bird and become a roc. I have been rocking up to 90,000 miles. I don't know what day it will be. —— Jane Yen's Water Question

17. People are used to everything that is despicable. —— Crime and Punishment 18. It is both quiet and careless. —— Goddess Fu

19. You have heard a lot of stories about emperors and generals, talented people and beautiful sons. Those sentiments, kindness, affection, affection and affection are magnificent and inexplicable. They are not human colors at all. The world, just wipe off the rouge of the powder. —— Farewell My Concubine

20. There is a play in your heart, but no one in your eyes. —— Farewell My Concubine

21. It's not a dusty look, but it seems that you can trample all the wind and frost under your feet. It's beautiful and unreasonable. —— Zi Yu

22. Loneliness is a deadly disease. —— Wolf and Spices

23. I can't get into the war zone, so I have to start a war that I can do something about. —— Hearsay of the Headless Knight

24. See your sweetheart on a rainy day. It's wet on the top of your head. It's for you. Here's the wet one for you.

25. You say you're lonely. You want the longstar shining on the thirteen state capitals a long time ago. You're lonely.

26. Isn't that you, the so-called world? —— Tai Zaizhi's "Disqualification on Earth"

27. The soul-killer is the only other.

28. When I was a child, my mother took me to see Snow White. Everyone fell in love with Snow White, but I preferred the witch. —— Woody Allen

29. I would like to endure my loneliness today instead of enduring my loneliness in the future, which is more lonely than today. —— Natsume Soseki

30. Everyone in the world is a mystery of immortals, no one loves the world leader.

31. I have no illusions about you. I know you are silly, frivolous and empty, but I love you. I know your intention, you are snobbish and vulgar, but I love you. I know you are second-rate, but I love you. —— Maugham's The Veil

32. All happiness wants everything to exist forever, honey, dregs, drunken midnight, graves, tears and comfort by the graveside, and gold-plated sunset. —— Nietzsche's "Says Zarathustra"

33. All Mavericks mean strength. —— Albert Camus

34. The melancholy of youth is the pride of the whole universe. —— Introduction of Akutagawa Dragon

35. I would rather be a complete person than a good person. —— Jung

36. Formal such magnificent boasting and riot, let me miss a tangible honesty. It is full of ups and downs and feelings of reality that make me eager to find a rooted existence, as stable as the wheat field. —— Wang Kailing's The Martyr of Classics

37. All appearances are illusory. —— The Diamond Sutra

380,000 pets, all the way alone. 39. The silent and humble speaker has accumulated the most sour secrets of the universe.

40. Discretion and restraint, spontaneously acting as a model, that is, upbringing.

41. While you show off your skills, you also show off the most innocent side of human nature.

40 + 1. Thank you for your favor.

Others will read it.
Fourth time
1. Since my youth, my only reserve is not to be understood. —— Yukio Mishima
2. In fact, I am a very weak person, always subject to other people's hints. —— Tai Zai Zhi
3. In the love of the world, I have seen you. —— Tagore
4. I've heard that it's hard for prominent people to survive in organizations, but I'd like to give it a try. —— Miss Hammurabi
5. For a moment I suspected that I was dead and that my mind was still alive for the time being. But I heard the whistle of dinner and the smell of paste.
6. The tide of people is against the current. Many people have passed by me, bustling and bustling. I want to take a look at it, but I don't like to let him leave. Come on, turn around and follow.
7. In the wind and dust, there must be a man of character.
8. Really, I have forgotten the sway of life.
9. After Eileen Chang's death, there were not many relics left. The most notable ones were three kinds: manuscript, wig and lipstick. Writing is to comfort the heart, wig is to resist the years, lipstick is to show the world a bright color - go out, somehow worthy of passers-by audience. —— Ibey's Tassels and Nora
10. If I am tired of seeing the scenery, I am tired of walking. Would you like to become a wine-colored stone, let me depend on the rest of my life. —— Jane Yen's Carmine Basin
11. "Ten points of tenderness are beneath the sky, eight points are in God's love for the world."
"What about him?"
"He's a lake, he's gentle himself." You can't fall in love with a person who is gentle in nature. Hello to you is his gentle talent. It has nothing to do with you. You are all living beings. Cruel.)
12. Send you the love of the whole universe and the longing for eternity. —— Zhu Shenghao
13. When summer dies, all lotuses die. —— Yu Guangzhong
14. "Why do some good people associate with wrong people?"
"We only accept what we think we deserve." —— The Wallflower Boys
15. Let me say that girls have their own beautiful ways. Some eyebrows are cold, like a whole season of snow melting in her eyes. Some dimples are sweet, and she laughs and laughs at the stories all over the mountains. Some are naturally soft, you pass her like touching a cloud. Some sweat can produce a shallow aroma, scattered in the sky and the earth suddenly feel clouds selling rain. How not beautiful? If she is thin, you can see that when she stretches, she is as graceful as a swan's neck. If she is plump, you can see how beautiful her skin is when it shines under the sun. If she has spots, you will praise her for her beauty and shine God, which just cast a light shadow on her eyes and nose wings. If she does, you will praise her for being so small and graceful that she is just in her arms. You see, girls are born beautiful and unreasonable. —— Lin Helian
16. Be yourself and then bear the price you pay for your personality. —— Libido
17. If I can, I just need a glass of water, a piece of bread and a flower.
If I could be more extravagant, I hope you pour water, cut bread and send flowers.
18. I have only one life and can't give generously to people I don't love. —— Qiao Lu
19. Red dust is ridiculous, infatuation is the most boring.
20. I came by the moon only because you were in the mountains. —— Ximurong's Mountain Moon
21. I want to write poetry, rain, night love, you, can not write. —— Zhu Shenghao's Love Letter
22. You can't keep your ears and temples together. You can't just laugh and bow your head. —— Zhu Shenghao's Love Letter
23. "I love you," she shrugged resignedly. "I want to leave you something smarter, but I only know that." —— Island Bookstore
24. Perhaps the best days are those of first acquaintance, the time when we don't know each other completely and we desperately want to know each other.
25. You're a pub but it's closed long ago. I froze to death in the street full of joy. —— You Are the Fog, I am the Tavern
26. Make the stage of love full of colorful smoke and dust, which is a kind of distorted love, second-rate and third-rate role. The first-class lover never has to die, never lose love, because "I love you, what do you do?" —— Wooden Heart: A Past to Su Lu
27. Plum leaves acid soft teeth, banana leaves green and window screens. —— Yang Wanli
28. In order to gain the recognition of others, individuals are willing to abandon right and wrong and use IQ to exchange for a sense of belonging that makes people feel safe. —— The Ugly Crowds
29. My lover does not care about my ugliness because he is beautiful enough. —— The Skylark Whispered All Day
30. It's easy to misinterpret addiction to a certain period of life as an obsession with someone. But that time is bound to pass. What's the point of finding that person back? —— Qidian
31. Everything is lost. I am in the center.
32. People who have no ego feel particularly good about themselves. —— Wooden Heart: A Past to Su Lu
33. In fact, once you start to want to talk, you will start to be lonely.
34. Lost for a long time. —— Unbearable Lightness of Life
35. Never forget, there must be an echo.
36. Moon cold cage sand, starry desert. A free man, chasing the prison.
37. Although I like her very much, I never let her know, because I know what I can't get is always the best. —— "Eastern Evil and Western Toxicity"
38. There aren't many beautiful things in the world. The wind blows across the river in autumn evening, and you in your twenties laugh to kill you.
39. in fact, they are not so terrible either. After 650 thousand hours, when we are oxidized to wind, we can become two adjacent bubbles on the same beer, and then we can turn to two nests of dust under the same street lamp. Atoms in the universe will not be annihilated, and we will eventually be together.
40. Ask your Buddha if he can overcome misery, why not me?
41. Yin Tianya is wearing a bright red gold-woven cheongsam. The color is warm and frightening, but young people always want to be strong. Tianya is not strong enough, so she has to fill those vacancies with clothes. But Tianya prefers to wear her rather old dark woolen overcoat over the cheongsam. She hates the gaudy and vulgar style. Red - Although the overcoat is not tightly covered at all, the red can be a little less. The silk red still exaggerates. There is no color in the Chinese mind, so the color can only be visually piercing. It was written during the period of the Republic of China. I'm really afraid of the brain powder in China.
40+1 Thank you.

Fifth time
1. The days I thought I couldn't get out of now can't go back. —— Haruki Murakami
2. You can't always be concerned about what might have happened in the past. —— Ichiro Ishiguro
3. Since childhood, I have been alone, taking care of the stars of past dynasties. —— Loneliness
4. She is a shrewd realist, expecting vulgarity and puncturing hypocrisy in time. —— My Best Friend's Wedding
5. When love and self-esteem meet, we always try to be both good and bad. —— Long Farewell
6. I expect to live incoherently or without language at all, which makes me stop endlessly talking about the girl I love and the life I hate. —— Two Dumbs
7. No matter what you do outside, no one wants to stay in the room for an extra second, even if you stand in front of the snack bar and watch your grandfather play chess. The slightest restriction is frustrating. —— "stuck in your life"
8. I am really cheap, like that kind of eternal youth. And the eternal youth, do only one thing. Hide in the corner smoking, drinking all night, fighting for you, late at night standing in your downstairs red eyes say their vulnerability. All of the above, in fact, is one thing, they only do one thing, try everything to make you love him, and then turn around, and let others love him. —— "stuck in your life"
9. Growing up, I understand that the wicked have their own grinding, it's not your turn and mine. —— Everything you like will eventually become a monument.
10. If you love you less, you can say more. —— Pride and Prejudice
11. Real unruly souls don't really care about anything, because they have a king's pride in their hearts. —— On the Road
12. There is nothing happier than this: we decide to believe in something and use it to set ourselves up. —— Buckwheat
13. If a person is really waiting for something, then he will not disappear from the world. —— Beautiful Beastliness
14. Being a mature, considerate and restrained person is really not interesting. —— Maweiwei
15. One must have the wisdom not to love in order to avoid long grief.
16. Meeting him must be fate. If not, I would no longer believe in fate. —— Our Being
17. To believe in the world after death is the power of the living. —— Hearsay of the Headless Knight
18. Suicide is not cowardly. People who are afraid of heights will choose to jump from a building. Even ending their lives is challenging themselves.
19. If you want to love someone, you need to know whether you are willing to give up the free heart like God for him, and then you are willing to be fettered. —— Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
20. Only as a teenager, he fell behind Gao Tuo. Slowly shake hands with you in the crowd.
21. If you do this stupidly, it's deep.
22. Beauty is something awesome, with the meaning of rejection, and with the meaning of striking: good-looking but gentle, kind, and a little understanding. —— Wang Anyi's Song of Everlasting Hatred
23. The ghost of the pigeon, so the Hebrews call the beginning of the evening. —— Borges'Strange Street
24. Mountains are the shadows of mountains
Dogs are lazy to evolve
In summer, human enzymes are stubborn soul enzymes like lotus --"roadside picnic"
25. There is something that will suddenly come on a summer night, making you unexpected and restless, accompanied by you, lingering, I do not know what it is, can only be called love. —— Summer Palace
26. I tried my best not to die. I woke up to know that you didn't think I was in the way of living. —— Yesterday and Today
27. Like gentle Japanese, like rigorous Japanese, like romantic cherry blossoms and all beautiful food, do not like Japanese government militarism. —— Comments from Weibo
28. I, a fire. Burning people will also burn themselves.
29. You have no intention of wearing the hall, but you are proud of the mountain torrents.
30. How can there be such human suffering as "I want to see you" in this world? —— Netease Cloud Review
31. Literary men have been light on each other since ancient times.
32. The so-called personality charm is to bring one's own characteristics into full play.
33. I should have let go, but I never stopped obsessing. —— Core of wood
34. In the novel, when the heroine has only the same beauty, she always has eyes. It was the deep, varied eyes of the ocean that saved her. Jiuli herself knows not, but she still holds the hope in case. —— Zhang Ailing's Little Reunion
35. Your evil and kindness are not pure enough, so you suffer.
36. All loved ones are extremely arrogant.
37. I was ready to give up on you, but you suddenly laughed at me.
38. Love, for her, is a brilliant self-destruction. —— Comments on Eileen Chang
39. Landscape is what people want. —— Dongshan Kuiyi
In April, the weather was cold and sunny, and the clock struck thirteen times. —— George Orwell's 1984
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Sixth time
1. Before you, the sea was just a pile of water, and the wind was just a wavering hesitation. The boredom of this world can not be offset by mountain red and grass green. —— Yuzhen's Hey
2. In the world, it means that everyone snows, and everyone has his obscurity and cleanliness.
3. I used up all my expressions and fled from the crowd in a hurry. —— Transcendence
4. Whoever loves should share his destiny with those he loves. —— Bulgakov
5. Never doubt any sincerity, sincerity is ever changing.
6. I only worry about one thing. I'm afraid I don't deserve my suffering. —— Dostoevsky
7. The greatest torment in the world is to love with contempt. —— Maugham
8. Before you appeared, my life was calm, walking grandly and unexpectedly. Now panic and timidity, like ice melting spring water, first-class flow to you, and do not know where you are. —— Wooden Heart "January 6"
9. I am a cemetery that even the moon hates. —— Baudelaire's The Flower of Evil
10. You've been sleeping badly lately. You'd better move in.
11. We wandered around, there was nothing, and everything was desperate.
12. I've always wanted to see the moon from your window. —— Zhang Ailing's Love in a Falling City
13. I like my doubtful eyes when I was four years old. —— Zhang Ailing's Contrast Records
14. It's not a glorious thing to be easily understood. I refuse to be read by passers-by.
15. I hope that in the next life we will be together all day, from morning quarrels to late nights every day, hoping that everyone will go away. —— Zhu Shenghao's Love Letter
16. With deep bondage, a lover does not need to swear.
17. Make time for things that make you feel good about living.
18. Leonardo Da Vinci's inner secrets are not written in his notes at all. —— The Skylark Whispered All Day
19. They are close to loneliness, like the misery of the world, without hiding the spring.
20. Even if the article is shocked at home, it is only on paper. —— Gong Zizhen (what can be written is not the deepest loneliness)
21. There is a group of people who have no attractive qualities, so they lower their attitude and try to please others to get their favor.
This time it's 20 + 1, 40 sentences. It's really too tired.
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