What if you feel inferior because of your big breast?

Female, 160 height, moderate appearance, about e bar, slightly fat, 55kg, chest shape is not good, slightly drooping. Really low self-esteem, no back straight walk, so there is no temperament. Please don't tease me. I haven't had a boyfriend, 23. Try losing weight, but it's not good for the chest. And because of wearing underwear, shoulders always hurt. Sometimes you meet someone who's always staring at your chest. And it seems that most people who like big things are ridiculous. I feel inferior even more.

As a D. Never visit Japanese and Korean clothing stores. Although I also want to be small and fresh, all loose clothes look super thick after they are put on. They are strange clothes for me. I can only wear tight clothes. Once I went out and spent less than two hours shopping. My partner helped me count the number of men who looked at my chest: 50 +. Let me always have a sense of inferiority that men all over the world just want to sleep. Their true love must be small and fresh.

Until one day I met the steel-free underwear!!! At last, the chest doesn't look that big! So happy! Recommend! Above!

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