How old was the first time you went to a bar/nightclub?

In 1999, I am a sophomore girl, belonging to the kind of thieves. In fact, I have always wanted to go to the bar in the nightclub. I like to be noisy, but I don't have such friends around me. Because of the influence of parents, teachers and friends, I have been afraid to go. I think my outlook on life and values are still in the process of slowly establishing. I am afraid that I will become such a wandering woman. emm. - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In, and even give medication to my sister...................................................

13 years old, my parents took me to [smile by hand]

It feels like my parents prevented me from stealing into the nightclub, very 6.

One evening, my parents said they would take me to the bar without warning. I was confused.

In adolescence, I felt that bar nightclubs were forbidden words from parents. Although my parents were always more open-minded, I was surprised that Luziye would take me to the bar.

I was very excited and looking forward to going to the bar with them. I found that the bar was a dim light. People on the stage were holding guitars and singing old rock and roll and unpleasant originality to me. People yelled and talked about topics that I wasn't interested in at all.

The lady who accompanies the wine has clear skin and exquisite makeup, but she feels very uncultured and uncultured. She even lets me grow long hair. Don't stop, you know, I just cut the coolest short hair (at the request of the instructor).

Even if my parents allowed me to drink a few drinks (children do not drink, do not learn from me), I still feel that the bar is really boring, and the wine is bitter and spicy, there is no Coke and juice tastes good, how can so many people be fascinated.

Nightclub? No fun...

Since then, I have never thought about going to the nightclub. Even if someone calls me to play, I look like I've seen storms and waves. I reply, "No fun, you go, I won't go."

Until I went to college and went to Wudaokou...

Later, when I chatted with my parents, I found that the bar was opened by my parents'friends.

I seriously suspect that the day I went, the singers and waiters in the bar were actors, and I felt that I was arranged to be clear and clear...

Later, I confirmed to them whether they were following the same pattern as me. They denied it and even said they didn't remember it at all.

Maybe they just thought they wanted to go to the bar, but they didn't feel relieved to watch the mess on the Internet at home. They might as well take it with them and watch it at ease.

Speaking of this, I also recall that my parents took me to Cui Jian's concert when I was three or four years old. I suspect that nobody took me with them that day. They were afraid of the danger of running around at home, so they might as well take me to the concert and watch it.

When I went to the gym for security check, the staff looked at me strangely.

Don't ask me why I remember so clearly when I was so young, because Teacher Cui Jian shouted on the stage, "How are you doing?" The following tens of thousands of uncles and aunts shouted "make-up" scene is really vivid...

Poor and helpless, I really don't know what you are doing, why do you scream hard to make up...

Fortunately, the experience of this concert did not delay me to see the concert later, because in high school, I learned from my parents that they used to buy concert tickets in that era - to block tickets at the door.

The best one was that I spent 190 yuan to buy two tickets for the first-tier stars, and I listened to them one by one with my little buddies. (At that time, the performance market was not standardized, so don't learn, you can buy tickets through the regular channel of watching the concert.)

So the hormones that I didn't release in the nightclub during adolescence were probably used in concerts.

However, I think no matter what mentality they took me to the bar at that time, the effect is very good.

Many times I think they have a great way of educating me. They don't hide the danger of going to the bar. Instead, they take me generously and let me judge for myself. This approach may be more effective than a strict ban.

First of all, I went to their guardianship for the first time to make sure that I was not in danger. Secondly, no one can stop the rebellion of adolescent children. If I still want to go, they taught the bar routine at least at the beginning. When I steal it, they can protect themselves as much as possible and avoid danger as possible. Thank them very much.~~

My dad and my mom are actually cute and cool. Most of the time they are good citizens, but sometimes they are rebellious.

Hope they are healthy and cool~

[Mom and Dad, did you see my rainbow butt? It's almost New Year's Day... ]

Children, how to say, they not only saw my rainbow butt, but also paid attention to what I knew. (Oh, they also wrote their own fan praise.)

Xiao transparent by selling his parents, the first time won 900 praises, flattered, but I know, your praise is for my two elders, right? Ha ha ha ha ha ~ (Don't blink me, I'm not kidnapped)

In fact, I wrote this answer a year ago because I accidentally made my father angry (and offended my mother by the way), so I wrote an answer to coax them, and then wished to have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, thanks to everyone's love, bowed to thank you.

I think I can answer another question: how to effectively coax parents to be happy / resolve family conflicts? Is there anybody inviting you?

Wow, a rainbow butt praised more than ninety years, I floated. So everybody loves to watch Rainbow Fat.

Like it, I was invited to attach my father's ink [hand dog's head], a rainbow butt two or three years ago [laughing around], wishing you all a Happy New Year ahead of time.

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