What strange habits do your cats have?


It seems that everyone likes to watch Sao Broken Legs. Come here and I still have it. After being licked by a silly cat, she stared at her dazed sister.

In addition, the silly cat is a short, impure lineage, toilet jumping is his childhood embarrassment, now it is five years old male cat.

Since the silly cat learnt to jump on the toilet lid, it has become his hobby to watch me wash and make up every day.

But he didn't know that she was a forgetful person.

One day I forgot to put down the toilet lid and began to wear makeup. So I watched it leap up as usual... I fell into the toilet.

I washed the cat directly on the washstand that day. I'll tell you that next time, my mother just flushed you with water.

Usually this cat is still very literary, most like to read my diary.

The following is an update.

The popularity of silly cat's legs is also a great comfort to me as a mother.

In fact, from childhood to big, I did not find this kind of love show legs, photos are inadvertently taken. But always feel that it is the landlord's silly son, several times stepped on the tail do not hide, but look at me sadly.

Maybe you are not wary of my mother, believe that human beings will not really hurt you, right?

Thank you all for liking my gentle silly son.

Finally, I attach a picture of Silly Cat as a child. Yes, every fat boy used to be a V-faced boy...

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