Why do few people go to GH to make themselves taller?

People with dwarfism go to fight for growth hormone to increase. Why don't many normal people choose this way to increase?

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I've been playing for months.

The price is 5000, one injection per week. It cost 70,000 yuan. When I was 15 years old, I could only grow to 155. Then I talked with my family about 150 and bought the hormone. (I've always had 170 dreams)

First come to the conclusion: not everyone has hundreds of thousands of spare money to play a game that is not necessarily winning (this is not a pretence, the truth is so).

Every week, I have to prick myself, although the needle is about 1 cm long. (This is the length, I was told that it is diameter, 1 cm thick, do you think you are a human fountain??) But it still feels uncomfortable to stick it in your stomach every week. And needles are really hard to buy. Generally hospitals don't sell them to you and they suspect that they are drug addicts.

The result is: although I skip rope and run every day, there are even six abdominal muscles for a period of time. From then on, I will not exercise the waistline and so on. It is the abdominal muscles directly. (I'm a woman)

But there is no height at all. The 155 is still 155 at the age of 18, so it is useless. It's easy to get fat in winter. The fattest time is from 80 kilograms to 100 kilograms. Being teased by the family is a piggy, really hungry all the time!

It's really super hungry. You can eat five meals a day, and you're hungry after half an hour. You've been eating all the time. Not only eat at home, but also eat in class all the time.

Specific drug name: jsz. Anyone who knows hormones has heard of it. Someone is useful, but I really don't use it at all. I haven't grown tall. I have gained 20 kilograms. My parents are still very happy and show a happy smile.

Anyway, the effect of this thing varies from person to person. I won't inject it again.


After discussion in the comment area, add one. This is a double torture of physiology and psychology. Why do I later say that it is inhumane, because you think that 4-year-old children began to inject, short-term daily injections, long-term weekly injections, I have not heard of monthly injections, how small children every day injections, dozens of years, really do not feel very ruthless?

Hormones are good news for short children, but I don't think they are acceptable nowadays. I can't even understand that some parents worship drug dealers as if they were possessed. Because of the interests, of course, they want you to inject more, the effect will take many years to come out, this period of time, you can hardly understand its role. Not to say it's useless. Who knows about the acid in it?

When I finished injecting, I thought about spending money, time and I didn't like injecting, so I measured my height every day. The result is disappointing, but also affected my learning career, sometimes the class will be entangled, I how so miserable, may be the last reason I only took 211 (ha ha ha joke, I did not do well in the exam).

It's like if I got 60 points in the exam, I made up my lessons, or I got 60 points in the exam. Other students were born with 90 points. I can only say, I tried my best, I couldn't help it.


Dad 168, Mom 160, can only say that gene is the most powerful factor.

———————————————— - ——

One more: Many people think that my epiphysis healed so it's useless. The fact is: my epiphysis didn't heal, and I was still growing.

I made a magnetic resonance imaging and took a film before the injection, which showed that it had not healed. Otherwise, I would not be foolish enough to have an injection in this situation. So far, they haven't grown to their expected height.


Second Gen: Many people ask me if I don't meet the injection standard and buy drugs secretly by myself.

Answer: No, I did all the tests, but at that time, it was illegal to prescribe hormones in hospitals. Especially long-acting drugs. First of all, the drug is profitable, and the second safety is not guaranteed. After all, it hasn't been in China for many years. You can get vitamin D and calcium injections in the hospital, but no hormones. I have a relative who is the dean of a hospital in Changzhou. My mother went to ask him, and they didn't have these in their hospital.

I would like to describe in detail the process of purchasing medicine with my poor literary background, in order to prove that I did not buy this medicine hospital.

Answer the host and mother crept into the hospital professor's clinic, the professor took the film into his hand carefully, rubbed it, pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on the wrinkled nose bridge, and said, "The doll is a little short."

My mother, as an anxious middle-aged woman, quickly answered, "Yes, professor, what can you do?"

The professor's gold-rimmed glasses flashed a silver light. He raised his head slowly and looked embarrassed. He told the assistant, "You've closed the door."

After the assistant closed the door, the professor sneaked out a card from his small drawer. "You go and contact this person. This is the most advanced hormone in the world. It's the most expensive hormone. Don't tell others about this hormone I introduced. It's only for this person."

My mother's expression changed from anxiety to calm, thinking that she could finally buy medicine. After going out of the clinic, my mother took out the latest Samsung mobile phone and dialed the woman's number. The voice came from the other end of the mobile phone.

In anticipation of the future, please listen to the next breakdown.


Sangeng: Are there no prescriptions in hospitals without qualifications?

Why stop taking medicine?

Is the amount of exercise too small?

Answer: 1. The second-ranked hospital in China has been examined. This medicine can not be opened by the hospital. Otherwise, the top 2 hospital will not give you the medicine? In a word, I didn't get any medicine in the hospital. The doctor prescribed vD for me to inject.

2. Stop taking medicine because you have been fat and not tall.

3. I usually have a lot of sports, which is also called the basketball school team (there is no formal school team in our school). Others are black basketball, I am short basketball, haha. Although I can't do anything in Europe, the basic tactics and layups are all right. Basically, they won the championship in the games. There are no such problems as touching high, drinking milk, and saying that I lack nutrition. I take in enough calcium and vD every day.


Some people say that the amount of exercise is insufficient. Let's put a picture.

This is the medal I found recently.

Several other champion certificates were thrown away by me. Solid ball, 800 m, 400 m all kinds. I am a talented athlete. My mother is the medal winner of sprint in the National Games. Both of my brothers are runners-up of sprint in Nanchong City. I usually break the school record. (Now the 400m record of Shude Middle School seems to be still me.) So it's natural for sports to be OK.

And who's the age of the child injected how many centimeters a year.

When I was a teenager, I grew more than ten centimeters a year without injections. It's really hard to assess the effect of hormone injection at this age.

I think whether a hormone is useful or not depends not on how much height the child grew in that year, but on whether the height of the child has broken through the data of the height measured from the epiphysis!!! Otherwise I.Q. tax will be paid.

I do have people around me who have higher data than the test after injection, but unfortunately it's not me.


To be honest, I will respond to every message in the comment area very seriously. My answer is not for profit, but to share my own experience and opinions completely, not to allow others to give opinions, but to hope that I can speak well, read my answers carefully and ask questions again.


I was not closed epiphysis closed or not closed!!!

Accurate explanation: I was injected at the age of 14-15. I had no menstruation at that time. My menstruation came late.

First of all, my menstruation is late. I don't like to play with mobile phones and watch websites. I don't like to eat fast food and drink. I'm very self-disciplined in my life. So I grow late. To put it bluntly, I don't watch Japanese movies. Sex hormones don't affect my growth. Our family's growth is also late.

Secondly, growth hormone entered China in 1998, generally speaking, it is a minority. This time, 20 years, is much shorter than the origin of liposuction. Is it hard to believe? Personally, I don't think growth hormone has been popularized in 20 years, and many people haven't heard of it.

Thirdly, epiphysis predicts height, and nuclear magnetic resonance examines pituitary secretion. At that time, more than a dozen or twenty blood samples were drawn. That is to say, hormone secretion in the body has been monitored.

A gentleman mentioned that the price was expensive, so I did not take enough medicine. My reply was that the family was willing to spend money, one at a time, enough.

Can ask questions, can't say that I don't understand pretend to understand Oh


Many of my friends in the commentary section asked me to drink more milk.

Take a picture of the milk at home.

I drink every day, but I don't grow up. I'm so miserable.


I didn't expect you all to see my facial pack.

Since many people asked me if my previous Avatar was me, I changed my avatar and now I am myself.


Induce indiscriminate hitting and increasing needles, and medical representatives are "latent" - Mp.weixin.qq.comlinkicon

Put something in


I have no prejudice. I'm far from alone in the commentary section. I just want to explain that this thing is not applicable to all people, can't choose it as soon as it's in one's heart. I think the people who flatter growth hormone all the time have a good heart.

If you don't believe what I'm saying about resistance, you can check my comment area. I'm not the only one who's ineffective. There's nothing else.

The problem with injecting the highest-end hormones is only ineffective. The drugs are real, the tests are real, and the hormone deficiency is real.

To tell you the truth, I wrote this article. It's really not related to interests at all. I also suffered a lot of pressure. I've been weighing whether I should write in logical order, present scientific data, or really restore my treatment process. Consider again, or decide to restore the real treatment process. Ladies and gentlemen who are considering hormone injection, I hope you can look at this issue calmly. I am not against injecting hormones. In my private letters, I have answered a lot. If the child is really short, affecting the psychophysiology, I suggest injecting, of course, it must be acceptable.

Hormones are violent and profitable. In people's minds, when people have difficulties, they expect to see hope. For short children, hormones are hope. Because this article reveals some bad effects, which is equivalent to destroying many people's fantasies. I do not blindly deny its role. I hope people can look at it in a more comprehensive way. As a proverb for thousands of years, there is always a reason why it can be handed down all the time.

My main point is: don't be blind to hormones and so on. This has side effects (such as mandibular angle and muscle development and acromegaly, a girl's mandibular angle is too developed will really look like a man), and it doesn't apply to everyone. Watch carefully before using it and make sure that you can bear the consequences and expenses before using it.

My sister is fighting. One can fight for about a week. She has been fighting for two years. One can fight for more than 1000 pipes.

There are still a lot of hitters, but you don't know.

This is finished.

My father said to my sister, "Keep it for you until you grow up and pay me back."

Cause my sister to throw a few roots when she's okay.

Only two years saved so much.

_This is a needle, very thin, disposable. There must be pain, but it's totally acceptable. If you go in without bleeding, you'll heal overnight. The black one is your hair. You feel it. This injection pen looks like more than 800

The effect is really good, long and fast.

Every night, injections should be given, and on time. My father used to like drinking, but he didn't drink much since he started playing. Now, I haven't missed an injection. Thank my father for his perseverance.


8.18 Amendment

Because my mother was ill and there was not enough money, I stopped my sister's needle.

It's really expensive. You need to control your weight during the injection, and you need to eat the calcium tablets or something. Want to call as soon as possible to check, the specific age I can not remember, the smaller the better check.

Because my family is relatively short, there is no more than 170, when my sister checked out, the doctor said that no injection will be shorter than the same age, so decided to hit.

Now she is 10 years old and 142 years old. She is one centimeter taller. She has a good figure ratio and slender and long legs.



Her face is so beautiful that she won't let go now. When she grows up, if she doesn't have a long deformity, she will send it to you to see.

Many people ask why they want to fight. Some people may not understand the psychological impact of being too short.

I, boy, only 167, walk with my roommates. I can't help walking faster or slower.

Never mind my mouth, I often joke about my height, but the subconscious inferiority complex really can't get rid of it.

So, whether it's because the injection is long or not, as long as it's long, we think it's worth it.

Don't think about it when you're in your twenties. There's everything in your dreams.


Qilu Hospital, Department of Pediatric Internal Medicine, with a large number of people, go early

About three months check-up, a lot of items, take 7, 8 blood vessels

Every day, can't interrupt, need a person to lean on every day

The fridge is packed out and needles and medicines are put in.