How to evaluate Lang Lang's wife's appearance?

I really think she looks good. I am an art student. I have no resistance to talented people. With this figure, it is inevitable that people have to focus on her. Such a beautiful girl, I ask this question without any malice. There's no criticism, no discontent, or no blessings. Just want to know the analysis of five senses, facial structure, the proportion of three courtyards to chat, where is her beauty, I really feel different, but can not tell the truth. So I asked this question, because I know I have seen many similar things, how to evaluate Liu Yifei, Shu Qi, Tang Wei, Cecilia Cheung and so on.

Okay, pure Korean, stepfather is German, so the German-Korean hybrid is a little far-fetched... Let's not talk about that.

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Beautiful, but not as beautiful as all Weibo praises.

Up to now, there are collections of actresses like Guo Biting, Zhang Zilin, Tong Lia and Zhang Xiaohui, and they are more dignified and elegant than the above actresses.

Blessing the newlyweds belongs to blessing the newlyweds. Talent belongs to talent. It's hard to agree that Yan Duan's figure hangs all the female stars.

To be fair, they all chose a raw picture and a refined one, and the shooting angle was similar. Guo Biting's eyes were more emotional and spiritual.

It is still a comparison of eyes and shapes. Zhang Zilin and Guo Biting are more natural and implicit.

When facial expression is made, the direction of facial muscles will not be said. After all, the lines have been refined and worn out.

The bride is a German-Korean mixed-race, mentioned that the mixed-race had to pull out Li Jiaxin. Yi Shu once said that Li Jiaxin "beauty is beautiful, without soul", but Li Jiaxin really can afford the word "cold stars".

I think it's more amorous to mix up.

Everyone said that the bride's figure is also the top in the entertainment circle.

But Tonya's delicate back didn't see where she had lost.

What's more, when it comes to body shape, she refuses to accept Jane Dili Reba.

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Previous answers were all about meddling, but I think it's okay to say different opinions since some people praise it. Neither black nor sour, just want to analyze and compare it from the perspective of female beauty, feeling is:

1. It's important to lose weight (the bride has worked hard too)

2, eye makeup does not necessarily drag the eye tail longer and more beautiful, the thicker the eye line is, the better the eye socket and eye shape can be better. (refer to Mao Geping's shaping of the opposite skeleton)

3. Non-entertainers may be more attractive than entertainers, but it is more difficult to crush the recognized goddess in entertainment circles (Zhang Zilin Shijie and Guo Biting Tonglia are excellent performers).

4. Talent is the most shining halo.

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