How desperate can a woman do to become beautiful?

Question: How desperate can a woman do to be thin?

In order to lose weight, I insist on running, starting with a mileage increase, from running 3 km, 5 km, 10 km at a time to running 15 km now is no problem; then the speed increase, starting without walking is a victory, now the pace requirements are relatively high, 4.5 min/km speed for 40 minutes is not a problem; then the frequency increase, 7.5 km a week. Days, 10 kilometers a day, I can stick to it.——

I finally became a fat runner.

In order to lose weight and practise yoga, I have very stiff limbs and bend my legs. Then stretching every day, I belong to a very tolerant person, even beyond the limits of my body flexibility, I can grind my teeth and stick to it. Often finish Yoga than run a few kilometers tired, sweating back.——

I finally became a soft fat man.

In order to lose weight, I go on a diet, the process is not talked about, the result is——

I finally became a weak, starving fat man.

In order to lose weight, I have developed a series of skills. I will never take a taxi where I can ride a bicycle for 20 kilometers; I am physically explosive, very tolerant, and not many boys are better than me on mountain hiking; although swimming is not very strong, I am also very quick (maybe I have not learned the action well), but I can catch the action by myself. Stick to swimming for 40 minutes without stopping to rest, even if the water is choking; Aunt never feels sick, even can run 10 kilometers so easy; Cold water shampoo, cold water bath can hold, winter wear single clothes do not feel cold at all. (Well, sometimes I wear thicker clothes in winter, not because it's cold, but because I'm afraid. I look strange.)

So I became a fat fighter.

Now, I live a Buddhist life, believe that fat and thin are destiny, but also accept the "thin is not good-looking" setting. But the physical quality is still very good, it is also a big harvest. Lose weight or something, just follow your luck

What? Strength training can reduce weight? Okay, get up with the iron (I've been doing strength training for several days, and it feels good).

In the near future, I am expected to be a fat man who can lift iron.

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